1940 Fort Francis E. Warren Military Reservation, Laramie, WY

20th Infantry, Enlisted Men, U. S. Army







Soldier, U. S. Army

Charles said he lived Waco, McLennan Co, TX. 1935

See 1930 McLennan Co, TX. I believe he was a son of Clifford Lee ALLSUP & Chloe COKER.

1940 Albany Co, WY, 2nd St. Ward 1, Laramie, WY. Image 17, page 18

ALSUP, Martha 51 f MO Married, Proprietor, Boarding & Rooming House

Plus 24 Lodgers

Her age is wrong. She was Martha BURRIS, (1877-1950) wife of Thomas Benton ALSUP. (1872-1957) See 1920 Albany Co, WY

1940 Albany Co, WY. Kearney St. Ward 2, Laramie, WY. Image 10, page 110

ALSUP, Earl Cecil 44 m AR Meat Cutter, Grocery Store
Margaret 49 f KS Wife, Mrs. Margaret CONDON SMITH
Mary Gertrude 21 f CO Dau, married/Single?

Lived Arapahoe Co, CO. 1935

He was son of Nathan ALSUP & Nora TRANTHAM. See 1900 Fulton Co, AR-1910 Oregon Co, MO-1920 Denver Co, CO

1940 Albany Co, WY. Ward 2, Laramie, WY, Image 12, page 120

ALSOP, Flavie C. 35 m KS State Highway Maintenance, State Hwy.
Mary 33 f MO Wife, Owner, Retail Grocery Store

See 1910 Bourbon Co, KS-1920-1930 Carbon Co, WY. Son of Charles L. ALSOP & Addie WARD

1940 Carbon Co, WY, Encampment & Collins Prect. Image 1, page 167

ALSOP, Dawrin M. 38 m KS Caretaker, Lodge & Camp Grounds (1901-1985)
2nd wife Josephine 38 f IA Wife, nee PHELAN (1900-1975)

See 1910 Bourbon Co, KS-1920-1930 Carbon Co, WY. Darwin md (1) Effie SUTTON, Divorced. He was a son of Charles L. ALSOP & Addie WARD.

1940 Carbon Co, WY. 1st St. Ward 2, Rawlings, WY. Image 6, page 37

ALSOP, Charles 33 m KS Meat Salesman, Retail Meat Marker (1906-1992)
Vera 34 f KS Wife, Sales Lady, Ladies Clothing Shop

He was a son of Charles L. ALSOP & Addie WARD. See 1910 Bourbon Co, KS-1920 Carbon Co, WY

1940 Carbon Co, WY. 8th St. Rawlings, WY. Image 13-14, page 59

NELSON, Marcus 41 m WY Owner, Saloon
Effie 41 f NE wife
Barbara Jean 19 f WY step/dau, Beautician, Beauty Salon

Barbara Jean was a daughter of Darwin ALSOP & (1) Effie SUTTON. Barbara married (1) Brady BENSON (2) Elmer LARSON- see 1930 Carbon Co, WY


1940 Laramie Co, WY. Ward 2, Cheyenne, WY. Image 18-19, page 192

ALSUP, Reba M. 55 f MO Divorced, Tavern Keeper & Private Boarding House
MOORE, C.harles Paul 35 m NE son/law, Manager, Men’s Clothing Sore
Lillian 34 f MO dau

Lived Ogden, UT 1935

She was Reba Mae MURPHY, wife of Ambrose Darrell ALSUP, see 1930 Barry Co, MO.-1930 Natrona Co. WY

1940 Natrona Co, WY. East 2nd St. Ward 1, Casper, WY. Image 1, page 48

ALSUP, Ambrose D.arrell 60 m TX Divorced, Lawyer, Private Practice

Living Alone

He was son of William Rees ALSUP & Nancy A. WHITWORTH, and husband of Reba M. MURPHY. See 1910-1920 Berry Co, MO-1930 Natrona Co. WY. (see find-a-grave)

1940 Natrona Co, WY. Badger St. Ward 3, Casper, WY. Image 2, page 284

ALSUP, Patrick M.urphy 32 m MO Cashier, Oil Refining Co.
Lillian Evelyn 36 f CO Wife, nee MOORE
Jack 1 mo m WY Son
Jill 1 mo f WY Dau

He was a son of Ambrose Darrell ALSUP & Reba Mae MURPHY. See 1920 Barry Co, MO-1930 Natrona Co, WY.


1940 Niobrara Co, WY. Manville, WY, Image 6, page 80

ALLSUP, J.ames W.alker 56 m IA Barber, Own Shop (1883-1967)
Jennie 50 f NE Wife, Jennie Merle BAUGHN (1889-1982)
Wilbur 20 m WY Son, single, Truck Driver, Highway Dept
Clyde 19 WY Son, single
Betty 16 f WY dau

He was a son of Ralph Walter ALLSUP & Lucy ANDREWS-see 1920-1930 Niobrara Co, WY

1940 Niobrara Co, WY. Parkville Addition, Manville, WY. Image 1, page 78

ALLSUP, Darrell Bradford 27 m NE Pumper, Oil Field (1913-2006) FAG)
1912-2000 Lucille 21 f WY Wife, md Lucille CARPENTER, 1937
Dixie 1 f WY dau
Danny 0 mo m WY son

He was a son of James Walker ALLSUP & Jennie Merle BAUGHN. She 1930 Niobrara Co, WY



1940 Park Co, WY. Canyon St. Cody, WY. Image 1, page 5

ALSUP, Bill (William) Rees 30 m MO Still Man, Oil Refinery (1909-2004)
Katheryn 27 f IA Wife, md Katherine CARPENTER, 1937
William M. 4 m MT son

He was a son of Ambrose Darrell ALSUP & Reba MURPHY. See 1920 Berry Co, MO-1930 Natrona Co, WY


1940 Washakie Co, WY. Twp 47, Ten Sheep Town, WY. Image 9, page 11

ALSIP, Howard 36 m IL Single, Carpenter, Sugar Refinery

Living Alone

See 1910-1920-1930 Champaign Co, IL. Howard (1903-1981), son fo John Franklin ALSIP & Carrie Etta HOLMES. He married Dorothy Virginia SINE, 1942.