Can I have this last waltz, for the rest of my life,

You are my husband and I am your wife;

Together we will go dancing our whole life through,

If only I can have this one last waltz with you.

Like two dots of matter in the cosmos of eternal space,

Drifting along on the river of life, at a fast moving pace;

Just two little pebbles in the vast sands of time,

We were waltzing through eternal days.

I held your frail hand, as I sat by your bed,

You whispered “I love you”, though no words were said;

Your eyes they spoke louder, than your voice did that day,

Please take me home, was all you could say.

The silver cord of life was broken that day,

I sat there beside you as your life drifted away;

The angels came down from heaven above,

They took the most precious thing I had left to love.

When my sunset of life is near, with the sun sinking low,

I’ll tell my dear children, “I’m ready to go”;

I know you’ll will be waiting for me on life’s other side,

You will stand there smiling, with your arms open wide.

Like an eternal circle that has no beginning or end,

Some day I’ll be with you and we’ll dance again;

I’ll be with you and you’ll be with me,

And we’ll waltz forever through eternity.

Reba Alsup

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