1940 Klamath Co, OR. Ward 4, Kalmath Falls, OR. Image 21, page 335

ALSOP, Bennie H. 51 m AR Divorced, Carpenter, Housing Construction

See 1920 Yamhill Co, OR-1930 Polk Co, OR-son of Charles Henry ALSOP & Pheby LAMBERT, born 1888 Benton Co, AR. Died 1977, Orangeville, CA. Wife was Florence OPPEN. 5 ch’n.

1940 Klamath Co, OR. East Merrill Prect. Image 15, page 121






Farm Laborer, Farm






Partner, Farm Laborer, Farm







Sister-in-law (1932-1970)

See 1930 Canyon Co, ID-This makes no sense, as Greta Helen was a daughter of Moses Locke ALSUP & Ludy Bird UPSHAW. Greta Helen married John W. WALKER, 1949.

1940 Lane Co, OR. Mosby Creek Rd. Brunbaugh, OR. Image 3, page 70







Widowed, no occupation














Wife of Carleton Lewis ALSOP- see 1930 Los Angeles, CA

1940 Marion Co, OR. Gervais Twp. Image 2, page 111

ALLSUP, William 69 m KS Bus Driver, Public School Bus
died 30 Nov 1954 Minnie 69 f OR Wife, nee BONHAM

See 1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR-son of Tillman ALLSUP & Mary LEMONS

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. NE 69 St. Portland, OT. Image 6-7, page 2771

ALLSUP, Claude Rayston 54 m NE Night Watchman, Daily Newspaper
died 20 Jan 1959 Kathryn 51 f NE Wife, GIRTLE
June 27 f OR Dau, md Clayton F. OLSEN

See 1900 Douglas Co, NE-1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR. son of James ALLSUP Jr. & Eva Mae SHAFER

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. SW Salmon St. Portland, OR. Image 12, page 520

COSTELLO, Russel 19 m WA Single, no occupation listed
ALSOP, Douglas 20 m WA Single, Cousin, Dish Washer, Restaurant

See 1920 King Co, WA-1930- Deschutes Co, OR son of Egbert ALSOP & (2) June MILLS. Douglas married (1) Blanch Mae McMAHON (2) Beatrice BENEVIDEZ, 1956.


1940 Multnomah Co, OR. NE 38th St. Portland, OR. Image 10, page 3259

ALSOP, Fred E.lmer 46 m CA Salesman, Chemical 1893-1973
Lucia G. 37 f OR Wife CALLISON
UPSON, Eva 50 f WA Single, servant, Private Home

Son of Arthur ALSOP & Jennie Lelia SMITH-see 1910 Whatcom Co, WA-1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR. His first wife was Hazel JOHNSON.

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. SW 11th St. Pollard, OR. Prect 38, Image 18, page 543

HILSOP, Maud E. 65 f Canada Widowed, Housework

Living alone

This may not be an ALSOP

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. NW Sevier St. Portland, OR. Image 2, page 34

ALSUP, Mary A. 56 f England Widowed, DAWSON
Edward 19 m OR Son, Laborer, Road Construction
Edna M. 17 f OR Dau, md Eugene N. GREENLEE, 1947

Widow of Eric Elmer ALSOP, see 1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. Prect 12, NW 23rd Ave. Portland, OR. Image 7, page 152

ALSOP, Robert V.ernon 42 m CA Laborer, Road Project 1897-1951
Effie J. 36 f OR Wife, nee VAN MOSS
Bettue Jean 15 f OR Dau, md Elton LARSON, 1946
STONE, Albert L. 66 m OR Lodger, single

See 1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR-son of Arthur ALSOP Jennie Lelia SMITH.

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. Hensley Rd. Houtsdale Prect. Image 7, page 364

ALLSOP, Randolph Edwin 53 m England Herdsman, Retail Dairy
died 27 Oct 1959 Margaret M. 57 f England Wife, nee MARSHALL
Margaret Mary 15 f WA dau

See 1930 Multnomah Co, OR-Randolph E. died 6 Dec 1970

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. Prect 28, 2nd Ave SW, Portland, OR. Image 2, page 427

ALSOP, Russell L. 35 m KS Single, Sawyer, Lumber Mill
PORTWOOD, Lavoice 26 m TX Single, partner, Ranch worker, Cattle Ranch

See 1910-1020-1930 Linn Co, KS. John J. Russell, son of John E. ALSOP & Rhoda J.WITHERS.

1940 Multnomah Co. OR. NW Irving St. Portland, OR Image 16, page 262

ALSOP, William Jacob 61 m WY Practitioner, Church
Helen 62 f KS Wife, Practitioner, Church

Son of Thomas ALSOP & Marie Frances BRINGOLF- see 1920-1930 Multnomah Co, OR

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. SE Knight St. Portland, OR. Image 8,page 1679

ALSIP, Willie 42 m KY Truck Driver, Storage Co.
Mary E. 43 f OR Wife, Distributor, Laundry Co.

