Death of Arnold Alsup

  • Dallas Morning News, May 12, 1917, Death of Arnold Alsup

  • Fort Worth, Texas. May 12, 1917, Fred Cox, proprietor of a saloon, corner of Main and First Streets, was charged by complaint in Justice Moore’s Court today with the killing of Arnond Allsup who died Tuesday from effects of a blow on the head received last Friday night during a fight. The defendant waived examination and was bound over in the sum of $2,500. Considerable mystery surrounds the killing of Allsup, it being alleged that he had two fights during the day that he received his death wound and in each instance was struck on the same spot on the head. In one fight he was struck with a bottle, but the injury was regarded as trivial and the defendant walked about as usual after his wound had been dressed by a physician. Cox claims that during his fight with Allsup, he acted in self-defence. The trouble arose over a discussion about the War.

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