1880 Calloway Co. KY. 2nd  Dist. New Concord, KY. page 631

ALSUP, C. L. Claiborn Lewis 29 m TN works on farm md (1) 20 Aug 1869
M. F. 28 f KY wife nee Millicent F. DANIEL
P. E. 9 f KY dau
H. R. 8 f TN dau
J. W. 6 m TN son
L. B. 4 f KY dau
M. J. Minerva 3 f KY dau md Jack CROWLEY, 1895, div.
             “Meady” M.artha A.lmedia M. 11/12 f KY dau md William Samuel ELLIOTT, 1896

 see 1860 Stoddard Co. MO (James)-1870 Calloway Co. KY-1900-1910 Bosque Co. TX census. Claiborn md (2) Mrs. Mattie Jane CROWLEY, 1892

1880 Calloway Co. KY. 3rd Dist. Liberty, KY. page 590

ALSUP, Samuel C. Charles 30 m TN sawyer

2nd wife

Mary E. Ethemy 33 f TN wife nee Mary Ethemy BUCHANAN, 1873

Armintie A.

Mentie 6 f KY dau md Abner V. WOMACK, 1895

By 1st wife

Nancy E. Elizabeth 13 f KY dau md William Joseph ALSUP, 1884

 see 1860 Stoddard Co. MO (James)-1870 Stoddard Co.MO-1900-1910 Bosque Co. TX. Samuel md (1) Sarah Candace WOMACK, 1867.

1880 Daviess Co. KY. 1st Dist. Lowertown, Owensboro, KY. page 234

ALSOP, Benjamin 84 m VA retired farmer md Lucy Taylor
Robert 59 m KY son single
             McDONALD, Eva Evaline 47 f KY dau widowed
Lucy 22 f KY grand/dau
                    HUGHES, William 27 m AL son/law
Belle 21 f KY grand/dau
Arthur 1 m KY great grand/son

 see 1870 Daviess Co. KY census.

1880 Daviess Co, KY. Murrays 5th Prect. page 401

ALSOP, Andrew Beda 51 m KY farmer 1832-1884
       1838-1921 Joan 41 f KY wife, keeps house nee SPARKS
       1862-1901 Jefferson Davis 17 m KY son, single md Mollie BECKWORTH
       1864- Andrew Beda 15 m KY son  md Laura
       1868- James Richard 12 m KY son md Ella MAHONEY
       1871- Amenta Mintie 9 f KY dau md D. H. AMBROSE

see 1850 Spencer Co, KY-1860-1870-1900 Daviess Co, KY.After the death of Andrew Beda, Joanna married Zachary Taylor ALSOP, 5 Apr 1886. He died 13 Oct 1925

 1880 Daviess Co, KY. Masonville, KY. page 394

ALSOP, Taylor 27 m KY single, boarder, engineer

Living in household of Robert M. (38) & Anna H. (35) STONE & 2 sons

This man became the 2nd husband of Joanna SPARKS, see 1860 Ohio Co, KY-1900 Daviess Co, KY.

1880 Daviess Co. KY 10th Dist. Masonville, KY. page 399

ALSIP, Henry L. 43 m KY farmer md 15 Jan 1858
Mary 45 f KY wife nee Mary Elizabeth RICHARDSON
James W. 17 m KY son md Nancy E. SPARKS
Iverson M. 15 m KY son md Elizabeth HAZELRIGG
Robert L. Lee 13 m KY son died 14 Nov 1914
John C. B. 11 m KY son died unmarried, 24 Feb 1937
Sarah J. Josephine 9 f KY dau md Thomas Henry DUNCAN
Alminnie 5 f KY dau md Seth WALKER
              ALSIP, Rosa 79 f KY mother, widow. Rosanna GRAY, widow of James

 see 1870 – 1900 Davies Co. KY census.