See 1930 Multnomah Co, OR

1940 Multnomah Co, OR. Columbia Blvd. NE, Portland, OR. Image 2, page 3942

BONYEAR, Isaac 49 m MO Service Worker, Wholesale Lumber
Vera L.eona 42 f OR Wife, nee BROWN
Warren F 12 m CA son
ALSIP, Oscar H.al 19 m OR step/son, Apprentice, Retail Auto Sales Co.

Oscar Hal ALSIP, son of Aaron Halbert ALSIP (1895-1920) & Vera Leona BROWN-Vera married (2) Lewis W. ANDERSON, 21 Oct 1923.

1940 Polk Co, OR. Monmouth Prect. Palmer Rd. Image 2, page 290

ALSIP Frank D.onald 35 m OR Farmer, Own Farm
Lois A. 35 f OR Wife, Primary Teacher, Public School
YOCUM Marcia E. 15 f OR step-daughter

Son of Thomas Jefferson ALSIP & Mary Susan DAVIS. He married (1) Lillie Belle PRITCHETT

1940 Polk Co, OR. Monmouth Prect. W. Church St. Image 1, page 193

ALSIP, Henry A.lexander 35 m OR Farmer, Own Farm 1903-1987
md 1933 Ruth I.rene 31 f OR Wife, nee MEEKER 1908-1994
Rosie May 4 f OR dau
Willard T. 2 m OR son

See 1920-1930 Polk Co, OR. Son of Thomas Jefferson ALSIP & Mary Susan DAVIS

1940 Polk Co, OR. Monmouth Prect. Mistletoe Rd. Image 1, page 193

ALSIP, Russell T.heodore 39 m SD Farmer, Own Farm 1900-1961
2nd wife M.yrtle Velma 35 f AR Wife (1905-1980)

See 1930 Lane Co, OR. Wife was Gladys Marie CANTERBURY-He was a son of Thomas Jefferson ALSIP & Mary Susan DAVIS.

1940 Polk Co, OR. Oak St. Dalles, OR. Image 5-6, page 45

SMITH, Lawrence J. 37 m OR Assistant Cashier, Bank
Florence M. 36 f OK wife
Lawrence J. 6 m OR son
Richard V. 2 m OR son
ALSOP, Veldine 16 f OR Servant, private house

She was daughter of Harry ALSOP & Vera Irene GUSTAFSON, see 1930 Yamhill Co, OR-She married Ronald Wilford PENNINGER, 1941.

1940 Polk Co, OR. NW Monmouth St. Image 2, page 199

ALSIP, Vernon B. 43 m SD Farmer, Own farm
Elma E.dna 39 f OR Wife, nee HAYES
LaVerne M. 19 f OR dau
M. Katherine 15 f OR dau

Lived Dona Ana, NM, 1935

see 1930 Polk Co, OR. Son of Thomas Jefferson ALSIP & Mary Susan DAVIS

1940 Union Co, OR. Hot Lake Prect. Image 5, page 61

ALLSOPE, Allen Riley 62 m TX Single, Wood cutter

Living alone

see 1880 Comanche Co, TX-1920 Carbon Co, WY. Married Bernice LEWIS

1940 Wasco Co, OR. The Delles Prect. Image 20, page 195

ALLSUP, John R. 45 m WY Shop Foreman, Retail Implement Store
2nd wife Emma 38 f OR wife
John G. 15 m OR son
James E. 9 m OR nephew

See 1900 Linn Co, OR-1920-1930 Wasco Co, OR-son of John ALLSUP & Mary FELL. John married Mabel I. DAHL, 10 Jul 1918.

1940 Wasco Co, OR. Warmic Prect. Image 2, page 175

ALSUP, William M.cKinley 42 m OR Laborer, Farm died 26 Nov 1958
Dorothy 41 f MO Wife, nee TILLER
William 19 m WA Son, laborer on farm
Dorothy LaVerne 17 f OR dau
1925-2007 Keith Tiller 14 m OR Son, see find-a-grave
Jack 13 m OR Son, md Suzan ROSS, 1950
Ardene 11 f OR Dau, md Bob WAGNER, 1950

Lived Grass Valley, Sherman Co, OR, 1935

see 1920 Whitney Co, WA-1930 Sherman Co, OR-son of Abraham Lincoln ALSUP & Martha E. DUGGER.

1940 Yamhill Co, OR. Prect. 12, Hopewell, OR. Image 14, page 150

ALSOP, Harry W. 42 m OK Laborer, Railroad Section
Vera I.rene 42 f UT Wife, nee GUSTAFSON
Eileen M.. 10 f OR Dau, md Clarence BLOOM, 1949
THOMPSON, Elton P. 21 m ID Visitor, Automobile Mechanic
Sybil R. 22 f CA Wife of Visitor

See 1920-1930 Yamhill Co, OR-son of Charles Henry ALSOP & Phebe J. LAMBERT


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