1940 Allegheny Co, Pa. Excelsior St. Ward 18, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 5, page 5764

MILLER, Elmer 24 m PA New Worker
Gertrude 18 f PA wife
Carla 7 mo f PA dau
ALLSIP, Albert 52 f PA father/law, divorced, Laborer, Street Project WPA

See 1900-1910-1930 Allegheny Co, PA Albert, son of Albert & Clara ALSIP, (Albert 1888-1961)


1940 Allegheny Co, PA. West Deer Twp. Bairdford, PA. Image 19, page 9330

ALLSOPP, Charles W. 29 m PA Day man, coal mine
Elizabeth 28 f PA wife
Charles Jr. 6 m PA Son 1934-1988

See 1930 Allegheny Co, PA, son of Thomas F. & Bessie ALLSOPP

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Vorikle Ave. Dormont, PA. Image 24, page 1991

ALSOP, George A.rchibold 42 m PA Salesman, Real Estate
Susan B. 42 f PA wife
Doris E. 19 f PA dau
Mary E. 14 f PA dau

Lived Cincinnati, OH, 1935

See 1920-1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Son of John G. ALSOP & Elizabeth ARCHIBOLD

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Bell Ave. Ward 1, McKeesport, PA. Image 18, page 5183

DOBSON, Anna 52 f England Widowed (md Albert DOBSON)
ALLSOPP, Fred 38 m PA Brother, single, Coal man, Foundry

These are children of William G. & Annie ALLSOPP. See 1920 Allegheny Co, PA. This Fred can’t be her brother, see her brother listed below. Something wrong here.

1940 Allegheny Co, PA Chess St. Ward 1, Crafton, PA. Image 7, page 1980

ALLSOPP, Frederick 42 m CA Glass Bending, Private practice 1898-1967
Lena 40 f PA wife
Ruth 20 f PA dau
Patricia 14 f PA dau
Frederick Jr. 13 m PA son

See 1900-1920 Allegheny Co, PA. He was born in PA, son of William G. & Annie ALLSOPP)

1940 Allegheny Co, PA Beisner Ave. Brentwood, PA. Image 19, page 992

ALLSOP Francis 35 m PA Strategical Clerk, railroad 1898-1958
Armeda 35 f Pa wife

Lived Cuyahoga Co, OH 1935

see 1910 Allegheny Co, PA-1920 Jefferson Co, PA.. He was Francis ALLSIP, son of Francis & Sarah E. ALLSIP.

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Ward 7, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 3, page 1688

ALLSOPP, Harold L. 47 m IL Clerk, Steel Mill (1892-1971 FL)
Mabel L. 43 f IL Wife, CHAMBERLAIN (1894-1991 FL)

He was a son of Alfred ALLSOPP & Annie THOMAS see 1900 Livingston Co, IL-1920 Cuyahoga Co, OH-1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Bunbridge St. Ward 1, Port Vue, PA. Image 16, page 7268

SIMMS, Charles 48 m England Crane man, Steel Works
Olga 39 f PA wife
Martha 17 f PA dau
ALLSOPP, James W. 28 m PA Lodger, single, Crane man, Steel works

James said he lived in Lake Co, IN. 1935

He was a son of Richard John ALLSOPP & Lillie Mae NESBITT

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Chance St. Ward 14, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 24-25, page 4751

ALSUP, Frank 54 m KY Blacksmith, Car Wheel Works
2nd wife Bessie 39 f PA wife
Florence 13 f PA Dau, md Bill BARNES
Bessie 12 f PA dau
Dessie 12 f PA dau
1929-2001 Francis Jr. 10 m PA Son md Shirley HARGEST (1932-2007)
William 6 m PA son
Robert 1 m PA son

See 1920 Rock Island Co, IL-1930 Allegheny Co, PA, son of Clairborn Lewis ALSUP & Millicent T. DANIEL

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Elizabeth Twp. Bostic, PA. Image 7, page 2771

ALLSOPP, John R. 52 m England Printer, At home
Lilly Mae 46 f PA Wife, NESBIT
Betty 16 f PA dau
Blaine B. 6 m PA son

Son of William G. ALLSOPP & Ann PRATT-See 1920-1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Greenmount Ave. Dormnt, PA. Image 14, page 2030

ALLSUP, John P. 60 m KY Steam Engineer, Steel
Florence 59 f KY Wife, nee RAINS
MERKLE, Donald 39 m Not stated Enumerated at Del Bous Hotel

Why was Donald listed with this family?