1880 Daviess Co. KY. page 316

ALSOP, James M 55 m KY farmer md 4 Sep 1857 (1825-1897)
 1836-1901 Mary A. 44 f IN wife nee Mary A. VARY
 1857-1904 Ben F. Franklin 22 m IN son md Lula THORNTON, 1885
Ada C. 21 f IN dau md James William HUNTER, 1892
   1860-1926 William T. 20 m IN son md Jessie PALMER (To LA)
 1861-1887 Henry 18 m IN son
James N. Nathaniel 14 m KY son md Jennie May BLACK
             1910 LA Kate D. Catherine 11 f KY dau md Joseph W. CARLTON
 1870-1930 Charles V. 9 m KY son

 see 1860 Clark Co. IN, 1870 -1900 Daviess Co. KY census.

1880 Franklin Co. KY 4th Dist. Bridgeport, KY. page 269

ALSOP, Martha 30 f KY (mulatto) Military Institute
Arthur 7 m KY (mulatto) son
Richard 5 m KY (mulatto) son
Robert 3 m KY (mulatto) son

 living in household of Robert D. (44) & Laura (36) ALLEN (white) & 3 ch’n

see 1900 Franklin Co. KY census.

 1880 Franklin Co, KY. 75th Dist. page 267

                                                ALSOP, Cordie 14 f KY (mulatto) domestic servant

Living in hh of Arville (45) & Mary E. (35) BLAKEMORE & 2 daus (white)

see 1870 Franklin Co, KY. Martha

 1880 Franklin Co. KY. 1st Dist. Frankfort, KY. page 171

  ALSOP, Richard 10 m KY (black) adopted son
               living in hh of George (52) black & wife Emmaline (44) mulatto CALDWELL


1880 Fulton Co. KY. Hickman, KY. page 341

ALSOP, Anderson 25 m TN driver
Amanda 29 f TN wife nee Amanda CAMP
           (Tessie) Tissie L. Leona 3 f KY dau md William Henry SMEDLEY
Sarah A. Annie 1 f KY dau

 see 1860 Fulton Co. AR census (Wm.),  Anderson was a son of Wm. & Elizabeth Ann McMASTERS.  

1880 Graves Co. KY. 8th Dist. Mayfield, KY. page 164

ALSUP, William 53 m TN farmer md 28 Mar 1848
Elizabeth 46 f TN wife nee Elizabeth Ann McMASTERS
Elizabeth  J. 30 f TN dau
1900 New Madrid Co. MO Thomas 22 m AR son md Sarah HUFFMAN (died 1890)
1900 Stoddard Co. MO William Wiley 20 m AR son md Laura A. McFARLIN
Susan 17 f AR dau
Martha 14 f KY dau
1900 Galatin Co. KY John 12 m MO son md Lillian “Lilly” FORD
1900 Stoddard Co. MO Miles Washington 6 m KY son md Ada Bell ROMINES, 1899

 see 1860 Fulton Co. AR census.

1880 Hancock Co. KY. 4th Dist. Indian Creek Twp. page 206

ALSIP, William S. Scott 31 m MO farmer md 24 Jun 1872 (1848-1899)
(1851-1929) Lizzie 28 f IN wife nee Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY
Emma 6 f KY dau md George FREEMAN, 1892
Mary T. 4 f KY dau md John W. TRUMBO, 1892
Kate Katherine 2 f KY dau md Otis HICKS, 1906

 see 1850 Greene Co. MO, 1860-1870-1900 Hancock Co. KY census. Wm. was a son of David & Elizabeth HALL.

1880 Hancock Co, KY. Indian Creek Twp. page 214

ALSIP, David 60 m KY farmer md 29 Aug 1857
  3rd wife Catherine 58 f KY wife, keeping house nee ROGERS
Louis 21 m KY son, single md Polly ALSUP
Alexander 20 m KY son, single md Manerva BONNER

 see 1850 Greene Co, MO-1860-1870 Hancock Co, KY.

1880 Hardin Co. KY. 9th Dist. Archer, KY. page 451

ALSUP, A. C. Alexander 35 m KY farmer
Ara 22 f KY wife
Nellie 7 f KY dau md (1) Peter BURROWS, 1899

 see 1860 Scott Co. KY (J. E.), 1900 St. Louis Co. MO census.  Son of James Elliot & Sarah Adeline MILLER.

