1880 Champaign Co. IL. Ogden Twp. page 203

                              ALSIP, Richard 34 m IL farmer Hardin Thomas
Charlotte M. STRINGFIELD Manerva 25 f IL wife md 11 Aug 1866, DeWitt Co. IL
Lauretta Retta 12 f IL dau md George A. COATS, 1884
1900 Red River Co. TX John William 9 m IL son md Eleanor Florence MITCHELL
1900 Iroquois Co. IL James Ephraim 7 m IL son md Ida V. COGSWELL, 1894
1900 Iroquois Co, IL Edward Washington 5 m IL son  md Eleanor Jane McCRACKEN, 1896
Miner 3 m IL son

 see 1860 DeWitt Co. IL (name Harden T.)1900 Champaign Co. IL census

1880 Champaign Co. IL. Somer Twp. page 324

ALSIP, J.ohn B. 66 m KY married, farmer

Mary Ann 64 f KY wife, keeping house nee McDONALD

see 1860 -1870 DeWitt Co. IL

1880 Champaign Co. IL. Ogden Twp. page 205

                   ALSIP, Z. D. 25 m IL farmer Zephaniah Dowden
md 15 Feb 1867 Eliza 22 f IA wife nee Eliza Ellen WOODMAN
Effie Rosella 4 f IL dau md Augustus HENDRICKS
1900 Barton Co. KS John F.ranklin 1 m IL son md Etta Carrie HOLMES, 1899

 see 1860 De Witt Co. IL (John)-1900 Champaign Co. IL census

1880 Cook Co. IL. 240 Levitt St. Chicago, IL. page 174

ALSOP, Christ 29 m ENG cabinet maker Christopher
Cecelia 27 f Berlin wife nee SCHARLERT
Anna 3 f IL dau md Christopher P. ALSOP, 1904
Oscar 7/12 m IL son md Katie SCHMIDT, 1903

 see 1900 Cook Co. IL census

1880 Cook Co. IL. Green Bay Ave. South Chicago, IL. page 125

ALSOP, Eliza A. 52 f PA widow, boarding house (died 7 Apr 1908)
                        STALLMAN, H.arry W. 28 m MD son RR Engineer died May 8, 1909, 58 yrs
        STALLMAN    ALSOP, Alice 25 f IL dau md Welcome GOODENOUGH, Sep 1880
Julius J. 20 m IL son died Aug 29, 1894, age 24 yr
                     died Feb 6, 1907 Anna 16 f IL dau md Dr. Elmer Ellsworth TANSEY, 1890
             1900 Calhoun Co. MI Sherman U. 14 m IL son md Mary C. CLARK, 1893
Hattie Harriet S. 10 f IL dau md H. S. CAMPBELL, 1907

 see 1860 DeWitt Co. IL (James), 1870 – 1900 Cook Co. IL census. James ALSOP md (3) Eliza A. STALLMAN, 2 Nov 1861. Anna died 1907, leaving husband & 2 sons, Vivian O. & Ellsworth A. Tansey. Her husband died Apr 1925

1880 Cook Co. IL. 482 Marshall St. Chicago, IL. page 105

ALSIP, F.rancis “Frank” 53 m PA brick mfg.
Mary 46 f IRE nee Mary Jane SMILEY
                         married Jennie 24 f PA dau md William Evans KING, 1878
1900 Cook Co. IL W. H. Wm. Henry 22 m WI son md Marcella CUSAK
1900 Cook Co. IL Frank B. 18 m IA son md Nellie Bell KING, 1887 
Maude 9 f IA dau md William WEIGAL
md Lulu MAISCHEIDER, 1909 Charles 6 m IL son md Helen B. TITTEMORE, 1893
Millie 3 f IL dau md George R. LINN

 see 1860-1870 Clayton Co. IA, also 1870 Faribault Co. MN (Frank)

1880 Cook Co. IL. Chicago, IL. page 118

ALSOP, Stephen 21 m KY (black) waiter single

Living in hh of W. H. SMITH, 44 m (black) boarding house

1880 Cook Co. IL. Chicago, IL. page 72 

ALLSOP, William 77 m ENG laborer (1803-1888)
Mary 72 f PA wife, keeping house nee Mary MEEKER
Frank 50 m PA son, widower, contractor

This is strange, as their son Frank is listed 1880 Cook Co. with wife living. I do not believe this is William & Mary from PA. & WI. as their surname was spelled ALSIP

