Notes on Joseph Alsop/Alsup

  • Notes on Joseph Alsop/Alsup

  • , North Carolina and Tennessee
  •                                          Notes of Joseph Alsop/Alsup
    1800 Anson Co, NC Census, page 237
    ALSOP, Joseph 31101-20001
       It is believed that Joseph Alsop and family stayed in Anson Co, NC., for the first 25 years of their marriage, then went to Tennessee. Sometime during this time the spelling of their name became Alsup. Joseph and his wife Drucilla were Charter Members of the Ramble Creek Baptist Church, which was organized in 1823, on land donated by Isham Jones. Later 11 3/4 acres were donated by Isham Jones’ son Robert to be used as a Cemetery.
       In 1783, a petition was circulated by a number of inhabitants of Anson County, NC. which was sent to the General Assembly asking that the proposed location for building a new Court House be changed to the plantation of William Bert, as his land was high and dry, whereas the other location was poor blackjack soil not fit for public roads. This petition was signed by Joseph Alsop, Thomas Meador/Meadows, Jason Meador/Meadows and Lewis Meador/Meadows, and several other residents of the county. The first Court House was built in Anson County in 1753, at Mt. Pleasant on the Pee Dee River which forms the eastern border of the county. This Court house was moved to New Town which was situated in the center of the county, but the name changed to Wadesboro in 1787.
       All the children of Joseph and Drucilla Alsup living in 1819, except William, crossed the Tennessee River which was the western boundary of Stewart County and settled in the Western District (Indina Lands) which was opened to those who were willing to try to tame the new wilderness. The area in which the Alsup’s immigrated with 31 other families was directly acoss the Tennessee River from their former home on Hurricane Creek in Stewart County. This new settlement was made part of Stewart County in 1819, and enumerated in 1820 in the Federal census as Stewart County. The following year this region was assigned to Humphreys County and in 1836, it became Benton County, which it remains to the present time

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