1880 Jefferson Co. KY. Shardine Dist. page 237

ALSOP, Guilford 32 m KY farmer md 15 Sep 1874
Molly 33 f KY wife md Mollie MORRIS
Brice A. 4 m KY son md Emma STALL, 1908
Grace 2 f KY dau md Walter DRAKE, 1898
Jessie C. 6/12 f KY dau md Frank W. LINNING, 1909

 see 1860 Jefferson Co. KY (Dudley) census.  Guilford, son of Guilford Dudley and 1st wife, md (1) America HOWARD.

1880 Jefferson Co. KY. Johnstown Dist. page 227

ALSOP, Guilford D. Dudley 62 m KY farmer
                           by 1st wife Hiram 21 m KY son, married md (1) Emma MURRAY
                          1861-1881 Emma 18 f KY dau/law Emma MURRAY
             md Alice DURHAM Guilford Dudley 9 m KY grand/son
                    md Mr. BEHLE Mary 7 f KY grand/dau
                            by 1st wife George M. 30 m KY son, single (died 15 Aug 1884, in prison escape)

 see 1850-1860-1870 Jefferson Co. KY census. Hiram md (2) Susan SHIVELY. Grandchildren were children of Gideon Higgins ALSOP d. 1878, and wife Nancy Jane HOWARD, d. 1877. They had another child, Lanson (Lansing) born 1874.

                           1880 Jefferson Co, KY. Louisville, KY. page 205                                               

ALSOP, Beverly 37 m KY (black) hostler
Fannie 28 f KY wife (mulatto) keeping house

 see 1860 Jefferson Co, KY

1880 Jefferson Co, KY. Meadow Lawn Twp. page 246

ALSOP, Minnie H. 4 f KY niece

Living in household of J. T.  (65) & Rebecca (42) MOORE & 6 ch’n

This is probably another child of Gideon Higgins ALSOP, d 1878 & wife Nancy Jane HOWARD, d 1877

1880 Jefferson Co, KY. Louisville, KY. page 300

ALLSOP, Preston 35 m KY (black) servant

Living in household of Henry (78) & Charlotte (52) SMITH (white) & 2 ch’n

See 1870 Jefferson Co, KY.

1880 Jefferson Co. KY. Louisville, KY. page 221

ALLSOPP, Theresa 60 f KY (black)
Pres. 33 m KY (black) son
              HEDGES, Sarah 7 f KY (black) grand/dau
             PHILLIPS, Louise 18 f KY (black) keeping house
                  EVANS, Sallie 21 f KY (black) keeping house


1880 Jefferson Co. KY. Louisville, KY. page 525

ALSOP, William 23 m KY dentist md 1879 (b 1855-d 1899)
Maggie 22 f KY wife nee Margaret Jane SHIVLEY
         SHORT, Walter 25 m IN relation not stated unemployed
Mariah 25 f KY relation not stated
Maggie 3/12 f KY relation not stated
       ADAMS, Addie 24 f KY  servant (black)
      BROWN, Dan 3 m KY  servant  (black)

 see 1860 Jefferson Co. KY (Dudley), 1900 Jefferson Co. KY (Maggie).  Son of Guilford D. & Nancy MOORE.

1880 Kenton Co. KY. 1st Dist. West Covington, KY. page 536

ALLSUP, John 39 m ENG music teacher mig 1880
Catherine 39 f ENG wife, keeping house Catherine BILLINGTON
John 17 m ENG son, cutting lead
Frederick 14 m ENG son
Walter 1 m ENG son
Katie 5 f ENG dau
Herbert 2 m ENG son

 see 1900 Hamilton Co, OH Catherine, widowed

1880 Laurel Co. KY. 5th Prect. McHargue, KY. page 265

36-36 ALSOP, John A. Archer 37 m KY farmer son of Alexander & Mary A. MOORE
Susan C. 27 f TN wife nee Susan Catherine WHITE
Robert A. J. 13 m KY son md Permelia Ida ALSIP, 1890
died 1912 Addison 9 m KY son md (1) Elizabeth GURLEY, 1900
see 1920 Clay Co, IN William H.arrison 4 m KY son md (2) Gertrude HARRIS, 1911
Laura B. Bell 1 f KY dau md Nelson DOWELL, 1897

 see 1860 Whitley Co. KY, 1900 Clay Co. IN census. A child Shurdon, 9 May, 1874-12 Jan 1875. William Henry Harrison “Harry” md (1) Maude A. MILLER, 1903. Addison md (2) Mrs. Ethel BEDWELL, 1902.