1880 DeWitt Co. IL. Tunbridge Twp. page 446

ALLSUP, James Brazilor 22 m KY servant
living in hh of William P. (34) & Margaret B. (35) HOWSER

 see 1870 Logan Co. IL (David), 1900 Logan Co. IL census.  James was a son of David O. ALSUP and Mary Ellen HOWSER. James married Margaret McBRAYER

1880 DeWitt Co. IL. Wapello Twp. page 470

ALSUP, James 35 m IN laborer
Laura 25 f OH wife, keeping house nee EDWARDS

 I think this is the son of James W. and Elizabeth Isabell POE.     

1880 DeWitt Co. IL. Texas Twp. page 435

ALSUP, John 75 m ENG retired farmer
        PETERS, Andrew M. 59 m OH
Adeline 26 f Prussia wife

 John was married to Mary FIELDING

1880 DeWitt Co. IL. Texas Twp. page 442

ALSUP, Warner 21 m IL farmer son of Washington & Margaret HAVELY
Belle 20 f IL wife nee Alice Bell DAVIS, md 4 Feb 1877
Tuffola 3/12 f IL dau md George M. BUTLER, 3 Mar 1897

 see 1860 DeWitt Co. IL census. Warner & Alice Belle md again in 1891

1880 DeWitt Co. IL. Wapello Twp. page 469

ALSUP, William 48 m IN widower, carpenter (wife was Pamelia FIFIELD)

Living in hh of Harriet J. WEBB, 55 f IN widow

see 1860 McLean Co, IL-1870 Benton Co, MO

1880 Effingham Co. IL. Liberty Twp. page 278

ALSOP, James H. 32 m NY farmer died Feb 1895
Mary E. 25 f IN wife nee Mary A. MARTIN
Minnie M.ay 4 f IL dau md Oscar RALLS, 10 Jul 1898
Nelly G.race 2 f IL dau  md George E. DUHAMEL, 8 Sep 1897
William J. 8/12 m IL son md Bessie HOSMAN, 25 Jun 1902

 see 1860-1900 Effingham Co. IL census (Mary)

1880 Effingham Co. IL. Liberty Twp. page 273

ALSOP, John 46 m KY physician md 5 Mar 1879
Mary J. 28 f OH wife nee Mary Jane ROGERS
Mary A. 3 f IL dau
Laura 1 f IL dau
ROGERS, Mary 66 f OH mother/law

 see 1860 Franklin Co. IL census

1880 Effingham Co. IL. Effingham, IL. page 334

ALSOP, Samuel 52 m ENG wagon maker md 6 May 1852
Catherine 52 f DC wife  nee Catherine STREET
Katie 17 f IL dau  died 1896, with TB
Susan 14 f IL dau  md Erastus MILLER, 1893
Blanche 6 f IL dau  md Orlan T. EDDY, 1896

 see 1870 Effingham Co. IL, 1900 Mason Co. IL census

1880 Effingham Co. IL. Liberty Twp. page 274

ALLSOP, Thomas 42 m ENG farmer md 7 May 1878
Catherine 32 f IL wife (3) Sarah Catherine MAHAN
by (1) Elizabeth HUNT John T.homas 18 m IL son  md Mary Etta BARSCHT, 1886
     ”        ”            ” Emma J.ane 16 f IL dau md (1) Milton FITCH, 1882
     ”        ”            ” Sarah 12 f IL dau  md Joseph N. RICHARDS, 1896
     ”        ”            ” Martha A.lice 10 f IL dau  md Noble W. SLIFER, 1895 
by (2) Sarah GETZ Bertha V. 4 f IL dau
Clarence 11/12 m IL son  md Bertha L. WILEY, 1900

 see 1860 – 1870 Effingham Co. IL census

1880 Effingham Co. IL. Liberty Twp. Effingham, IL. page 274

ALLSOP, William 44 m ENG farmer md Sarah H. ZEIGLER, 1862
               md (2) 1 Jan 1872 Mary J. 41 f KY wife (2) Mary Jane MARSHALL
by (1) Sarah Helen ZIEGLER Charles William 16 m IL son md Normanda Isabell RILEY
   ”                 ”             ” Lillie M.ay 14 f IL dau md Henry J. DUGDALE
            child by 2nd wife Ida E.stella 7 f IL dau  md Alfred Charles WHITE

 see 1860-1870 Effingham Co. IL, 1900 Webster Co, NE census-Sarah died 1869

1880 Ford Co. IL. Drummer Twp. Gibson, IL. page 311

                  ALLSOP, Nancy 45 f TN (black) widow
Jessee 19 m TN (black)  son
1900 Hamilton Co. OH Monroe 12 m TN (black) son
1900 Cook Co. IL Finley 7 m TN (black) son

 see 1870 Wilson Co. TN census (Ned)