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Webster St. Ward 5, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 19, page 1065

ALSUP, Lula 66 f TN (black) No occupation
MARTIN, James 51 m TN (black), son, single, Saw Filer, Saw Mfg.

See 1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Ward 32, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 11, page 9498






Equitable GWP






Wife, nee COLLINS












Father-in-law, No Occupation






He was counted twice in the 1940 Census. See 1940 Boyd Co, KY. He was a son of John P. ALLSUP & Florence P. RAINS, see 1920 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Cliff St. Ward 8, McKeesport, PA. Image 13, page 4877

ALLSOPP, Richard 23 m PA Laborer, Steel mill
Corrine 23 f PA wife
Richard 2 m PA son

See 1920-1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Son of John Richard ALLSOPP & Lillie Mae NESBIT

1940 Allegheny Co, PA Mount Lebanon Twp. Arden Rd. Image 25, page 5668

ALLSOP, Richard 42 m PA Contractor, Lumber
Opal 40 f Pa wife
Aleen Aline? 8 f PA dau

See 1920-1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Elizabeth Twp. Bostic, PA. Image 7, page 2772

ALLSOPP, Richard W. 23 m PA Laborer, Ster? Long? Can’t read
Corine 22 f PA wife
Richard 3 m PA son

See 1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Son of John Richard ALLSOPP & Lilly Mae NESBIT

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Beachview St. Ward 11, Pittsburgh, PA Image 5, page 6282

GANO, Thomas S. 83 m PA No occupation
Annie 82 f PA wife
ALSOP, Isabelle 40 f PA Single, niece, Pay Clerk, Utility Co.

Thomas GANO married Annie ARCHBOLD, daughter of George ARCHBOLD & Isabella ALLSOPP. Isabelle ALSOP, daughter of John G. ALLSOP & Elizabeth ARCHIBOLD. See 1910 Phil, PA.

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. Carson St. Ward 16, Pittsburgh, PA. Image 3, page 5033

MARCULAITIS, Adam 38 m PA Undertaker, Own Business
Adeline 39 f PA Wife, WENSLOVER
Lawrence 12 m PA son
Geraldine 9 f PA dau
Regina 4 f PA dau
ALSOP, Cles? Cleo? 19 f PA Single, maid, private family

The spelling is bad on this one, looks like Atsop, can’t make our her first name

1940 Allegheny Co, PA. West Deer Twp. Braidford, PA. Image 21, page 9381

ALLSOPP, Thomas F. 71 m England Widowed, Ass’t. Foreman, Coal Mine
1906-1980 Isabelle 34 f PA Dau, single, public school teacher
CROWE, Patricia 10 f PA granddaughter

Wife was Bessie (1869-1930)-Thomas died 1960-See 1900-1910-1920-1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Allegheny Co, PA Florence St. Mount Lebanon, PA Image 19-20, page 5729

ALLSOPP, William 35 m England (Wales) Draftsman, mill works
Mary Elizabeth 32 f AL wife
Stephen 4 m PA son
Martha 2 f PA dau
Born Wales Gwin 71 f England Mother, widowed, GAINES
ALLSOPP, Gladys Mary 36 f England Sister, single (1903-1995)
MURPHY, Sidney 33 m AL bro/law, draftsman, mill works
Born Wales Martha P. 32 f AL sister
Martha G. 9 mo f PA niece

Gwin said she lived Birmingham, AL. 1935

Gwin was widow of Stephen ALLSOPP-see 1930 Jefferson Co, AL

1940 Bucks Co, PA. Warminster Twp. York Rd. Image 4, page 1385

ALSOP, Oscar 80 m PA Single, inmate

Living in Christ’s Home for Children

see 1900 Phil Co-1910-1920 Bucks Co, PA. Son of Basil ALSOP & Harriet COWAN. He had a brother Urban ALSOP

1940 Cambria Co, PA. Rt. 398-1026, Croyle, PA. Image 47, page 509






Car Inspector, Penn Railroad 1885-1959







Wife, LESTER, md 1911 ENG.

