1940 Bernalillo Co, NM. Prect 9. Armijo, NM. Image 47, page 188

ALSUP, George Bertram 26 m OK Clerk, Store
Louise Lyvonne 21 f CO Wife. GARRISON
Bobbie Mae 2 f CO Dau
Donald Bertram 1 m NM Son

See 1920 Gray Co, TX-1930 Buchanan Co, MO. He was a son of Thomas Broda ALSUP & Alice Ophelia MILLARD

1940 Bernalillo Co, NM. E. Cooper St. Albuquerque, NM. Image 6, page 253

ALSUP, Robert E.ulis 51 m TX Proprietor, Grocery Store
Erna 50 f TX Wife, nee SCHUHMANN
Ernestine 19 f TX Dau, md Joseph G. SCHOTSCH
Robert E.rnest 17 m TX Son, md Margaret Mary SLATTERY
Elsie Beth 14 f TX Dau, md Holly C. FRYER
Rex Theo 10 m NM Son, md Geraldine MOFFA
BROWN, Bill 19 m NM Lodger, single, Newspaper Delivery/Clerk NP office

See 1930 Lea Co, NM. He was a son of William Jefferson ALSUP & Elsie RASBERRY.

1940 Chaves Co, NM. Prect 13, Dunkin, NM. Image 3, page 349

ALSUP, Jerry 65 m IA Single, Hired Hand

Living in household of Paul (40) & Mattie Bell (30) STEVENSON + 2 ch’n.

He said he lived Eddy Co, NM 1935


1940 Curry Co, NM, Gidding St. Clovis, NM. Image 11, page 69

ALSUP, John E.dward 68 m KY Auto Licenses Dist. State of NM (1872-1959)
Myrtle O.mega 57 f IA Wife, Myrtle O. CLARK (1882-1967)

See 1920 Howell Co, MO. He was a son of Reuben ALSUP & Mrs. Sarah FINNEY WINNS

1940 Curry Co, NM. E. 14th St. Ward 1, Clovis, NM. Image 34, page 17

ALSUP, Charles C.lark 35 m MO Radio Station Manager, Radio Broadcaster (1905-1987)
Florence 32 f NM Wife, nee CONNOR
Mary Ann 1 f NM Dau

Son of John E. ALSUP & Myrtle O. CLARK. See 1930 Howell Co, MO.


1940 Lea Co, NM. Knowles Prect 9. Image 1, page 63

ALLSIP, I.rvin M.athias 56 m AR WPA Worker (1884-1966) OR
Ollie Elizabeth 52 f AR Wife, nee ABLES, (1888-1977) CA
1916-1980 Vernon 23 m TX Son, single
Margaret 13 f NM dau
1929-1967 Howard 11 m NM son

See 1920 Eddy Co, NM-1930 Lincoln Co, NM. He was a son of Samuel F. ALLSIP & Cassandra SPIRES

1940 Lea Co, NM. Prect 10, Hobbs, NM. Image 20, page 95

GIBBS, J. D. 45 m TX Widowed, Insurance Collector
ALSUP, Pete 45 m OK Single, Roomer, Roughneck, Oil Field

Pete said he lived Garvin Co, OK, 1935


1940 Luna Co, NM. West Cedar St. Deming, NM. Image 7, page 3

ALLSUP, Ramond Foster 22 m OK Plumber Helper, Plumbing Repairs (1917-1980)
Katherine 17 f OK Wife, CRAIN, div Aug 1966
L. D. 2 f NM Dau
F. R. 1 m NM Son

He was a son of Foster M. ALLSUP & Almida McAFFEE. See 1930 Ford Co, KS. Md (2) June BOYER REICH, 1967.divorced 1970- md (3) Dorothy Lee WELLS, 1973. divorced Jan 1980)

1940 Roosevelt Co, NM. Lake Ave. Ward 3, Portales, NM. Image 7, page 4

ROGERS, Maude 60 f AR Widowed, no Occupation
ALSUP, M. Evelyn 25 f NM Dau, divorced ROGERS
James Thomas 3 m CO Grandson

Lived Alamosa Co, CO 1935

See Maude ROGERS-1920 DeBaca Co, NM-1930 Roosevelt Co, NM. Evelyn was first wife of Travis Burl ALSUP. He & Evelyn has another son, Jerry L. ALSUP. Travis Burl md (2) Elizabeth SCHAAK.

1940 Sierra Co, NM. Prect 6, First St. Hot Springs, NM. Image 36, page 36

ALLSUP, Joe (Joseph) W.illis 36 m NM Boiler Fireman, About Hospital (1904-1977)
Sylvia R. 33 f MO Wife, nee LEWIS (1907-1994)
Edna Mae 12 f NM Dau
Jerry 6 m NM Son

See 1930 Torrance Co, NM. He was a son of Joseph Daniel ALLSUP & Amanda VAN WINKLE


1940 Sierra Co, NM. Prect. 9, Hot Springs, NM. Image 8, page 63

ALLSUP, W.illiam M.cKinley 42 m NM Water Pumper, City Water Works (1897-1965)
Anna 38 f TX Wife, nee WHITLEY (1902-1988)
J. D. 14 m NM Son
Richard 10 m NM Son
Evelyn 8 f NM Dau

See 1930 Sierra Co, NM. He was a son of Joseph Daniel ALLSUP & Amanda VAN WINKLE

1940 Valencia Co, NM. Grants, NM. Prect. 23, Grants, NM. Image 16, page 247

ALSUP, Charles L.afayette 49 m MS Logger, Logging, born KY (1889-1964)
Pearl 47 f MO Wife, nee WHARTON (1891-1947)
PERRY, Sadie 25 f NE Lodger, married
Ralph 6 m CO Lodger’s son
Ethel Marie 1 mo f NM Lodger’s daughter
NIEBUHR, Virginia 20 f MO Dau, married
Virginia Lee 3 f NM granddaughter
Hazel Natalie 10 mo f NM granddaughter

See 1910 Bosque Co, TX-1930 Muskogee Co, OK. He was a son of Samuel Charles Marsall ALSUP & 2nd wife Mary Ethemy BUCHANAN.