1880 Daviess Co. IN. Elmore Twp. Dist. 146. page 609 

ALLSUP, Jasper 32 m IN  farmer, md (2) Mrs. Pauline GREEN, 28 Oct 1890
Elizabeth 30 f IN wife md Sarah Elizabeth RINK, 14 Mar 1872
                  RINK, Stella 4 f IN niece

see 1860 – 1870 (Leonard C. ) Jackson Co. IN, 1900 Oklahoma Terr.

1880 Gibson Co. IN. Johnson Twp. Fort Branch, IN. page 267 

 ALLSUP, Anthony 52 m  IN brick mason  md 14 Jun 1855
Louisa 42 f  IN  wife nee Louisa BLYTHE
John C. 22 m  IN  son md (1) Victoria EMBERTON 1884
Manda Malvina 15 f  IN  dau
Ora E. 12 f  IN  dau md Matthias LEMON
Harry T. 6 m  IN  son md Lydia YEAGER, 1894
Welsy A. Wilza 2 m  IN  son md Myrtle A. PRICHETT, 1899

see 1850 Gibson Co. IN (Willis), 1860 – 1870 Gibson Co. IN census.  John C. md (2) Martha B. MILLER, 1891.

1880 Gibson Co. IN. Princeton Prect. page 279 

SELLERS, John 39 m IN laborer
Lorena 39 f IN wife nee BARRETT
               ALLSUP, William 16 m IN step/son laborer
              SELLERS, Danny 7 m IN son
Emma 10 f IN step/dau ALLSUP?
John 3 m IN son

BARRETT, Mary J. 27 f TN boarder, married, servant

Katie 2 f IN

Viola 3/12 f IN

     see 1860 Gibson Co. IN. William

1880 Greene Co. IN. Beech Creek Twp. page 11

ALLSUP, James 60 m KY single, broom maker

Living in household of John W.(43) & Elizabeth (45) PARSON & 2 daus

1880 Jackson Co. IN. Carr Twp. Town of Medora, IN. page 48 

ALLSUP, Amna 53 f IN married, keeps house (Mrs.Amney BURHAM)
           DURHAM, Ewing 21 m IN son, farming

Amney md widower Richard Heighton ALLSUP, 24 Feb 1876

1880 Jackson Co. IN. Carr Twp. page 37 

ALLSUP, Leonard 66 m KY farmer
 2nd wife Salina 61 f IN wife nee Salina HOLMES
Bernetta 27 f IN dau, single at home
Clara C. 24 f IN dau, single school mistress
Acesta 22 f IN dau, single school mistress
Stephen A. D. 18 m IN son, single farmer

see 1860-1870 Jackson Co, IN

1880 Jackson Co. IN. Carr Twp. page 48

ALLSUP, Richard Heighton 55 m IN married, carpenter
Charles 20 m IN single, son

Living in household of Lycurgus(29) & Mary (26) JAMES Hotel keeper

see 1860 Jackson Co, IN. He married Louisa A. SHEPHERD, 1854

1880 Jackson Co. IN. Carr Twp. page 50 

ALLSUP, Jessie 19 f IN single, keeps house (dau of Richard Heighton ALLSUP)

Living in household of Herman (44) & Sarah (35) RAFERMAN farmer

Jessie md Wesley B. BLACK, 27 Dec 1887

1880 Jackson Co. IN. Driftwood Twp. page 62

ALLSUP, Lidda 31 f IN single, niece, keeps house

Living in hh of Mary (47) HOLMES, IN widow

see 1860 Jackson Co, IN. (Leonard)

1880 Knox Co. IN. Widner Twp. Freelandsville, IN. page 408 

ALSOP, George Rust 28 m VA  physician  md 20 Apr 1875
Nancy J. Jane 25 f IN wife nee Nancy Jane McCLELLAND
Thomas B. Burwel 3 m IN son md Stella Mae GAITHER, 1901
William McClelland 1 m IN son md Cora Julia MEYER, 1904
Thomas E. Everett 20 m VA brother md Orpha OUTHOUSE, 1891

see 1850 Warren Co. VA, 1870 Spotsylvania Co. VA, 1900 Knox Co. IN, 1900 Clinton Co. IL census