1880 Laurel Co, KY. Mahargue, KY. page 427

ALSOP, Addison 33 m KY farming md 24 Jun 1866
Mary 38 f TN wife, keeping house nee Mary WHITE

 see 1870 Whitley Co, KY-1900 Knox Co, KY.

1880 Magoffin Co. KY. 4th Prect. Middle Fork, KY. page 593

ALSOPT, Robert 53 m KY farmer
Jane 52 f KY wife nee Jane RISNER
Margaret 29 f KY dau
Henry C. 24 m KY son md Celia DUNN, 1892
Mahala Haley 22 f KY dau md Greenville PATRICK, 1881
Daniel B. 20 m KY son md Elizabeth RISNER, 1880
Emily Emley 17 f KY dau md Adam CRAFT, 1883
Elizabeth Betty 16 f KY dau md Elijah “Cub” RISNER
Smith 13 m KY son md Helen DYKES, 1890
Celey Cealey 9 f KY dau md Joseph M. DAVIS, 1887
Sublett 7 m KY son md Lucinda WHITLEY, 1892

 see 1860-1870-1900 Magoffin Co. KY census.  Robert was the illigitimate son of Elizabeth ALSOP and Mr. PATRICK.  Between 1870 – 1880 their name became ALSOPT and ALSEPT.

 1880 Mercer Co. KY. Harrodsburg, KY. page 140

ALSOP, George H. 40 m KY single, Ex. Agent

Living in household of Mat W. (48) & Maggie W. (39) CURRY & 3 sons

see 1850 Mercer Co, KY. (Lucinda)

1880 Ohio Co. KY. Buford Dist. page 659

ALSOP, Mary 25 f TN married, keeping house
Jacob Plumor 6 m TN son md Florence ___
Lulie A. 5 f TN dau
Caldonia 3 f TN dau
James C. Cox 2 m TN son “to Alabama”
Horrace L. Linley 3/12 m TN son “to Alabama”

 This is the family of James Henry ALSOP. see 1900 Bell Co. KY census.

1880 Oldham Co. KY. LaGrange, KY. page 1

ALSOP, James E.lliott 63 m KY justice of the peace
Sarah Adeline 59 f KY wife, keeping house nee Sarah A. MILLER
              twin Thomas H. 29 m KY son, single, deputy clerk
               twin John M. 29 m KY son, single, RR brakeman
Letcher 24 m KY son, single, RR telegraph operator

 see 1850-1860 Scott Co, KY-1870 Oldham Co, KY

1880 Pulaski Co. KY. 9th Dist. page 158

ALSOP, D. R. David 29 m KY farmer md 10 Nov 1870
Manda E. 28 f KY wife nee Amanda Emeline FREEMAN
Mary A.bigail 8 f KY dau 
Elizabeth C. 6 f KY dau
Millard F. Fillmore 3 m KY son (1900 Yell Co. AR.)
Sarah J. Elizabeth 1 f KY dau md Mr. MILNER

 see 1860-1870 Whitley Co. KY, 1900 Pope Co. AR census.

1880 Pulaski Co, KY. 8th Prect. Dist. 88. page 136

ALSOP, Nelson 22 m KY single, works on farm

Living in household of M. G. (38) & Martha A. (32) LEWIS & 5 ch’n

brother of David, listed above, Nelson married Susan H. SHADOWIN, 21 Jul 1881. see 1900 Pulaski Co, KY

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 110

JAMES, John 61 m KY farmer
Sarah E. 40 f KY wife nee Sarah E. BRADLEY
Richard 26 m KY son, single
Fannie 16 f KY dau
               ALSOP, Asa Layton 21 m KY step/son, single

 see 1900 Scott Co. KY census (Asa).  Sarah Elizabeth BRADLEY ALSOP, widow of John W. ALSOP md (2) John JAMES.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 103