1880 Franklin Co. IL. Frankford Twp. page 594

ALSOP, Almeda 50 f IN widow, mother/law
FLANIGAN, Euel 27 m IL brother/law single
 Douglas 19 m IL brother/law, single

living in hh of John H. (28) & Victoria (21) OWEN

Almedia FLANNIGAN md Rueben ALSOP, 28 Aug 1873. By 1900 she was using the FLANNIGAN name again

1880 Gallatin Co. IL. Equality Twp. Gallatin, IL. page 488

ALSOP, Thomas E. 38 m KY farmer md 21 Jul 1864
1st wife Elizabeth J. 38 f TN wife Elizabeth J. RAINS
William P. 15 m IL son md Lura KNIGHT, 1892
Elijah 12 m IL son md Anna BARNHART, 1892
George T. 10 m IL son

see 1860 – 1900 Franklin Co. IL census

1880 Iroquois Co. IL. Loda Twp. Loda, IL. page 217

ALSOP, Joseph 37 m VA (black) laborer
Maria 39 f WI (black)  wife
Samuel 11 m IL (black)  son
Henry 10 m IL (black) son
Mary 8 f IL (black) dau  md Jeff ALSUP, 1895
Fannie 7 f IL (black) dau
Willie 4 m IL (black)  son
Horrace 1 m IL (black) son

 see 1900 Iroquois Co. IL census

1880 Iroquois Co. IL. Loda, IL. page 217

ALSOP, Lidie 60 f AL (black) widow, washer woman

living alone

see Iroquois Co. IL. (Samuel)

1880 Jefferson Co. IL. Shiloh Twp. page 459

BLAIR, William 59 m MO stone mason
Mary J. 55 f MO wife
Thomas L. 24 m IL son, single, bridge carpenter
Sarah E. 22 f IL dau, single
William C. 19 m IL son
Francis E. 15 m IL son
George W. 11 m IL son
Minnie 8 f IL dau
              ALSUP, Nancy 34 f IL dau, married William ALSOP, 1874

 William BLAIR and Family found 1860 Washington Co. IL. William ALSOP md Nancy BLAIR, 6 Sep 1874, Jefferson Co. IL

1880 Johnson Co. IL. Tunnell Hill Prect. page 557

ALLSIP, George T. 30 m KY farmer son of Wm. P. ALSUP & 1st wife
Martha 24 f IL wife nee Martha W. COONCE
William 5 m IL son md Lula L. JOBE, 1897
Dora Augusta 5/12 f IL dau md Alonzo SIMMONS, 1900

see 1860 Ohio Co. KY, 1900 Johnson Co. IL census

1880 Johnson Co. IL. Tunnell Hill Prect. page 557

ALSIP, Lutitia 47 f KY widow nee JACKSON, widow of Wm. P. ALSUP
Joseph W. 21 m KY son, single md Mary McKEWEN, 1895
Oscar 19 m KY son md Martha J. SHAVERONE, 1802
Rhoda Alice 15 f KY dau md John Thomas KERN, 1890
Margaret 12 f KY dau md Jasper N. SIMMONS, 1888
Delilah Perry 10 f KY dau md (1) Joseph D. ATNIP, 1889
             RUSHING, Jane 32 f KY sister  married md John H. ALSUP, 1893
Clarence 10 m KY nephew
James 2 m IL nephew

see 1860 Ohio Co. KY, 1900 Johnson Co. IL census.  see 1900 Cape Girardeau Co. MO (Jane RUSHING ALSUP)

