• March 1855 , Owen County, Indiana
  •                     Revolutionary War Pension Application, Frances Alsop Wallace, December 1853
         Frances Alsop, illegitimate daughter of Joseph Alsop (later spelled Alsup) and Sally Rhory, born ca 1781/84, Anson County, NC. Revolutionary War Pension Application Papers, No# BLWT.18 209-160-55, dated December 1853, she said she was 69 years old. On papers filed March 1855, she said she was 74 years old. She said that her parents were an Alsop and Sally Rhory. Also said her parents were never married but she always used the Alsop name. She said she was born in Anson County, NC. about 12 or 13 miles from Wadesboro, the County Seat. She married (1) Isham Meafows in about 1799 or 1800 in the same county by Elijah Lowrey, a Justice of the Peace. She also said that they later moved to Knox County, Kentucky on the Cumberland River below Barboursville. She had 5 children by her 1st husband. The 5 children she had by her first husband lived in 1855, were Mordicai Meadows, lived in Owen Co, IN. Lewis A. Meadows, lived in Owen Co, IN. Mary Abb Meadows Holt, lived in Butler Co, MO, Job Meadows, lived somewhere in the state of Arkansas, and Rhoda Meadows Ross, deceased, place not stated. Frances stated that her first husband died in Giles County, TN. in 1811.
       Frances married (2) John Wallace in January 1812. They traveled to Tennessee to get married but she couldn’t remember the County, but they went there because it was closer than their County Seat. They lived in Knox and Whitley Counties, KY, then moved to Wayne County, KY, about 17 or 18 miles from the County Seat of Monticello, a little farther south on the Cumberland River where their 5 children were born. From there they moved to Owen County, Indiana. Their five children were living in 1855, Isaac Wallace, living in Newton Co, MO, Anguish Ross Wallace, living in Butler Co, MO, Elias Wallace, living in Hopkins Co, TX, John Wallace, living in Newton Co, MO. and Eli Hubbard Wallace, the youngest of the 5 children was 28 in the year of 1853, living in Greene Co, IN.
       Frances 2nd husband died August 24, 1834, in Owen Co, IN. Frances was his 2nd wife. Certainly Frances knew who her father was and must have kept in touch with him over the years. The Rushing Family came to Benton Co, TN fron Anson Co, NC. and some of them later went to the state of Louisiana, where they continued an association with Crocker Ross, grandson of Frances Alsop. Burrell Rushing was a witness at his wedding.

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