Immagrated 1911- See 1930 Cambria Co, PA, had son Lester David & dau Edith Mary 1912-1934) see find-a-grave

1940 Cambria Co, PA. Rt. 398-1026, Croyle, PA. Image 47, page 509







Planner, Steel Mill 1917-1998









9 mo



Son 1940-2009

See 1930 Cambria Co, PA-see find-a-grave

1940 Clearfield Co, PA. Ramsey, PA. Image10, page 1127

CROYLE, Laura E. 67 f PA No occupation, nee BEYER
ALSOP, J.? M. Virginia 42 f PA Dau, Virginia Margaretta CROYLE
James H. 17 m PA Grandson, md Dorothy ROBINSON, 1942
Margaretta 14 f PA Grand/dau, md Roy VAN SCOYOC, 1946
Arthur Alfred 1 m PA Grandson, md Louise THOMPSON

See 1920-1930 Clearfield Co, PA. James Henry ALSOP married Virginia M. CROYLE, 1920.

1940 Clearfield Co, PA. Woodward Twp. Image 34, page 1250

SINCALIR, Robert 62 m Scotland No occupation
Catherine D. 56 f PA wife
ALLSOPP, Charles 29 m PA son/law, teacher, public school
Mildred 28 f PA Dau, SINCLAIR
Judith Ann 1 f PA granddaughter
SINCLAIR, Rena 20 f PA Dau, single, Dental Ass’t.

See 1930 Allegheny Co, PA

1940 Cumberland Co, PA. Wornleysburg Borough, PA. Image 17, page 1022

ALLSOPP, Robert 51 m England Salesman, Scale Co.
Irene S. 43 f Canada wife
LYON, Murray C. 17 m Canada stepson
Clarence S. 13 m Canada stepson

Lived Geneva, Ontario Co, NY 1935


1940 Dauphin Co, PA. Linden St. Ward 8, Harrisburg, PA. Image 20-21, page 770

ALSOP, Moses 52 m VA (black) car unloader, steel mill
Georgiana 53 f PA (black), wife
Edward L. 4 m PA (black) son, can this be true?

See 1900 Caroline Co, VA-1920 Dauphin Co, PA, son of Moses ALSOP, Sr. & Eunice.

1940 Dauphin Co, PA. Frederick St. Ward 5, Steelton, PA. Image 9, page 2098







(black) Laborer, Steel works





(black) wife BEATTY





(black) dau md Mr. WINFIELD





(black) son





(black) son





(black) dau





(black) dau





(black) dau

Not named

0 mo



(black) dau

See 1930 Dauphin Co, PA

1940 Delaware Co, PA. Kent Rd. Upper Darby, PA. Image 9, page 3834

ALSOP, Robert 40 m PA Civil Engineer, Telephone Co.
Kathryn 36 f PA Wife, nee FLYNN, md 1925
Robert Jr. 6 m PA son

See 1930 Philadelphia, PA, son of Robert Lee ALSOP & Susan THOMPSON.

1940 Delaware Co, PA. Upper Darby, Blythe Ave. Rural Kingpina, PA. Image 7, page 3380

FAKE, Frank 48 m CA Naval Officer, U.S. Navy
Mildred 37 f CA wife
Joanne 10 f DC dau
ALSOP, Louise 21 f VA (black) maid, housework private family

Lived King & Queen Co, VA. 1935

see 1930 King & Queen Co, VA. Step-daughter of Willie BRAXTON

1940 Elk Co, PA. Euclid Ave. Ward 5, Ridgeway, PA. Image 2, page 321

ALSOP, Jane 60 f NJ Widowed, retired
Elizabeth 35 f NY dau

See 1930 Elk Co, PA. Jane RANSOM, widow of William Kite ALSOP

1940 Fayette Co, PA. Mountz St. Ward 2, Correllsville, PA. Image 49, page 282

ALSOP, Arthur 53 m VA (black) elevator operator, office building
James A. 26 m PA (black) son, laborer WPA project
Ida Mae 25 f PA (black) dau/law


1940 Franklin Co, PA, Ward 2, Chambersburg, PA. Image 17-18, page 114

ZIMMERMAN, William 45 m PA Blacksmith, P.R.R. blacksmith
Charlotte 50 f PA Wife, ALSOP
Daniel 19 m PA Son,
Lucinda 17 f PA dau
Newton 15 m PA son
ALSOP, Daniel George 68 m Wales bro/law, single, blacksmith, foundry

