1940 Bergen Co, NJ. Union St. Ridgewood, NJ. Image 16, page 4312

ALSOP, Dennis 47 m England Steveadore, Shipping
Jessie 36 f MT Wife
Jack 15 m NJ Son

Dennis Alsop was Francis Cecil Denys Alsop the son of Rev. Arthur Richard and Dora Josephine Alsop. He was born 9 Oct 1891 in Bednall, Staffordshire, England and died 18 Sep 1951 in Mahwah, Bergen Co., NJ. He, wife and son, John, are in the 1930 Bergen Co., NJ census.

1940 Bergen Co, NJ. West Palisades Blvd. Palisades Park, NJ. Image 3, page 3772

ALLSOP, J.ohn Spencer 30 m PA Foreman, Air Craft Research
Mabel 32 f PA Wife

See 1920 Philadelphia, PA-1930 Mercer Co, NJ. Son of John Spencer & Gertrude E. ALLSOP

1940 Burlington Co, NJ. High St. Ward 2, Mount Holly, NJ. Image 9, page 852

ALLSIP, Mary G. 32 f PA Single, Teacher, Public School

Living Alone

See 1910 Allegheny Co, PA-1930 Jefferson Co, PA

1940 Cape May Co, NJ. Columbus St. Wildwood Crest, NJ. Image 5, page 401

ALLSOP, Annie 78 f England Widowed. No Occupation
George 53 m England Son, widowed, Machinist, Marine Engineer

See 1910 Philadelphia, PA-1930 Cape May, NJ

1940 Cumberland Co, NJ. Maurice River Twp. Bricksboro, NJ. Image 31, page 681

ALSOP, John 67 m PA No Occupation
Katherine 57 f NJ Wife


1940 Essex Co, NJ. Chestnut St. Ward 2, East Orange, NJ. Image 16, page 1424

ALLSOPP, Albert E. 68 m England Mfg. Jewelry
Helen 51 f NY Wife

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Jefferson Ave. Mapelwood Twp. Image 4, page 3139

AXTELL, Clara 68 f NJ Widowed. No Occupation
F. Donavon 44 m NJ Son,
Dorothy 32 f NJ Dau/law
ALLSOPP, Alice R. 54 f NJ Niece, Married

See 1920 Essex Co, NJ. I believe this is the same Alice R, as the one listed below

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Roseville St. Ward 11, Newark, NJ. Image 7, page 3483

ALLSOPP, Clifford W.alter 44 m NJ President, Mfg. Jewelery (1896-1983)
Amanda M. 42 f NJ Wife nee WERRLEIN (1899-1979)
Ellen E.izabeth 19 f NJ Dau, md Dr. Stephen EATON
1922-2010 George A.rthur 17 m NJ Son, md Mary

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ. He was a son of George Arthur ALLSOPP & Ellen C. KEYWORTH.

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Fifth St. Ward 11, Newark, NJ. Image 14, page 3661

ALLSOPP, Edward E.dwin 53 m NJ Salesman, Jewelry
Alice R. 43 f NJ Wife, nee RINDELL

See 1920 Essex Co, NJ. Son of George ALLSOPP

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Linden Place, Ward 2, Orange, NJ. Image 9, page 2680

ALLSOPP, Edwin F. 62 m England Salesman, Real Estate (Edmund Frederick)
Louisa M. 62 f NJ Wife
DE HART, Deward 38 m NJ Son/law, Teacher, Technical School
Arline 37 f NJ Dau
Suzanne 8 f NJ Grand/dau

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Essex Co, NJ. S. Harrison St. Ward 2, East Orange, NJ. Image 22, page 1431

ALLSOPP, Elsa R. 55 f NJ No Occupation
George A. Jr. 56 m NJ Husband, Manager, Real Estate
Elsa 31 f IL Day, Single, Saleslady, Real Estate

George Arthur, Jr. son of George A. ALLSOP & Ellen KEYWORTH. See 1910 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Elizabeth Ave. Ward 9, Newark, NJ. Image 13, page 2617

ALLSOPP, George 81 m England No Occupation
Ellen E. 78 f England Wife

See 1910-1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Livingston Twp. Cedar Park St. Image 21, page 3576

ALLSOPP, Louis Harold 51 m NJ Stone Dealer, Jewels
Elia 52 f NJ Wife

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ. Son of George ALLSOPP & Ellen KEYWORTH


1940 Essex Co, NJ. Nairn Place, Ward 16, Newark, NJ. Image 23, page 5721

ALLSOPP, Matilda 76 f England Widowed
Lillian M. 53 f NJ Dau
KUSSY, Vladimir 51 m Czechoslovakia Brother, single, clerk retail market

See 1910-1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ. (I believe Vladimir was a boarder, not brother.)

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Summer Ave. Ward 9, Newark, NJ. Image 2, page 2032

ALLSOPP, Thomas 69 m England Custodian, N.H.A.
Amy 66 f England Wife

Born Birmingham, England, June 2, 1870, came to USA July 4, 1882 with his Father George. See 1900-1910-1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ.

