Benjamin Tillman Pryor Morgan was born January 18, 1863, near Anna, in Union Co, Illinois. He was the son of Gordon Morgan and Arta Missa “Artie” Elkins. In 1881 he migrated to Randolph Co, Arkansas with his widowed father and older brothers and their families, settling at Holmes, in Wiley Twp. Ben was married May 20, 1883 at Pocahontas, to Elizabeth Reed. She died leaving one son Felix Monroe Morgan, born April 26, 1892, at Richwood, in Randolph Co. Felix died October 28, 1939 and was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Kennett, Missouri. He married Ella Mae Sisson and had 2 girls.

After the death of his first wife Ben Morgan married April 28, 1895, at Holmes, Arkansas, to Minnie Bell Nancy Dow Parks. She was born January 3, 1878 near Salem, in Livingston Co, Kentucky, a daughter of David Hodge Parks and Nancy Clemintine Manus. They were the parents of five children.

1. Millie Mae Morgan, born May 11, 1896, at Holmes, and died November 1, 1970, Lilbourn, Missouri, and was buried Sharum Cemetery. She married (1) Christian Ferdnand Liles and had five children. Millie married (2) Homer Brown, no issue, and (3) Everett Clark, no issue.

2. Willis David Morgan, born February 20, 1900 and died June 30, 1905, at Holmes, and was buried in Duty Cemetery.

3. Jesse Marion Morgan, born July 22, 1902, at Holmes, and died October 4, 1993, Pocahontas, and was  buried  Randolph Memorial Cemetery. He married Lillie Mae Gates and had one girl.

4. William Henry Morgan, born December 19, 1904, at Holmes, and died June 4, 1954, Long Grove, Lake Co, Illinois, and was buried Coulterville Cemetery, Coulterville, Randolph Co, Illinois. He married Mae Wells and had eight children.

5. Lora Irene Morgan, born September 16, 1907, at Holmes, and died November 24, 1979. Modesto, California and was buried Ceres Cemetery. She married (1) John Wesley Galbreath and had four children. Irene married (2) J. L. Sullivan, no issue, and  (3) Nealy West, no issue.

Ben Morgan died October 9, 1908, near Hamil, Arkansas, and was buried in Antioch Cemetery. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Minnie Morgan married (2) September 13, 1913, Pocahontas, to Henry Walter Snodgrass and had three children:

1. Ruby Lee Snodgrass, born February 25, 1915, Pocahontas and died January 22, 1991, Byesville, Ohio, and was buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Robins, Ohio. She married James Byron Wootton and had six children.

2. John Avery Snodgrass, born February 4, 1917, Pocahontas, and died November 21, 1954, Berrien Springs, Michigan, and was buried Coloma, Michigan. He married Alpha Mabel “Fay” Ripka and had four girls.

3. Elizabeth Marie “Betty” Snodgrass, born April 24, 1921, Delaplaine, Arkansas. She married Russell Corbett Ferguson and had two children.

Minnie Bell Snodgrass lived several years in Randolph Co, before moving to Manila about 29 years before she died. She died October 10, 1959, at the home of her daughter Millie Brown in Jonesboro, and was buried in the Manila Cemetery.

Prepared by Reba Morgan Alsup, Monument, CO

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