1880 La Porte Co. IN. Kankakee Twp. page 233 

ALSOP, Edward W. William 38 m IN carpenter
Mary 28 f IN wife
1900 Lake Co. IN George 12 m IN son   md Allie JONES, 1894
1900 Kane Co. IL Joseph C. 8 m IN son   md Mary C. KRAMP, 1895
                     ALSOP, William 62 m ENG father widower, boarding

see 1850 St. Joseph C0. IN, 1860 La Porte Co. IN census

1880 Montgomery Co. IN. Franklin Twp. page 370

ALSUP, Samuel 21 m TN single, hired man

Living in hh of John M. (58) & Harriet (58) SELLERS farmer

1880 Monroe Co. IN. Van Buren, IN. page 128

ALLSUP, Elizabeth 68 f KY single, sister/law, at home

Living in hh of Gilbreath (67) & Sarah (52) NEILL & 7 ch’n

see 1850-1860 Owen Co, IN (Bartlett ALSOP) she was 40 on 1850 &1860 census

1880 Posey Co. IN. Black Twp. Posey, IN. page 61

ALSUP, George 55 m  KY (mulatto) farm laborer
Sarah 26 f  IL (mulatto) wife
William 4 m  IN (mulatto)  son
Carlina 2 f  IN (mulatto)  dau
Harry 5/12 m  IN (mulatto)   son

1880 Posey Co. IN. Harmony Twp. New Harmony, IN. page 173 

ALSOP, James 29 m IN saloon clerk  md 25 Feb 1871
Bina 27 f IN wife nee Rebecca Columbine BROOKS
Fanny 4 f IN dau
Walter W. 9/12 m IN son  md Luella JENKINS, 1899

see 1860-1870-1900 Posey Co. IN-1910 White Co. IL

1880 Posey Co. IN. Harmony Twp. New Harmony, IN. page 184

ALSOP, John 31 m IN farmer son of James & Martha COX ALSOP
Delila 25 f IN  wife md Delilah HANCOCK, 16 Mar 1871
Eugene 9 m IN  son md Helen M. STILLWELL, 1892
           1900 Albany Co. WY Lewis Micho 6 m IN  son Lewis Micho md Ida ODELL
Enoch J. James 3 m IN  son md Nellie L. WILLIAMS
Jesse L. 10/12 m IN  son md Floris Lora GRANT, 1906

see 1850 Posey Co. IN (Martha A.), 1900 Posey Co. IN

1880 Posey Co. IN. Harmony Twp. New Harmony, IN. page 174 

ALSOP, Jonathan 46 m IN  cabinet maker
Ellen J. 37 f IN wife nee Ellen Jane KELLOG
David D. 21 m IN son md Augusta WATSON
Clara 19 f IN dau md Frank NELSON, 1892
Fanny 16 f IN dau md Charles BURNS
Horrace K. 13 m IN son
         Denver 1920 Nathaniel 10 m IN son md Stella McCOOL, 1898
                       Sarah Sue (Susan) E.mma 7 f IN dau md Thomas FAIR, 12 Aug 1886
Nelly E. 5 f IN dau md John GREEN, 1894
Charles R. 1 m IN son md Catherine DOESSER, 1901

see 1850 Gibson Co. IN (James C.), 1860-1870 Gibson Co. IN census

1880 Posey Co. IN. Harmony Twp. New Harmony, IN. page 173

ALSOP, William 30 m IN  saloon clerk
Kate 23 f IN wife nee Katherine FRANKLIN
Nelly 4 f IN dau
Elizabeth 3 f IN dau
Linwood F. Leonard 2/12 m IN son