ALSOP, Austin 53 m KY dry goods merchant
Sidney 48 f KY wife nee Sidney HUNLEY

 see 1860-1870-1900 Scott Co. KY census.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Stamping Ground, KY. page 70

ALSOP, Burwell Boswell 47 m KY farmer md 1853
Mary A. 49 f KY wife nee Mary Ann COVINGTON
John C. B. 23 m KY son  died unmarried
James N. 18 m KY son died unmarried

 see 1860-1870-1900 Scott Co. KY census.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 101

ALSOP, Day 46 m KY dry goods merchant
Almira 26 f KY wife

 see 1860-1870-1900 Scott Co. KY census.

 1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 113

ALSOP, George Llewelyn 41 m VA farmer md 22 Apr 1860
Mary F. Frances 38 f KY wife nee Mary Frances COVINGTON
Nasy L. Leighton 18 m KY son md Fanny WATTS
Caswell Graves Casil W. 14 m KY son md Amanda GARDNER
Elkhanna Marion L. C.anna 12 m KY son md Inez SUTTON
Lenna R.ivers 8 f KY dau md William T. STOCKDALE
Elizabeth Lizzie B. 4 f KY dau md C. B. IRELAND
Gertrude Geneva 2 f KY dau died unmarried,1927
     HARRISON, Kitty 80 f KY aunt, single
Milly 77 f KY  aunt, single


1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 94

GREEN, John C. 30 m KY farmer
Maranda 27 f KY wife
Jennie E. 5 f KY dau
Samuel C. 4 m KY son
          ALSOP, Layton Asa Layton 32 m KY nephew, single

Son of John W. ALSOP & Sarah E. BRADLEY, same person in hh of John JAMES.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Oxford Dist. page 150

ALSOP, Marget  62 f KY widow
 living in hh of John A.(27) & Eliza (32)  RINK (census index says RISK)

 see 1850-1860-1870 Scott Co. KY census.  Margaret FARRELL, widow of Ignatious Nason ALSOP.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. Long Lick, KY. page 113

ALSOP, Shadrack 28 m KY works on farm
living in household of Edward (44) & Elizabeth (49) STOCKDALE farmer

 see 1860-1870-1910 Scott Co. KY census.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. page 103

ALSOP, Samuel 44 m KY farmer md 29 Jun 1859
Melissa 45 f KY wife nee Mellisa J. WHITE
William Thomas 20 m KY son md Claudia T.  HARDING, ca 1884
1900 Rush Co. IN James M. 18 m KY son md Mrs. Nannie S. BURTON, 1884
1900 Ohio Co. IN Alonzo 14 m KY son  died unmarried?
John H. 11 m KY son md Lydia RICE, 30 Apr 1891
S. Eglin Samuel 8 m KY son md Margaret D. COVINGTON
Carra E.Carrie 6 f KY dau md Charles YOUNGER

 see 1860-1870-1900-1910 Scott Co. KY census.

1880 Scott Co. KY. Lytles Fork Dist. Long Lick, KY. page 103

ALSOP, William 37 m KY farmer md 1874
Margaret 33 f KY wife nee Margaret E. DARNELL
Robert E. L.ee 5 m KY son

 see 1860 Scott Co. KY, 1900 Scott Co. KY census. Wm. was son of  Wm. & Corilla HARDY.

1880 Simpson Co. KY. 214th Dist. page 359

ALSUP, Thomas 47 m TN farmer
Sarah A. 46 f KY wife, keeping house
ABNER, John 14 m TN step/son

 Sarah ABNER, 33 and son John, 4 found 1870 Simpson Co, KY. hh of Letitia DAVIS

1880 Trigg Co. KY. 3rd Dist. Wallonia, KY. page 336

ALSUP, Martha Jane 49 f TN widow, keeping house nee CREW
works on farm John R. 25 m TN son md (1)Mary Ann BOURLAND, 1894
assists in house Florida C. Caldonia 23 f TN dau md James Lee LOYD/LLOYD, 1879
works on farn William 21 m KY son md Mary Luella LOYD/LLOYD, 1883
Mary E.lizabeth 14 f KY dau md Oscar HOOVER
George D.avid 12 m KY son md Ida M. SNIDER, 1893
William E. Ernest 2 m KY grand/son md Maymie NEWELL
             LLOYD, Lee 23 m KY son/law, works on farm

 see 1860-1870 Caldwell Co. KY, 1900 Williamson Co. IL census.  Martha Jane CREW md David ALSUP, 1854.