1880 Logan Co. IL. Lincoln Twp. Broadway St. Lincoln, IL. page 151

ALSOP, David 53 m KY laborer (1) Mary HOWSER, died 1875
          md (2) 1 Nov 1877 Josephine 39 f PA wife (2) Mrs. Josephine J.(MANN) CARPENTER
                           Edward Elwood Grant 18 m IL son md Frances Armina TIVIS, 1891
Charles Leslie 10 m IL son md Mary Elizabeth NEWMAN, 1905
Mary Rosa Rose 9 f IL dau
Thomas Frank 6 m IL son
              CARPENTER, Bell 8 f IL step/dau child of John H. CARPENTER
William 6 m IL step/son                “

 see 1860 Logan Co. IL census. see 1900 Logan Co. IL, 1910 Stone Co. Mo (Edward Grant)

 1880 Logan Co. IL. 3rd & 4th Ward, Lincoln, IL. page 223

ALSOP, Oscar 12 m IL at school

Living in hh of C. T. (45) WILBUR, Sup’t. Illinois Asylum for Feeble Minded Children

1880 Macon Co. IL. Decatur Twp. Decatur, IL. page 406

ALSIP, William W. 38 m IL laborer md 18 Nov 1878, Henry Co, MO.
Middie Lutticie 22 f IL wife nee Middie L. PHELPS
John F.ranklin 3/12 m IL son md Nellie Allie DWYER, 1902

 see 1850 DeWitt Co. IL census (John B.), 1900 Bourbon Co. KS (Middie)

1880 Macon Co. IL. Maroa Twp. page 508

ALSUP, Margaret 50 f OH widow, keeping house nee HAVELY
Sarah 25 f IL dau, single (died unmarried before 1888)
Miner R. 19 m IL son, single (died unmarried)

see 1860 DeWitt Co, IL. (Washington)

1880 Macoupin Co, IL. Honey Point Twp. page 221

BEST, Benjamin 27 m IL farmer
Hattie 23 f NY wife, keeping house nee KNAPP
Faye 2 f IL dau
Orley 10/12 m IL son
ALSOPP, Alice 18 f IL sister, single

 Listed in index, but I couldn’t find census. Benjamin BEST md Miss Hattie KNAPP, 2 Nov 1876, Montgomery Co. IL

 1880 Madison Co. IL. New Douglas Twp New Douglas, IL. page 85

ALSOP, Robert 30 m IL store keeper 1850-1907, md 3 Oct 1869
1854-1928 Sarah 26 f IL wife nee Sarah Elizabeth YOUNG
Leon F.ranklin 10 m IL son md Hattie A. LANE, 1890
Arthur H. 8 m IL son md Clara GRAFF, 1909 
1875-1892 Hattie Elizabeth 4 f IL dau md John C. OLIVE, 1898
(1874-1954) Robert Alvin 2 m IL son md (2) Matilda AASENG
Tressie E. 3/12 f IL dau md Alonzo Wilbur FOSTER

          YOUNG, Amanda     15  f     IL servant

see 1860 (Samuel) – 1900 Madison Co. IL census.  Tressie was Theresa Elizabeth

1880 Madison Co. IL. New Douglas Twp. page 84

ALSOP, Elizabeth 22 f IL widow, millinery

Living alone

This is the widow of James M. ALSOP, who died 16 Jun 1878. Their only child, Velma, died 1879, 1 yr-1 mo-15 days

1880 Madison Co. IL New Douglas Twp. page 77                           

ALSOP, Samuel 68 m ENG farmer
Salina 65 f ENG wife, keeping house nee PEGG
Thomas H. 23 m IL son, single, farmer md Malvina J. EVANS, 1881
         YOUNG, Mary A. 28 f IL dau widow, house keeper

see 1860 Madison Co, IL

1880 Marion Co. IL. Haines Twp. page 54

ALSOP, Frederick Daniel 62 m TN farmer md (2) Mary MAROON, 1856
Mary 42 f IL wife (4) Mrs. Mary E. LUTTRELL, 1874
child of (3) Martha LUTTRELL Thomas J. 20 m IL son
   ”                ”              ” Lucy Ann 11 f IL dau md Jessie J. HOWELL (Lucy born 1870-died 1923
   ”                ”              “ Effie Josephine 8 f IL dau md James PAYNE, 29 Aug 1889 (Effie died 1892, childbirth)
                          LUTTRELL, Caroline 17 f IL step/dau
Julia 9 f IL step/dau

 see 1870 Marion Co. IL, 1900 Cherokee Co. Ind. Terr. (OK) census. Frederick Daniel md (1) Mary FORD, 11 Sep 1852 (3) Martha A. LUTTRELL, 1857