1940 Essex Co, NJ. Hillside Ave. Ward 9, Newark, NJ. Image 37, page 2959

KLEMENT, Edward 24 m MA Single, Photographer, Commercial Photos
ALLSOP, Louis 26 m NJ Single, Partner, Salesman, Haberdashery

See 1930 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Mercer Co, NJ. Hamilton Ave. Trenton, NJ. Image 7, page 279

BITTNER, Walter O. 56 m NJ Comptroller, Plumbing & Heating
Florence 37 f NJ Wife, nee ALLSOP
TINDELL, Florence 11 f NJ Step/dau (dau of Amos H. TINDELL)
ALLSOP, Agnes 69 f NJ Mother/law, widowed

See 1910-1920-1930 Mercer Co, NJ (Florence M. ALLSOP, born 7 Jan 1899, daughter of Sidney ALLSOP & Agnes MADSLEY.)

1940 Mercer Co, NJ. Carterep Ave. Ward 14, Trenton, NJ. Image 15, page 1699

ALLSOP, Clara 57 f England Single, Principal, Harrison School
Edith 59 f England Sister, Single
Ada 62 f England Sister, Single, Steno. American Bridge Co.
Doris 18 f NJ Niece

See 1920-1930 Mercer Co, NJ

1940 Mercer Co, NJ. Ward 13, Trenton, NJ. Image 22, page 1588

HANAWAY, Florence 47 f NJ Divorced, No Occupation
ALLSOP, Sidney 37 m NJ Son/law? 1903-1942
Lillian 31 f NJ Dau, waitress, Restaurant (Florence’s Sidney’s wife) Lillian C. WILCOX 1909-1951
HANAWAY, Samuel P. 54 m NJ Brother, Widowed, Real Estate Property, Own Business

Trenton Evening News, September 11, 1951 > Entered into rest on September 9, 1951, Lillian C. M. widow of Sidney W. Allsop and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Wilcox. Trenton Evening News Nov. 6, 1942> In this city on the 3rd, Sidney W. Allsop, husband of Lillian Both Allsop and son of Agnes and the late Sidney Allsop. (see find-a-grave)In this city, on the 23d inst., Louisa, wife of Sidney W Allsop, and daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Dawson, in the 20th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral from her parents’ residence, No 655 Centre Street, on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. Interment at Riverview Cemetery.
Trenton Evening Times 24 December 1921

1940 Mercer Co, NJ. Federal St. Ward 4, Trenton, NJ. Image 1, page 225

ALLSOP, Alice 36 f NJ Field Worker (1903-1969)
1923-1983 Winifred 17 f NJ Dau, md John GEEHAN (1922-1998)
Robert 12 m NJ Son
BEATTY, Nellie 55 f England Mother, married, Housework (1886-1957)

See 1930 Mercer Co, NJ

1940 Middlesex Co, NJ. Lincoln Ave. Metuchen, NJ. Image 15, page 612

ALLSOPP, Mattie L. 52 f Scotland Widowed, nee McLAREN
Mattie McLaren 18 f Scotland Dau, single, Editing Clerk, Air Restoration Co.
Robert C.harles 17 m NJ Son

See 1930 Middlesex Co, NJ. She was the widow of John Charles ALLSOPP

1940 Somerset Co, NJ. Bedminster Twp. Image 24, page 12

ALLSOP, Arthur H. 30 m England Married, Servant, Butler, Private Home

Living in household of James C. BRADY, 36, wife Eliot C. 34 + 4 ch + 5 more servants, Executor, Estates


1940 Union Co, NJ. Edgewood Rd. Ward 1, Summit, NJ. Image 27, page 2288

ALLSOP, Albert E. 47 m NJ Insurance Broker, Insurance Brokering
Janet B. 46 f NJ Wife, nee DRAKE
Albert H. 21 m NJ Son, Insurance Clerk, Insurance Co.
Janet E. 16 f NJ Dau

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Union Co, NJ. Essex Ave. Ward 5, Linden, NJ. Image 18, page 748

ALSOP, Irving Raymond 40 m NJ Railway Clerk, Postal Dept.
Grace 42 f RI Wife, nee CHESTER
Robert 18 m NJ Son, New Worker
Ruth 12 f NJ Dau
Louise 1 f NJ Dau

See 1910-1920 Essex Co, NJ-1930 Union Co, NJ. Son of Joseph E. & Ida C. ALLSOP

1940 Union Co, NJ. Stiles St. Ward 11, Elizabeth, NJ. Image 2, page 1414

LANE, H.arry H. 69 m NJ Salesman, Gloves
Fannie W. 69 f NJ Wife
KNOX, John B. 30 m SC Lodger, Single, Socialogist, Pet. Oil Co.
ALSOP, Charles C. 24 m IA Lodger, Single, Correspondent, Expense House
WITHERS, John P. 26 m NC Lodger, Single, Chemical Eng. Pet. Oil Co.

See 1930 Mahaska Co, IA. Charles Carroll ALSOP III (1915-2004), son of Charles Carroll ALSOP, Jr. & Irene RAWLINS. He married Anna J. FRIEDLEY.

1940 Union Co, NJ. Clifton St. Ward 3, Westfield, NJ. Image 4, page 2967

ALLSOP, William J. 43 m NJ Ex-Vice President, Bldg. & Loan (1896-1985) FL
Carrie M. 45 f NJ Wife, nee MEINCKE (1895-1986) FL
William J. Jr. 13 m NJ Son

William Jennings, son of William ALLSOPP & Matilda THOMAS. See 1920 Essex Co, NJ-1930 Union Co, NJ.