1880 Trigg Co. KY. Linton, KY. page 382

ALSUP, Allie T. 18 f TN single, school teacher

living in household of A. L.(38) & Cassie (31) CARR  & 3 daus

1880 Union Co, KY. Raleigh, KY. page 574

ALSOP, M.alinda A. 33 f KY widow, sister (1847-1931)
Lillie Emerson 11 f KY niece md Riley WOODS

 Living in household of Ivan M. (49) JONES wid. with 3 daus

Another daughter Lena Franklin ALSOP, born 1866, md Jesse MORRIS, 1884This was Malinda JONES ALSOP, widow of George Franklin ALSOP, md 11 Oct 1865-Malinda md (2)  George Washington JOYCE

1880 Union Co. KY. Raleigh, KY. page 576

ALSOP, Docia 70 f NC at home

Living in household of Eliza (70) McCOUGHTRY, widow

This is Theodocia DARBY ALSOP, widow of John B. ALSOP, see 1870 Union Co, KY

1880 Union Co. KY. Blackburn, KY. page 578

ALSOP, Belle 24 f KY school teacher, married/single not stated

Living in household of James S. (32) & Lou W. (24) BLUE & 1 dau

1880 Warren Co. KY. Woodburn Dist. page 282

ALLSUP, Rosie F. 6 f TN relation not stated, bound
      living in hh of James R.(47) & Matilda K. (37) HAGANS

 Dau of Jerry Thomas ALLSUP & wife Emaline from Sumner Co, TN

1880 Warren Co. KY. Woodburn Dist. page 278

ALLSUP, Mary 19 f TN widow? pauper Alms House

living in household of Bulver A. (36) & Sarah J.(30) WOOD, Alms House Keeper

Dau of Jerry Thomas ALLSUP & wife Emaline from Sumner Co, TN

1880 Warren Co. KY. Woodburn Dist. page 284

ALLSUP, James 15 m KY single, bound works on farm md Lucy RIGGS

Living in household of Ruth B. MORRIS, 69 widow

Son of Jerry Thomas ALLSUP & wife Emaline from Sumner Co, TN-see1900 Clay Co, IN

1880 Warren Co, KY. Woodburn Distpage 282

ALLSUP, Mattie 11 f KY single, boarder

Living in household of James M.(62) & Margaret (61)  GALLOWAY & 2 sons

Dau of Jerry Thomas ALLSUP & wife Emaline from Sumner Co, TN

1880 Warren Co. KY. Woodburn Dist. page 276

ALLSUP, Raymond   4 m KY relation not stated, boarder
living in household of James L.(33) & Amanda (28)  DABNEY

 Youngest child of Jerry Thomas ALLSUP & wife Emaline from Sumner Co, TN

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 168

 ALSIP, James L. Landrum 35 m KY farmer (1844-1937) md 30 Sep 1867
(1848-1893) Mary E.lizabeth 32 f KY wife nee Mary E. SEXTON
Wells M. Matthew 11 m KY son md Vernie Lou BARTON, 1891
John B.ell 8 m KY son md Frances Jane SEXTON, 1890

 see 1860-1870-1900 Whitley Co. KY census. Son of Richardson & Judah ROGERS.

1880 Whitley Co, KY. Martin Springs, KY. page 166 

 ALSIP, Elexander 73 m KY farmer (Alexander) 1806-1882
             2nd wife Mary 59 f KY wife, keeping house nee MOORE
             Abraham Lincoln 14 m  KY son md Frankie LYNCH. 1885

see 1850-1860-1870 Whitley Co, KY.