See 1910-1920 Clearfield Co, PA. Children of Daniel ALSOP & Jane WEST

1940 Indiana Co, PA. Ward 1, Clymer Borough, PA. Image 16

ALLSOPP, Edward 65 m PA Widowed, no occupation, 1875-1948
Clifford 27 m PA Son, single, Rock dumfer, coal mine
Effie 26 f PA Dau, single
PARKS, Gerald 29 m PA son/law, rock loader, coal mine
Mary 29 f PA dau
Ethel 9 f PA grand/dau
Norma Jean 8 f PA grand/dau
Betty J. 6 f PA grand/dau

See 1920-1930 Indiana Co, PA. Edward’s wife was Mrs. Effie HETRICK, died 1934-see 1880 Clearfield Co, Pa-1900 Jefferson Co, PA. See Edward on find-a-grave

1940 Indiana Co, PA. Central Twp. Coral, PA. Image 39-40, page 309

ALSOP, Kenneth Daniel 26 m PA single
David Jr. 15 m PA brother
Myrtle 58 f PA Mother, widowed MACK

Myrtle Jane MACK, widow of David ALSOP, see 1920-1930 Indiana Co, PA

1940 Jefferson Co, PA. Woodland Ave. Ward 3, Punxsutawney, PA. Image 32, page 405

ALLSIP, Albert 65 m PA Laborer, Borough Government
Frances N. 61 f PA wife
Ruth 33 f PA Dau, Saleswoman, Retail Grocery Store

See 1920-1930 Jefferson Co, PA. He was son of John G. & Margaret ALLSIP

1940 Jefferson Co, PA. S. Elk St. Ward 3, Punxsutawney, PA. Image 3, page 391

ALLSIP, John W.illiam 42 m PA Driving Teacher, Automobile Driving School
Margaret G 42 f PA Wife, SUTTER (1897-1970)
John W. Jr. 16 m PA son
Mary Margaret 10 f PA dau

He was a son of Albert ALLSIP & Frances Mae HILL, see 1930 Jefferson Co, PA

1940 Lackawanna Co, PA. Blakely Twp. Keystone Ave. Ward 3, Peckville, PA. Image 2, page 226

ALLSOP, William 69 m PA Single, no occupation
Anna J. 64 f PA Sister, divorced, no occupation

Anna married Mr. SCHARD. Divorced, They were children of Thomas ALLSOP & Margaret. Margaret married Joseph L DAVIS, as her 2nd husband. See 1880-1900-1910-1920-1930 Lackawanna Co, PA

1940 Lawrence Co, PA. Summit St. Ward 6, New Castle, PA. Image 7, page 798

ALLSOPP, George 54 m Canada Widowed, Janitor, School
Maurice 18 m PA Son, single, new worker


1940 Lawrence Co, PA. Fairmount Ave. Ward 2, New Castle, PA. Image 19, page 380

ALLSOP, William John 37 m PA Roller, tin mill
Jane Ann 35 f PA Wife, McMICHAEL
Norma Jane 14 f PA dau
1927-2001 Thomas Carl 12 m PA Son
Robert 7 m PA son

See 1920-1930 Lawrence Co, PA, son of William H. ALLSOP & Catherine MORGAN

1940 Lawrence Co, PA. Shenango Twp. Unincorporated Gardner, PA. Image 30, page 1090

ALLSOPP, William 52 m England Laborer, Tin Mill (mig 1900)
Florence 46 f PA Wife, SCHMIDT
William S. 26 m PA Son, single,
Florence 18 f PA dau
Frances Sara 16 f PA dau
John A. 13 m PA son
Cynthia Jean 5 f PA dau

See 1910-1920-1930 Lawrence Co, PA

1940 Lehigh Co, PA. Ward 7, Allentown, PA. Image 23, page 350

DERR, Bertha A. 62 f PA Widowed, no occupation
WARMAN, Irene A. 35 f PA Dau, Hair dresser, own business
ALLSOP, David 22 m PA Grandson, single, truck driver cleaner store
Dorothy 19 f PA Granddaughter, single, clerk, 5 & 10 store

David & Dorothy children of David J. ALLSOP & Ethelinda ABBOTT-see 1920-1930 Lehigh Co, PA

1940 Lehigh Co, PA. 2nd St. Whitehall Twp. Cementon, PA. Image 10, page 2213

ALLSOP, George Horace 43 m PA Welder, Machine works 1985-1972
Annie I. 43 f PA Wife, MILLER (1896-1988)
MILLER, Mary 72 f PA Widowed, mother/law

See 1900 Northumberland Co, PA-1920-1930 Lehigh Co, PA. George was son of William ALLSOP & Annie PARRISH.

