Gordon Morgan was born 1817 in Virginia. His father’s name is unknown and his mother’s name was Lydia, believed Dillard. Gordon Morgan’s father died before 1838 as his mother Lydia remarried as the 3rd wife of William Mears, Sr. on July 7, 1838 in Cannon Co, Tennessee. Gordon married Artamissa “Artie” Elkins, a daughter of Gabriel Elkins and Sophia Dillard, on Sep 10, 1838 in Cannon Co, Tennessee. Artie was born 1818 in Warren Co, Tennessee and died 1880 near Anna, Union Co, Illinois and was buried in the Trinity Cemetery. In 1881 Gordon migrated with his married sons and their families, along with his youngest unmarried son Ben, where they settled in Wiley Twp. in the Holmes Community of Randolph County, Arkansas. Gordon died on Oct 26, 1896, and was buried in the Duty Cemetery. Gordon and Artie had eight known children:

1. Lydia E. Morgan, born 1839, Cannon Co, Tennessee. Lydia married Jun 14, 1857, Union Co, Illinois, John  Pryor.

2. Nancy Emeline Morgan, born Jan 18, 1841, Cannon Co, Tennessee. She died Jun 14, 1911, Union Co, Illinois and was buried in Trinity Cemetery. Nancy married Apr 10, 1857, Union Co, Illinois, Tillman Cantrell Manus.

3. James Alexander “Elick” Morgan, born Mar 1843, Cannon Co, Tennessee. He died 1905, in Randolph Co, Arkansas and was buried in Duty Cemetery. Elick married (1) 26 Nov 1865, Union Co, Illinois, Nancy J. Collard. He married (2) Mar 27, 1896, in Randolph Co, Arkansas, Jestine Bates.

4. Gabriel A. Morgan, born Jul 1844, Cannon Co, Tennessee. He migrated to Arkansas and lived in Randolph and Independence Co, but soon returned to Anna, Illinois where he died Dec 31, 1916 and was buried in the Trinity Cemetery. Gabriel married Jun 30, 1870, Union Co, Illinois, as the 2nd husband of Sarah E. Manus.

5. John B. F. Morgan, born Nov 1846, Cannon Co, Tennessee. He came to Randolph Co, Arkansas with his family in 1881, but left Arkansas after 1900 with his grandson Houston F. Frazier and went to Oklahoma where he died in 1926. John married (1) Jun 4, 1869, Union Co, Illinois, as the second husband of Lively J. M. Elkins. He married (2) 8 Aug 1881, Union Co, Illinois, as 2nd husband of  Martha A. E. Manus.

6. Henry E. William Morgan, born May 1848, Cannon Co, Tennessee and died Feb 4, 1917 in Randolph Co, and was buried in Duty Cemetery. Henry married (1) Jul 16, 1870, Union Co, Illinois, Malinda I. Holden. He married (2) Nov 27, 1890, Randolph Co, Arkansas, Nancy E. Norman. He married (3) Feb 18, 1898, in Randolph Co, Arkansas, Minnie Baldridge.

7. Martha Lennie Morgan, born 1856, Anna, Union Co, Illinois. She married Horris Elkins, before 1880.

8. Benjamin Tillman Pryor Morgan, born Jan 18, 1863. Anna, Union Co, Illinois. Ben died Oct 9, 1908, at his home near Hamil, and was buried in the Antioch Cemetery. Ben married (1) May 20, 1883, Randolph Co, Arkansas, Elizabeth “Betty” Reed. He married (2) Apr 28, 1895, Randolph Co, Arkansas, Minnie Bell Nancy Dow Parks.

Pictures: Gordon Morgan and his wife Artie (Elkins) Morgan

Date made unknown

Pictures taken from a charcoal drawing on a piece of pressed wood

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On this submission I made 2 changes:

Child no 1. Lydia Morgan. The name of the man Lydia Morgan married was John PRYOR not BRAYER. So please change it.

Child no 5 John B. F. Morgan married (2) Aug 8, 1881, Union Co, IL.

The pictures were Gordon Morgan and wife Artie Morgan

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