Asaph Hill Alsup, son of William Alsup, and Susanna Hill, was born 4 Mar 1789 Fairfield Co., SC., and died 7 Jul 1871 Wilson Co., TN. He was married on 27 Feb 1818 Madison Co., AL, to Mary Hill, daughter of Asaph Hill and Mary Alsup. Asaph married again on 19 Nov 1856 to Mrs. Sarah Gilliam Moore. They were soon divorced. By September 1816 Asaph had started to build a grist mill on Fall Creek of Stones River. This mill is located in the south part of Wilson Co., TN, and still stands. You can reach the mill by taking Highway 231 south from Lebanon and just after crossing the Wilson and Rutherford County line turn and go east on Alsup Mill Road. On the 1850 Wilson Co., Tennessee Agricultural Census Asaph had 150 acres improved land and 850 acres unimproved with value of $6000. The value of farm implements was $100. He had 9 horses, 5 mules, 8 milk cows, 4 oxen, 32 other cattle and 80 swine with value of livestock of $1250. His farm produce was 1500 bushel of corn, 200 bushels of oats, 30 bushels Irish potatoes, 50 bushels sweet potatoes, 250 pounds of butter and 8 tons of hay. On the 1850 Slave Schedule he owned one male 38, one female 34, one male 24, one male 21, one female 22, one female 12, one female 7, one male 7, one male 5, and one female 1. In 1860 he had one male 48, one female 40, one male 30, one female 17, one female 16, one male 14, one male 12, one female 10, one female 7, one female 3 and one female 1. Asaph married twice but only had children by his first wife, Mary Hill. He had however other children that lived with him and supported by him. In September 1811, Asaph traveled to Winder, Georgia to visit relatives and friends. The family he visited was that of Elijah Beam. Beam invited him to stay at his home where Asaph met the two Beam daughters, Dorcas and Mary. After he returned to Tennessee one of the daughters bore him a son on July 1, 1812 and was named Elijah Beam Alsup. At the age of 18, Elijah came to Wilson Co., Tennessee to live with Asaph on the family farm. In the spring of 1813, Asaph would often visit Abigail McKnight and on December 29, 1813 she bore him a son named Gideon McKnight Alsup, and later Gideon moved into Asaph home. Asaph also had three daughters by unknown woman or women. Asaph was drafted on Sept 1814 into military service during the War of 1812 and served in Captain Ezekiel Bass’s Company of Major Woodfolk’s 3rd Battalion of Tennessee Militia during the campaign against the Greek Indians. He entered the service as a Private but was promoted to corporal on December 2, 1814. The court found for Henry Wright, at the June Term of Wilson County Court, that Henry lost nearly the whole of his right ear in fight with Asaph on the 15th of April 1817.

1840 Wilson Co, TN, no page # given
ALSOP, Asop 100020001+00110001

1850 Wilson Co, TN, Dist. 20, page 491
809-909 ALSOP, Asop 59 m SC, no occupation given
Asop 22 m TN “aka Chunk” (md Martha Manson, 1854)
Joseph 18 m TN (md Eliza A. Trice, 1858)
Samuel 16 m TN (md Virginia Walker Huddleston, 1868)

1860 Wilson Co, TN, Dist. 20, Pondsville, TN. page 427
286-263 ALSUP, Asaph 70 m SC farmer
Samuel 24 m TN Missionary Baptist Minister
FLORIDA, Mourning 41 f TN
Susan 17 f TN
Samuella 6 f TN (This is a boy Samuel)
Ruth 3 f TN