1880 Marion Co. IL. Haines Twp. page 55

BRYANT, George 44 m TN farmer
Louisia 44 f IL wife keeping house
Seymore 21 m IL son, single
Elias 17 m IL son
  Levi 13 m IL son
                                  ALSOP, Lucy 11 f IL niece same as above
Effie 9 f IL niece same as above
Rufus 8 m IL nephew md Callie BRYANT, 10 May 1891

Children of Frederick Daniel and (3) Martha LUTTRELL ALSUP

See Rufus living Indian Territory 1900, Living Osage Co, Oklahoma 1910

1880 Marion Co. IL. Salem Twp. page 176

ALLSUP, Jesse R 49 m TN farmer md 5 Oct 1859 (1831-1885)
Elizabeth 39 f TN wife nee Elizabeth HOWELL
              NASH, Harry 13 m IL orphan
Martha 9 f IL orphan

 see 1850 Sumner Co. TN census (Jerry)

1880 Marion Co. IL. Haines Twp. page 54

ALSOP, William Joseph 32 m TN farmer md 25 Nov 1870
Arminda 25 f IL wife nee Arminda A. LUTTRELL
John A. 8 m IL son md Irene B. OFFETT
Robert F. 7 m IL son 1873-1958 (died unmarried)
Etta E. 2 f IL dau md (2) Marion CHANEY

      TRACY, Durham         14    m     IL boarder

see 1860 Sumner Co. TN (Jeremiah), 1900 Oklahoma Terr., 1910 Rogers Co. OK (Arminda). Etta md (1) Frank DENTON, (1879-1904)

1880 McLean Co. IL. Bloomington, IL. page 133

ALSOP, Mary L. 44 f NY widow, boarding house Mary McCOY
Josie L. 22 f IL dau md William W. HAMILTON, 15 Dec 1881
               TRENER, Robert 39 m IN boarder
Kate 30 f OH wife
Clarence 9 m MO son
             PATRICK, Henry 43 m VA boarder
Mariah 32 f OH
Eddie 8 m IL son
Harrie 1 m IL brother/law

see 1860 Madison Co. IL census (William), 1900 Linn Co. IA

1880 McLean Co. IL. Bloomington, IL. page 122

ALSUP, Charles 24 m IL single, painter

Living in hh of Lelind (42) & Susanna (45) CONDIFF (boarding house)

1880 McLean Co. IL. Empire Twp. LeRoy, IL. page 458

            ALSUP, John F. 40 m IN City Marshall md 21 Sep 1871
Alice 29 f IL wife nee Alice KARR
Carrie 7 f IL dau md Grant SMITH, 1897
Gertrude 6 f IL dau
1900 Ford Co, IL Charles Francis 4 m IL son
Hattie 1 f IL dau md John HOWARD
                           KARR, Hiram 22 m IL brother/law, switch hand on RR

 see 1850, 1900 McLean Co. IL, 1900 Ford Co. IL (Charles) census

1880 McLean Co. IL. LeRoy, IL. page 452
LAND, James 46 m KY laborer
Anna Maria M. Ann 49 f IN wife, keeping house nee FIFIELD
George 13 m IL son, at school
         ALSUP, Mary 11 f IL dau, at school md Thomas W. VAN ATTA
Howard 50 m KY brother, widower, laborer

Maria Ann was the widow of Byron F. Alsup, and the daughter Mary was her daughter, and maybe the son George was also her son Oscar. (Her Children Oscar & Susan found 1880 in Sumner Co, KS) (see 1870 DeWitt Co, IL)

1880 McLean Co. IL. Bloomington, IL. page 362

McLean County, Illinois Alms House

ALSOP, William 28 m IL single

                                                              John 25 m IL single 1870 Benton Co, MO

                                         Ben 20 m IL single 1870 Benton Co, MO

Living in hh of Christian KLAUS (65) m Germany, single

see 1860 McLean Co, IL (William)

1880 Moultrie Co. IL. Dora Twp, Dora, IL. page 355

ALSUP, John W.illiam 39 m IL widower, farmer
Electra 13 f IL dau md John Alley COEN, 1892
1869-1939 Leonard G.rant 11 m IL son md Lena ALEXANDER, 1897
Pearlie 9 f IL dau 1871-1948
John William, Jr. 7 m IL son md (1) Bertha Mabel ADKINSON, 1896
Eva May 6 f IL dau md Clarence BALL

 see 1850 Jackson Co. IN (Leonard C.), 1870 Moultrie Co, IL-1900 Daviess Co. MO-Wife Mary Elizabeth McGAHEY died 1878