see 1870 Posey Co. IN (Wilson), 1900 Posey Co. IN census

1880 Posey Co. IN. Harmony Twp. page 169 

ALSOP, Walter Wilson 60 m IN saloon keeper
Lucy A.nn 54 f IN wife, keeps house nee COX
                   Henry Harry 26 m IN son, single, laborer
Mary Jane 22 f IN dau, single, at home md Seth WILKINSON
Elizabeth 17 f IN dau, single md Charles SABERTON
1866-1913 Rose 14 f IN dau md Clinton A. SANDERS
   FREDRICKS, Lenwood 22 m IN son/law, married
Ella 20 f IN dau, married

s/o James C. & Elizabeth JOHNSON. see  1850-1860-1870 Posey Co, IN

1880 Putnam Co. IN. 2nd ward, Green Castle, IN. page 484 

ALSOP, Thomas U. 26 m IN bill poster & carriage painter
Susan 21 f IN wife, keeping house md Susie FITZGIBBON, 1873
             FITZGIBBON, George 17 m IN single, bro/law, painter

1880 Scott Co. IN. Vernon Twp. Scottsburgh, IN page 72 

ALSUP, Daniel C. 59 m VA  laborer
Frances A. 30 f IN wife nee Frances Adeline MORROW
Etta Ada A. 9/12 f IN dau md Daniel Clayton HURSH

         see 1870 Scott Co. IN census.  Another child, James Arthur was born 2 Nov 1880 – see 1900 Greene Co. OH, hh of Philip Starmont, 1910 Denver Co, CO-1920-1930 Weber Co. UT. Ada found 1900 Jefferson Co, IN-1920-1930 Cherry Co, NE.

1880 Scott Co. IN. Finley Twp. page 4 

ALSOP, Daniel W. 28 m IN farmer (20 Jan 1852-11 May 1881)
25 Oct 1848-1927 Mary 31 f IN wife md Mary E. HARROD
died 1905 Elizabeth 49 f IN sister, single
died 1905 Sallie 46 f IN sister, single
died 1887 Nancy 73 f VA mother, widow, nee SILVERS

    see 1850 Jackson Co, IN-1860 -1870 Scott Co, IN (John)  Daniel & Mary had a daughter Emma, 14 Sep 1881-22 Sep 1881. Mary, widow of Daniel married (2) Abraham PRICE.

1880 Scott Co. IN. Finley Twp. page 4 

ALSOP, John 42 m IN  farmer 1838-before 1910
 1838-1922 Ruth A. 42 f IN wife nee Ruth Ann LYNCH
Martha E. 12 f MO dau md Charles F. MINER
Susan E. 10 f MO dau
Sarah 9 f MO dau  md Daniel E. SHUTTERS, 1888
Levina J. 7 f MO dau  md John F. COCHRAN
Frances M. 5 f MO son single 1920 Meade Co, SD
Charles D. 1 m MO son md Daisey C. SMITH

see 1850 Jackson Co. IN, 1860 Scott Co, IN-1870 Harrison Co, MO-1900-1910-1920 Scott Co. IN. Ruth Ann Lynch md (2) Charles CUMMINS, 3 Oct 1854. He died in Civil War, 14 Oct 1862. She md (2) John ALSOP, 26 Aug 1866.

1880 Scott Co. IN. Finley Twp. page 13 

ALSOP, William 45 m IN farmer md 2 Jun 1857 
Elizabeth 38 f IN wife nee Lydia Elizabeth CUMMINGS
Nancy M. 20 f IN dau
Sarah F. Frances 18 f IN dau md John Franklin RICHEY, 1880
John W. William 16 m IN son md (1) Delia J. MINER, 1886
Philenia 13 f IN dau md Jacob DICKEY, 29 Jul 1893
Alice 11 f IN dau md Paul C. TEPPIG
Madaline 7 f KS dau md Wesley CRUM
Susan 5 f IL dau md Lyman T. CLARK, 1898
Oscar L. 3 m IN son md Laura Ann MITCHELL, 1899
Aaron H. Hendricks 11/12 m IN son md (1) Olive Mae MEADOWS

see 1850 Jackson Co. IN (John), 1860 Harison Co. MO, 1900 Scott Co. IN census.  John William md (2) Sarah F. COLLINS, 1894.  Oscar Hendricks md (2) Myrtle McDONNALL. Other children Charles, 1882 md Gertrude MEAD and Jesse C. 1884-1918, invalid