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 166

ALSIP, Jefferson 43 m KY farmer
Mary Elizabeth 37 f KY wife nee Mary E. SEARS
J. S. James 20 m KY son md Samantha HARP
William A.Archibold 18 m KY son md Josephine LITERAL, 1881
E. A. Eliza 17 f KY dau md George W. RIDENER
S. J. Serilda 14 f KY dau md Wesley McFARLIN, 1883
J.oseph S. Spencer 11 m KY son md Nancy Jane TEAGUE
J. G. John 9 m KY son md Martha K. McFARLIN, 1892
Sarah E. Ellen 4 f KY dau md James M. BROWN, 1894
Robert 2 m KY son md Balzora “Bell” FARMER, 1895

 see 1860-1870-1900 Whitley Co. KY census.  Jefferson was a son of Alexander & Mary “Polly” BAKER.

                   1880 Whitley Co. KY. Martin Springs, KY. page 166                                    

ALSIP, D.avid F.ranklin 22 m KY farm laborer md 8 Apr 1880
S.usan S. 17 f KY wife, keeping house nee ROGERS

 see 1870 Whitley Co, KY. (Jefferson)-1900 Whitley Co, KY

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 164

ALSIP, M. F. 24 m KY farmer Alexander Millard Fillmore 1856-1932
S. J. 25 f KY wife nee Salina Josephine MOORE
Galveston 4/12 m KY son md (1) Elizabeth L. RICKETT, 1900
Sarah F. Fidelia 4/12 f KY dau md Jesse BARTON, 1903
                RICE, William age ? m KY servant, single

 see 1860-1870-1900 Whitley Co. KY census, 1900 Wise Co. VA census.  Son of Richardson & (2) Jane TYE.

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 165

ALSIP, R. H. Richard 58 m KY farmer 1820-1904
1832-1911 Jane 47 f KY wife (2) Jane TYE
 1858-1886 G. D. George 22 m KY son md Mary Jane FLOYD, 1882
Benjamin Franklin 18 m KY son md Martha E. WHITMAN, 1883
N. A. Adeline Nancy 16 f KY dau md William WELLS, 1884
S. F. Susan Frances 14 f KY dau md (1) George Irvin JONES
 1872-1949 Didema Malane 8 f KY dau md Frank YATES, 1888
 1874-1964 P. I. Permelia Ida 5 f KY dau md Robert A. J. ALSIP

 see 1860-1870-1900 Whitley Co. KY census.

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 167 

ALSIP, Surrelda 54 f KY widow, keeping house
T. S. 14 m KY son (Tecempseh Sherman)

 She was Surilda SEXTON, widow of James ALSIP. see 1860 Whitley Co, KY.

1880 Whitley Co. KY. 6th Prect. Martin Springs, KY. page 164

ALSIP, Robert Elijah 33 m KY farmer son of James & Zerelda Sexton
Juda 28 f KY wife nee Judah BUCHANAN
S. N. Nevada 10 f KY dau md Jim VEATCH
J. M. James Morton 9 m KY son md Maggie Ann BROWN, 1893
Dora 7 f KY dau md George WARD, 1890
Mariah 5 f KY dau md Thomas F. TYE,1892
Martha B. Bain 3 f KY dau md Josiah SMITH, 1893
J. R. Joseph Rose 1 m KY son

 see 1850-1860-1900 Whitley Co. KY census.  Another child, Leona, born 1881, md Henderson MONHOLLEN, 1898.

1880 Whitney Co. KY. Jofields Dist. page 174                        

ALSIP, William H. 24 m KY farmer William Henry Harrison, died 1930
           died 1904 Leanna L. 20 f KY wife md Leanna LITERAL, 18 Feb 1875
Mary E. 4 f KY dau  md Leander ELLISON, 1897
R. S. 3 m KY son Robert Sidney (30 Mar 1877-15 Jun 1895)
George 1 m KY son George Herndon md Gustava BUNCH

See 1900 Whitley Co, KY. He married (2) Mrs. Esther A. CUMMINGS GOODWIN, ca 1905, (3) Mrs. Eva AMBURN JONES, 1917

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