1870 Wilson Co, TN. Dist. 29, Pondsville, TN. pae 612
55-55 ALSUP, Asop 84 m SC farmer
Prudence 16 f TN housekeeper

Asaph Hill Alsup, partners with Dorcus Beam, about 1811, in Georgia,
Elijah Beam Alsup, born 1 Jul 1812, Gwinnett County, GA. Died 11 May 1886, Rutherford Co, TN. married (1) Mary Dement, 20 Dec 1843, Rutherford Co, TN,. Married (2) Elizabeth Harshaw, 7 Nov 1848, Rutherford County, TN. Married (3) Susan F. Pearcy, 1 Oct 1856, Rutherford Co, TN.
Alsaph Hill Alsup partner with Abigail McKnight, about 1813 in Tennessee
Gideon McKnight Alsip, born 29 Dec 1813, Wilson Co, TN, and died 24 Apr 1892, Rutherford Co, TN. He married Sarah Ann Coffee Bryant, 27 Feb 1840 and had 8 children
Dr. Gideon Alsup had 2 children with Joyce Sanders, his household cook, Missouri, born March 1837, Wilson County, TN. Died 1919, who married Sterling Brown Rucker and Unity, born about 1852, who married James Thorn.
Asaph Alsup married Mary Hill, 27 February 1818, Madison Co, AL
1. Mourning Alsup, born about 1819, Wilson Co, TN.
2. Susan Clark Alsup, born May 1, 1820, Wilson Co, TN.
3. William F. M. Alsup, born about 1825, Wilson Co, TN.
4. Asaph H. “Chunk” Alsup, born December 17, 1826, Wilson Co, TN.
5. Joseph Franklin Alsup, born about 1832, Wilson Co, TN.
6. Samuel Thompson Alsup, born January 31, 1835, Wilson Co, TN.
1. Mourning Alsup, born about 1819 Wilson Co, TN. She married (1) Hiram Alsup, 6 Apr 1835, Wilson Co, TN. (2) William P. Favers, 26 Oct 1843, Wilson Co, TN, and (3) James Patrick Florida, 1 Sep 1851. Wilson Co, TN.
2. Susan Clark Alsup, born 1 May 1820, Wilson Co, TN. Died 29 Nov 1900, Rutherford Co, TN. Married 12 Jul 1837, Daniel Nelson Alsup, son of Naomi Alsup, born 13 Jul 1813, Wilson Co, TN. Died 3 Jul 1886, Rutherford Co, TN. 10 children.
3. William F. M. Alsup, born about 1825, Wilson Co, TN. He was dead before 1860, when his children were found living with maternal grandparents. He married Elizabeth “Louisa” Owens, 11 Nov 1847, Wilson Co, TN.
 4. Asaph Hill “Chunk” Alsup, was born 17 Dec 1826 in Wilson Co, TN, he married Martha Manson, 31 Aug 1854, Montgomery Co, TN. Asaph H. Alsup was dead by October 6, 1857, when Asaph Alsup was appointed administrator, with securities William L. Martin and James B. Scoby (QCR, 1856-1858-243) Methodist Ministers, Methodist Churches of America, Records.
Asaph Alsup was a Minister of the Methodist Church. He died 31 Aug 1856 in Montgomery Co, TN and his wife Martha died July 21, 1855.
5 Joseph Franklin Alsup, born about 1833, Wilson Co, TN. Died 23 Oct 1863, Dalton, Whitfield Co, GA, Civil War. He married Eliza Jane Trice, 15 Jun 1858, Montgomery Co, TN.
6. Samuel Thompson Alsup, born 31 Jan 1835, and died 2 Dec 1903, Wilson Co, TN. He married Virginia Walker Huddleston, 16 Jan 1868. Wilson Co, TN. Samuel Alsup was a Missionary Baptist Minister.
Asaph Hill Alsup married (4) Unknown lady or ladies, partners about 1823.
1. Sarah “Pink” Alsup, born about 1823, Wilson Co, TN.,  married Shelton Robertson, 14 Aug 1842, Wilson Co, TN. Moved to Sebastian Co, AR, by 1870 and died before 1874. 8 children. Shelton married (2) Mary Ann Harshaw, 18 Apr 1874, Rutherford Co, TN (3) Mrs. Harriet Comer, 24 Jan 1899, Wilson Co, TN. Shelton died 18 May 1910, Wilson Co, TN
2. Martha Jane “Mattie” Alsup, born about 1826, Wilson Co, TN., married  Joseph A. Patterson, 30 Nov 1846, Wilson Co, TN, and  died 14 NOV 1881 in Webster Co, Missouri. On the 1880 Census, Martha Jane claimed both parents born in South Carolina. Her son John’s death certificate stated mother was Hattie J. Alsup, and the son Gideon’s death certificate stated she was Martha Jane Tinsley. Martha Jane married Joseph A. Patterson, November 30, 1846, Wilson Co, TN.
3. Rebecca Alsup, about 1828, Wilson Co., TN., married John Robertson, 23 Aug 1849, Wilson Co, TN

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