1940 Beltrami Co, MN. Minnesota Abe. Ward 2, Bemidji, MN. Image 4, page 36

EDWARDS, Arthur B. 50 m IA Land Lord, Real Estate Agency
Georgia 51 f IL wife
ALSOP, Chauncy D.ewayne 27 m MN Single, lodger, md Etta FOSSAND 1918-1987

Chauncy Dewayne, (1912-1994), son of Frederick Chauncy ALSOP & Inez Clare BENTLEY-see 1930 Beltrami Co, MN (see find-a-grave)

1940 Beltrami Co, MN. Lake View Annex Apartemnts, Ward 1, Bemidji, MN. Image 24, page 20

ALSOP, Faythe (Faith) C.lare 20 f MN Single, Stenographer, County Welfare Board

Living Alone

See 1930 Beltrami Co, MN, daughter of Frederick Chauncy ALSOP & Inez BENTLEY.


1940 Cass Co, MN. Walker Twp. Chase Hill Hotel, Lake Shore Hotel Twp. Image 25, page 388

ALSOP, Ethel Berenice 22 f MN Single, Lodger, Teacher, Walker School

Living in Hotel

See 1920-1930 Beltrami Co, MN-dau of Frederick Chauncy ALSOP & Inez BENTLEY, She married Ludvig George FOSSAND

1940 Cass Co, MN. Pine Lake Twp. Image 1, page 181

ALSOP, F.rederick C.hauncy 60 m MN Caretaker, Summer Resort
Inis (Inez) Clare 54 f WI Wife, nee BENTLEY

He was a son of Henry White ALSOP & Elizabeth Ellison BENBOW-See 1900 Clay Co, MN-1920-1930 Beltrami Co, MN. (see find-a-grave)

1940 Dakota Co, MN German Rd. Invor Grove Twp. Image 24, page 190

ALSIP, Charles M. 28 m USA (born MN), Beef Cooler, Packing House
Adeline 25 f USA Wife, md Adeline F. KRECH
Charles 2 m USA son
Diane 5 mo f USA dau

See 1920 Dakota Co, MN-1930 Fayette Co, IA-son of Millard S. ALSIP & 2nd wife Ella JENSEN,Ella died 1924.

1940 Dakota Co, MN. Inver Grove Twp. Image 33, page 185

BIGELOW, Charles J. 39 m USA Merchandise Mgr. Wholesale Hardware
Edith 39 f USA wife
Burt 4 m USA son
Allsion 2 f USA dau
ALSIP, Virginia 17 f USA (born IA) Single, Maid

Lived Oelwain, IA, 1935

See 1930 Fayette Co, IA-She was daughter of Millard ALSIP & Ella JENSEN.Virginia married Wesley E. SMILEY, 29 Apr 1946 Hennepin Co, MN

1940 Dakota Co, MN. Inver Grove Twp. Image 20, page 1880

ALSIP, Millard S. 74 m USA (born MD) Hired Man, farming (1870-1946)
1914-2001 Clarence 22 m USA (born MN) Hired man, Anything
1916-2002 Kenneth 21 m USA (born MN) Bar Tender, Tavern
1918-2002 Allen Franklin 20 m USA (born MN) Mechanic, Garage

Millard was a son of John Henry ALSIP & Mary GROVE. He md (1) Frances Secelia BENTLEY, 1895. Frances born 1877, died 1904, (see find-a-grave) Millard md (2) about 1910, Ella JENSEN, Ella died 1924. see 1900 Carroll Co, IL-1920-1930 Dakota Co, MN. Allen md Wilhelmina Frances KRECH, 1940

1940 Faribault Co, MN. Winnebago, MN. Image 3, page 311

HAIGHT, Edward 60 m MN Horse Buyer
Edna 56 f MN Wife, Proprietor, Rooming House
ALSUP, Lucretia 56 f IA Widowed, lodger, Waitress, Restaurant

See 1920 Warren Co, IA-Lucretia Mae DOLLISON (1884-1965) wife of Albert Richard ALSUP.

1940 Hennepin Co, MN. Ward 12, Minneapolis, MN. Image 53, page 6199

ALSIP, Harry 26 m MN Electrician, Air Conditioning
Dorothy 22 f MN wife
Carol Jean 2 f MN dau

Lived Linn Co, IA, 1935

See 1920 Dakota Co, MN-1930 Fayette Co, IA- Son of Millard S. ALSIP & Ella JENSEN.

1940 Ramsey Co, MN. St. Anthony St. St. Paul, MN. Image 20, page 4017

WILLIAMS, Nannie 44 f KY (Mulatto) Widowed, No Occupation
POWELL, Fannie 82 f KY (Mulatto) Widowed, No Occupation
ALSUP, Frank L. 36 m AL (Mulatto) Organizing, Labor Unions (1904-1977)
1904-1980 Viola L. 35 f MO (Mulatto)Wife, (find-a-grave)
HARDY, Nathaniel 26 m MS (Mulatto) Single, Porter, Hotel

Lived Linn Co, IA, 1935

See find-a-grave


1940 St. Louis Co, MN. Robinson St. Duluth, MN. Image 16, page 210

ALSOP, Robert Alvin 61 m IL Collector, Telephone Co.
Matilda 49 f ND Wife, nee AASENG
Robert A.lvin 16 m MN Son, md June Avis HANSEN
Donald D.ouglas 12 m MN Son, md Cynthia June Lois TWEETEN

Son of Robert ALSOP & Sarah Elizabeth YOUNG. See 1900 Madison Co, IL-1930 St. Louis Co, MN


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