1940 Montgomery Co, PA Columbia Ave. West Ward, Lansdale, PA. Image 16, Page 1284

ALSUP, Katherine 22 f PA Single, roomer, Teacher, Grade School

Living in household of Mary C. ALLEBACK, 66 f Pa Widowed


1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Mirror St. Ward 15, Philadelphia, PA. Image 28, page 2840

BETTINGER, Harry C. 78 m PA No occupation
2nd husband Sarah E. 64 f PA Wife, WATTS ALSOP
ALSOP, Helen E. 40 f PA step/dau, Packer, Candy factory

See 1920-1930 Philadelphia Co, PA

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Penn St. Ward 26, Philadelphia, PA. Image 24, page 6919

ALSOP, Caroline 40 f WV Widowed, Telephone Operator
ESTILL, Lillian 35 f VA Lodger, single, Teacher, public school


1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. N. Robinson St. Ward 34, Philadelphia, PA. Image 11, page 14881

MONACH, Frederick Sr. 26 m PA Printer, Printing Co. 1913-1985
1916-1959 Delores Marie 24 f PA Wife ALSOP 1916-1959
Jacqueline 4 f PA dau
Frederick 2 m PA son
ALSOP, Eleanor 17 f PA Lodger, single, no occupation 1923-1985

Delores & Eleanor were daughters od Joseph Aloyius ALSOP & Mary HOLLOHAN-See 1930 Delaware Co, PA-see Ancertry.com

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. W. Butler St. Ward 43, Philadelphia, PA. Image 10, page 21752

ALSOP, Dorothy 33 f PA Widowed, ULLRICH
Dorothy Ann 5 f PA dau

Hudson ALSOP married Dorothy M. ULLRICH, 1930, Phil. PA-see 1920 Philadelphia, Co, PA

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Christian St. Ward 30, Philadelphia, PA. Image 9, page 11314

ALSOP, Elizabeth 76 f PA Lodger, single, retired teacher

Living in household of Elizabeth SULLIVAN, 39 f PA, widowed

see 1920 Phil. PA

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Wharton St. Ward 36, Philadelphia, PA. Image 1, page 16152

ALSOP, George W. 33 m PA (black) Laborer, Construction
Naomi 28 f FL (black) wife, housework, BRYANT, 1933
Vinella 2 f PA (black) dau
Dowling 4 m PA (black) son
George Jr. 5 m PA (black) son


1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. N. 24th St. Ward 32, Philadelphia, PA. Image 23, page 12298

JONES, Oneania 60 f PA (black), no occupation
ALSOP, Rachel 80 f PA (black) lodger, single, no occupation


1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Summer St. Ward 44, Philadelphia, PA, Image 3, page 22504

ALSOP, John 50 m VA (black) laborer, Construction Co.
Martha 48 f VA (black) wife, domestic, private family
David 11 m VA (black) son

Lived Caroline Co, VA, 1935

see 1920 Caroline Co, VA. Son of Tom and Mary ALSOP

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA, Ward 22, Philadelphia, PA. Image 11, page 592

ALSOP, Mary 50 f WI Widowed, she was 60
Patricia 25 f MT Dau, single, teacher

See 1910-1920-1930 Silver Bow Co, MT. Charles Edward ALSOP, married 28 Dec 1908, Mary LENDENTHAL, daughter of Dominic LINDENTHAL & Miss HARRINGTON.

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. White St. Ward 41, Philadelphia, PA. Image 15, page 20321

ALSUP, Michael J. 78 m PA No occupation
May 74 f PA wife
James 49 m PA Son, single, Saw filer, Saw Mfg.

I doubt this is an ALSUP family. Looks like ALBERT to me.


