War of 1812 Samuel Alsup

  • War of 1812 Samuel Alsup

  • 1851-1855 , Benton County, Tennessee
  • Samuel Alsup served in the War of 1812, serving from January 28, 1814 until May 10, 1814, Militia Infantry in Capt. Thomas Gray and Col. R. C. Napier’s Company. He entered service at Fayetteville, Tennessee in the 1st Regiment of Tennessee Malitia and was honorably discharges at the end of his term. Samuel also served as private in the Company of General Andrew Jackson in a Company Militia on an expedition against the Creek Indians for four months and _____ days, and was honorably discharged. On April 19, 1851 Samuel Alsup was issued Warrant No. 4270 by the Department of the Interior for 80 acres of land in Benton County, Tennessee, having applied for this land on October 24, 1850, based on his service in the War of 1812, On March 30, 1855, Samuel again applied to the U. S. Government for another 80 acres of land, which he might be entitled under the new bounty act approved March 3, 1855. He was again approved on January 12, 1856 for 80 acres of land, Warrant No. 18,468, but he had died about October or November of 1855. His widow Susan returned the Warrant and applied for the same land in her name, as widow of Samuel Alsup, which was approved on January 23, 1857.

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