1880 Ogle Co. IL. Grand Detour Twp. page 152

ALSIP, John 70 m MD farmer
      (Juliahannah) Juliann 50 f MD wife nee Julianah WHITE
               Joseph Elsworth 15 m MD son see 1920 Los Angeles Co, CA
Clara 14 f MD dau
1870-1928 Elva Idell 11 f IL dau md Orland Frederick MARTIN
1876-1930 Mary B. 4 f IL dau md (1) George YOUNG, (2) John KENNEDY

 see 1850-1860 Washington Co. MD, 1870 Ogle Co. IL (see Joseph 1900 Pawnee Co. OK)

1880 Ogle Co. IL. Village of Mount Morris, IL. page 263

FOUKE, F.rederick Dorsey 39 m MO porter in grainery? md 1873
          1856-1938 Elizabeth Ellen 24 f MD wife keeping house (ALSIP)
        Flora Norene Nora 4 f IL dau
Frederick Scott 2 m IL son
William Hezekiah 1/12 m IL (May) son
             ALLSIP, Hezekiah 52 m MD widower, boarder died 1893

 1850-1860 Washington Co, MD-1870 Ogle Co. IL (Another son Robert Hitt FOUKE, 1885)

1880 Pulaski Co. IL. Ullin Prect. page 154

ALSUP, W. T. Washington 32 m IL engineer 1840-1922, md 16 May 1869
Minerva 31 f IL wife (1) Minerva JACOBS
Charlie 9 m IL son
Frank 7 m IL son
Lu (Lulu) 5 f IL dau md John ALLARD, 1902

 see 1850 DeWitt Co. IL (Hardin), 1870 Jackson Co, MO-1910 Scott Co, MO census

1880 Pike Co. IL. Fairmount Twp. page 441

ALLSOP, Betsy 69 f ENG widow, mother/law, house work

Living in hh of Galen  (39) & Nancy (40) TAYLOR + 6 ch’n

This is Elizabeth MATHER, widow of John ALSOP. see 1860 Pike Co, IL

 1880 Pope Co. IL. Washington Prect. page 93 

ALSUP, James Lafayette 45 m MS (black) single, farmer (mulatto)
Henry Patrick 38 m MS (black) brother, single (mulatto) md (1) Sally WHITE
STEWART, Mary 21 f IL (black) niece,  (mulatto) parents from MS 
Zorada 18 f IL (mulatto) niece, domestic help, parents from MS

see 1860 Pope Co, IL, children of Jesse ALSOP & slave lady Millie. The STEWARTS are children of sister Virginia Jane and Paten S. STEWART 

1880 Saline Co. IL. Douglas Prect. page 56

ALSUP, William 32 m AL farmer (1847-1897)
Sarah 23 f AL wife
         To Colorado 1900 Sarah Frances 4 f IL dau md Albert N. ZIMMERMAN, 1897
Minnie 1 f IL dau
             DAVENPORT, Jack 31 m ENG boarder, miner
Thomas 10 m IL boarder, miner

 William md (2) Mary A. EVANS, 22 Sep 1881, Saline Co, IL. Another child Susan 1888, to Colorado with sister Sarah by 1900 (Mary Ann EVANS, 1857-1932, married (2) Med LEDFORD)

 1880 Sangamon Co. IL. Springfield, IL. page 34

ALSOP, Thomas 50 m PA married, watch maker, watch factory

2nd wife    Jane 48 f Ireland, wife, keeping house nee Jane HOPKINS

s/o Othaniel ALSOP & Hannah BROWN. see 1860 Sangamon Co, IL

1880 St. Clair Co. IL. Belleville Prect. West Belleville, IL. page 327

     ALLSOPP, William 30 m ENG coal miner
                       1st wife Marian 29 f ENG wife md Mariam JOYCE,  3 Jan 1871
Roda Jane 11 f IL dau md Thomas W. BURNETT, 1891
Airon Aaron 8 m IL son md Amanda C. LATIMORE, 1895 
Neash 6 f IL dau  to Alameda Co, CA by 1910
Lizzie 5 f IL dau  md John KING, 1893
Johnas Jonas 3 m IL dau   md Ella MAYNARD
Isaac 1/12 m IL son