1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Hope St. Ward 42, Philadelphia, PA. Image 18, page 21988

ALLSOPP, Ralph S. 31 m PA Auditor, Pearl Assurance Co.
Emma C. 31 f PA wife
Phylis M. 12 f PA dau
ALLSOPP, Frederick G.olden 64 m Austria Father, widowed

Frederick married Ida HARING, 1905, Philadelphia-see 1920-1930 Phil, PA-Ralph S. married Virginia F. DAIX, 1946

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Lebanon Ave. Ward 34, Philadelphia, PA. Image 5, page 13620

ALLSOPP, Roy R.andon 34 m PA Field Agent, Insurance Company
Mary E. 32 f TN Wife, md Mary E. HAMM, 1927
Roy R. Jr. 10 m PA son

He was a son of Frederick Golden ALLSOPP & Ida M. HARING. See 1920-1930 Philadelphia, PA

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Bleigh St. Ward 35, Philadelphia, PA. Image 1, page 15218

DOUGHERTY, James 28 m PA Sales clerk, Transportation Dept.
Florence 29 f PA Wife ALSOP
BUETTLER, John 52 m PA Wife’s father/law, loom framer, textile mill
Florence 52 f PA Mother/law, Inspector, hosery mill
ALSOP, Susan 72 f NY Grandmother, sales clerk, retail women’s ware

See 1920-1930 Phil. Co. PA- Susan was widow of Robert E. Lee ALSOP

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Master St. Ward 44, Philadelphia, PA. Image 17, page 22268

ALLSOP, William Bertie, Jr. 27 m PA Single, Operator, Textfile?
Robert 20 m PA Single, brother, Operator, Textfile?
George 19 m PA brother
Annie Irene 7 f PA sister
Mabel Irene 46 f PA Mother, widowed MYERS
George 24 m PA Single, nephew, Instrument maker, Electrical

See 1920-1930 Philadelphia, PA. Mable was widow of William Bertie ALLSOP, Sr.

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Penn St. Ward 23, Philadelphia, PA. Image 12, page 7367

ALSOP, William Kite, Jr 33 m CT Lawyer, Law firm
Sarah J. 32 f PA Wife, md Sarah J. DAVIS, 1934
Susan 5 f PA dau
Mary 2 f PA dau

See 1910-1920-1930 Elk Co, PA. Son of William Kite ALSOP & Jane N. RANSOM.

1940 Philadelphia Co, PA. Market St. Ward 17, Philadelphia, PA. Image 2, page 9772

ALSUP, William 59 m MD (black) Janitor, Apartments
Rosie 52 f VA (black) wife


1940 Schuylkill Co, PA. Walnut St. Ward 4, Ashland, PA. Image 4, page 64

BEYBRECHT, Carl 24 m PA New Worker
Margaret 18 f PA Wife, ALLSOP
Carla 7 mo f PA dau
ALLSUP, Steven Wasil 50 m PA father/law. Laborer, PRC & I. Co.
Maude Edna 54 f PA mother/law FELLOWS

Steven ALLSOP, son of William & Annie ALLSOP from Wales. See 1930 Schuylkill Co, PA

1940 Washington Co, PA. Washington St. Charleroi, PA. Image 37, page 773

ALLSOPP, Joseph 62 m England Foreman, Glass Co. 1875-1957
Elizabeth 62 f England Wife, RANDON 1875-1945
Randon 26 m PA Son, single
SULLIVAN, Kathryn 20 f PA Lodger, single, Typist, Glass Factory

See 1900-1910-1920-1930 Washington Co, PA. Their daughter Frances married David. H. SULLIVAN

1940 Washington Co, PA. Grant St. Charleroi, PA. Image 31, page 879

ALLSOPP, Thomas 46 m England Widowed. Miner, Coal Mining
Richard 22 m PA Son, single
John 19 m PA Son, single
Betty 14 f PA dau

See 1920-1930 Washington Co, PA. Wife was Estelle

1940 Westmoreland Co, PA, Main St. Madison Borough, PA. Image 5, page 1904

LAWSON, A.lexander D. 55 m England Motorman, coal mine
Elizabeth Jane 54 f PA Wife, ALSOP
Merion Jane 26 f PA Dau, teacher, public school
James D. 21 m PA Son, teacher public school
Bruce A. 17 m PA son
Elizabeth A. 12 f PA dau
ALSOP, William 66 m England brother/law, single, no occupation

See 1930 Westmoreland Co, PA-1900 Fayette Co, PA. Children of Daniel ALSOP & Jean WEST

1940 Westmoreland Co, PA Orchard Ave. Ward 4, New Kingston, PA. Image 31, page 2652

ALLSOPP, J.ohn Charles 64 m PA Barber, Barber Shop
Mary 60 f PA Wife, md Mary LANEY, 6 Feb 1913

See 1930 Westmoreland Co, PA



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