1880 Spencer Co. IN. Huff Twp. page 370 

LAMB, Mary 43 f Austria widow, keeping house
         NIXON, Ebenezer 25 m IN son, teacher
        ALSUP, Cara 47 f IN widow, keeping house nee NILES (1833-1888)
Sarah 19 f IN dau, at home md Floyd A. BARKER, 1889

 see 1860 Franklin Co, IL. John

1880 Spencer Co. IN. Rockport, IN. page 135 

HALES, William 40 m IN painter
Sarah 39 f KY wife, keeping house
Hariet 17 f IN dau, in school
               ALSUP, Willis J. 13 m KY single, nephew, in school

s/o Thomas Dudley ALSUP & Hellen PATRICK, Willis md Lillie E. QUINTON

1880 St. Joseph Co. IN. Olive Twp. page 266 

ALLSOP, Charles 28 m IN  farm laborer
Nancy 26 f IN wife nee Nancy Ellen BROWN
Charles A. 6 m IN son  md Mattie VAN AUCKEN
Eva 4 f IN dau  md Walter E. NELSON, 1891
Stephen Howard 2 m IN son

see 1870 La Porte Co. IN census

1880 Sullivan Co. IN. Turman Twp. page 494 

ALSOP, Thomas 48 m IRE farming md (2) Hannah ALLISON, 1898
 died 25 Apr 1892 Nancy 46 f VA wife (1) Nancy WOOD, 1853
Anna 22 f IN dau md James MORRIS, 1880
Francis 20 m IN son md Mary REYNOLDS, 1882
Hiram S. 18 m IN son md Elizabeth A. REYNOLDS, 1882
1900 Greenwood Co. KS Arthur C. 16 m IN son md Manerva WORFORD, 1890
Magnola 13 f IN dau md Joel A. COOPRIDER, 1889
1900 Sullivan Co. IN. Thomas Newton 11 m IN son md Martha Luella METCALF, 1891
    ”        ”         “ Ambrose E. Edward 9 m IN son md Elizabeth AKERS, 1891
    ”        ”         ” Homer Erastus 4 m IN son md Lou J. WELKEY, 1898

see 1860, 1900 Sullivan Co. IN census

1880 Sullivan Co. IN. Gill Twp. page 616

ALSOP, Hannah B. 37 f Prince Edward Islands, widow, dau

John C. 18 m IN single, grand/son, farmer

Living in household of William (66) & Elizabeth (63) BUTLER

1880 Sullivan Co. IN. Haddon Twp. page 582

ALSOP, Lizzie 16 f IN single, house servant

Living in household of George (32) & Lizzie (25) PERRY farmer

1880 Sullivan Co. IN. Haddon Twp. Carlisle, IN. page 600 

ALSOP, Sarah 60 f IN widow, keeps house nee SMITH
Mary E. 16 f IN dau

 see 1870 Sullivan Co, IN. 2nd wife of William

1880 Sullivan Co. IN. Haddon Twp. page 596

ALSOP, William W. 30 m IN farmer  md 11 May 1871
Mary A. 29 f KY  wife nee Mary A. CUMMINS
 1872-1946 Henry J. Joshua “Harry” 8 m IN son
William T. 5 m IN son md Susie HERD, 1896
1877-1944 John W. Walter 3 m IN son md Lulla JENKINS, 1899
Charles F. 1 m IN son

see 1850-1900 (Mary) Sullivan Co. IN.  Dau. Margaret b. 1881 md Alvin GOBIN.   Son Frank b. 1883.

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