                                 JOHNAS, Frederick     14    m     IL      servant

see 1900 Williamson Co. IL census. Another Girl Rhoda Jane, born 1867, md Thomas W. BURNETT, 15 Feb 1891

1880 Tazewell Co. IL. Delavon Twp. Delavon, IL. page 463

ALSIP, John F.letcher 39 m IL works in store md 7 Apr 1864
Cordie 35 f OH wife Cordelia SWIGER
md (2) GRIMES Mary M.ay 15 f IL dau md James McELWEE, 1884
Grace 6 f IL dau  md William J. HILLER

see 1850 DeWitt Co. IL (John B.), 1870 DeWitt Co. IL-1900 Champaign Co. IL census

1880 Union Co. IL. Stokes Twp. page 119

ALLSUP, Hannah 39 f TN widow nee Hannah NEIL, wife of William ALSUP
1910 Butler Co. MO Robert N. 18 m IL son md (1) Mrs. Amanda BIGGS, 1889
1900 Tazewell Co. IL James T. 16 m IL son md Mary L. DAVIDSON, 1882
Annie 13 f IL dau md Alonzo D. HIGHT, 1889
Mary Elizabeth Mollie 10 f IL dau md Alonzo V. BROWN, 1893

 see 1860 McCracken Co. KY census

 1880 Union Co. IL. Jonesboro Prect. page 86

ALLSUP, James 42 m IN farmer 16 Dec 1837-1905
Sarah 31 f IN wife md 2 Oct 1866, Sarah EMPSON
William Holmes 12 m IN son md Louella CALDWELL, 1893
Ida 5 f IL dau md John A. L. SADLER, 1891
Flora May 1/12 f IL dau md A. Barry DOUGHERTY, 1900 (2) Ralph DIXON

s/o Thomas ALLSUP & Louisa HUMPHREY- see 1860-1870 Jackson Co. IN, 1900 Union Co. IL

1880 Union Co. IL. Twp. 11 south of range 2 west. page 50

ALSOP, William A.18 m IL boarder, works on farm
    living in hh of Charles  (39) & Hannah (25) DAVIS

1880 Williamson Co. IL Northern Prect. page 383

ALSOP, John E. Edward 10 m IL orphan md Myrtle Jane CLARK, 1902
            living in hh of Thomas (69) & Mary (56) RAINEY

 see 1910 Howell Co. MO census. Son of Reuben ALSUP & Sarah Finney WINNS of Franklin Co. IL. see 1910 Howell Co, MO. census

 1880 Williamson Co. IL. Northern Dist. page 391

ALSUP, Florence Ann 16 f IL single, living with family md Alfred GRANT, 15 Nov 1885

Living in hh of John O. (43) & Rebecca (40) MILLIGAN

Florence dau of Reuben ALSUP & Sarah Finney WINNS

1880 Williamson Co. IL. Northern Dist. page 391

ALSOP, Laura 14 f IL single, living with family Laurilda md George H. STEWART, 1887

Living in hh of Charles (32) & Caroline (31) BEERS (farmer)

dau of Reuben ALSUP & Sarah Finney WINNS

 1880 Williamson Co. IL. Northern Dist. page 393

ALSUP, Ruben Webster 12 m IL single, living with family md Verba STONE, 1896

Living in hh of John R. (66) & Nancy (61) STEWART (farmer)

son of Reuben ALSUP & Sarah Finney WINNS, see 1900 Williamson Co, IL

1880 Williamson Co. IL. Eight Mile Twp. page 400

      ALSOP, Nealy M. 26 m IL farmer md 24 Jan 1877
Nancy 35 f IN wife (1) Mrs. Nancy K. HOOVER
Mary 10 f MO dau HOOVER child
Cary 8 f MO dau     ”              “
         RONNELS, George 19 m IL step/son
                ALSOP, Edward 2 m IL son

 see 1870 Williamson Co. IL census (Mary). Neely md (2) Eliza J. BRAGG, 1885

1880 Williamson Co. IL. Rock Creek Twp. page 464

ALSUP, James A.nthony 20 m IL single, farm laborer md (1) Margaret E. CARR, Sep 1880

                   Living in hh of J. F.  (39) & wife M. J.(32) TIDWELL (physician)

son of Reuben ALSUP & Sarah Finney WINNS, see 1900 Clay Co, AR-1920 New Madrid Co, MO

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