1940 Bay Co, MI. Weasau Ave. Ward 7, Bay City, MI. Image 2, page 566

ALLSOP, George 66 m Canada Carpenter, House Buildings (1873-1950)
1874-1968 Mary A.nn 64 f Canada Wife, md Mary Ann HARTLEY, 1894

See 1900-1910-1920-1930 Bay Co, MI. George was a son of J. Edward ALLSOPP & Elizabeth WELSBY.

1940 Berrien Co, MI. Sheridan St. Ward 1, Niles, MI. Image 4, page 140

ALLSOPP, Harry 67 m England Janitor, Public School (1872-1950)
Eva 57 f MI Wife, nee CRAMER (1875-1955)

See 1930 Berrien Co, MI. He was a son of Robert H. ALLSOPP & Abigail GARDNER

1940 Genesee Co, MI. Cheorolat Ave. Ward 2, Flint, MI. Image 19, page 483

ALSUP, Robert Winston 40 m OH Methods Engineer Mfg. Auto Accessories
WEATHERLY, Kathryn M. 36 f OH Sister, married (Herbert R. WEATHERLY)
Herbert S. 12 m TN Nephew
Robert N. 7 m MI Nephew

See 1910-1920 Hamilton Co, TN-1930 Genesee Co, MI. Robert & Kathryn were children of Jefferson Davis ALSUP & Annette WISE.

1940 Macomb Co, MO. Berkshire Rd. W of Ryan 8 Camp. Warren Twp. Image 50, page 1333

ALSOP, Frank 42 m KY Accountant, General Motors (1894-1968)
2nd Wife Evelyn Iva 24 f MO Wife, md Evelyn Iva HULSE, 1934 (1915-2002)
Molly Lu 5 f MI dau

He was a son of William Scott ALSIP & Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY. He married (1) Cordelia PARSONS (1899-1918)-See 1900 Hancock Co, KY

1940 Macomb Co, MI. Harrison Base Squadron, Image 46, page 555

ALSOP, Harold William 22 m IN Single, Soldier, U. S. Army

Selfridge Field, Base Squadron

Lived Allendale, Wabash Co, IL. 1935

See 1930 Wabash Co, IL. Son of Oscar W. ALSOP & Blanche R. ADAMS

1940 Montcalm Co, MI. Bloomer Twp. Lakeview, MI. Image 16, page 20

ALLSOPP, Arthur R. 71 m England Manager, Green House (1868-1953)
2nd wife Ada 57 f MI Wife, Mrs Fife, widow of William C. FIFE

See 1930 Montcalm Co, MI. Son of Robert ALLSOPP & Abigail GARDNER. His first wife was Alice A. MORSE (1868-1927)

1940 Oakland Co, MI. West Leroy St. Ferndale, MI. Image 14, page 816

ALSUP, Clarence 41 m TN Post Office Clerk P. O. (1989-1946) IL
Christine 26 f MI Wife
Charles L. 2 mo m MI Son
JEFFERSON, Vonetta 21 f PA Single, Maid, Private Home

See 1930 Bexar Co, TX, wife was Hazel, found in Wayne Co, MI-1940) Illinois Death Records. He was a son of William Wesley ALSUP & Armintie PATTON. (conflict his death records says son of William ALSUP & Minnie BECK) He married Delia FITZMAURICE, 1922, Detroit, MI

1940 Oakland Co, MI. Stauber St. Royal Oak Twp. Hazel Park, MI. Image 24, page 2820

ALSUP, Leslie Hayton 20 m IL Truck Driver, Sand & Gravel Sales Co. (1919-2000)
Mary Jean 20 f MO Wife, md Mary Jean DALTON, 1939
DALTON, Violet 16 f MO Sister/law, Single, New Worker

See 1920 Franklin Co, IL-1930 Oakland Co, MI. He was a son of Leslie Hayton ALSUP & Edith Thelma GRANEY

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Cleveland Ave. Allen Park, MI. Image 12, page 1204

ALLSOP, Arthur Frederick 49 m England Engineer, Oil Refinery
Md (2) 1920 Theresa 42 f IL Wife, nee ROZANECKI (1897-1979)
Arthur F. 18 m Canada Son, single, Metallurgist, Auto Factory
Robert 17 m Canada Son
Eleanor 15 f MI Dau, md James DAVENPORT, 1948

Arthur md (1) Jessica CROSS, 1914, Chicago, IL-See 1930 Oakland Co, MI.

1940 Wayne Co, MO. Mulkey St. Dearborn, MI. Image 5, page 945

ALSUP, Andrew Franklin 30 m MO Crane Operator, Auto Factory (1908-1981)
Oglama F. 30 f MO Wife, nee COOK (1909-1973)
Elizabeth 11 f MI Dau
Jeanette 8 f MI Dau
Joann 6 f MI Dau
Gloria May 2 f MI Dau

He was a son of Ira Guffey ALSUP & Rosa Elizabeth CAMPBELL. See 1920 Stoddard Co, MO-1930 Wayne Co, MI

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Sheridan Ave. Ward 17, Detroit, MI. Image 19, page 14301

ALSUP, Arminta 69 f TN Widowed, No Occupation, nee PATTON
1904-1985 Dayton P. 35 m TN Son, Widowed, Show Card Writer, Sign Painter
1907-1969 Clyde R. 33 m TN Son, single, Assembly Line, Auto Factory
1909-1964 Glenn C. 30 m TN Son, single

Armintie PATTON married William Wesley ALSUP, 17 Oct 1889, Wilson Co, TN

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Mulkey St. Dearborn, MI. Image 3, page 944

ALSUP, Ira G.uffey “Tobe” 77 m TN Shoveling Sand (1877-1960)
md 1903 Betty Rosa Elizabeth 58 f MO Wife, nee CAMPBELL (1880-1945)

See 1920 Stoddard Co, MO. Ira was a son of Andrew Jackson ALSUP & Susan Ann, maiden name also ALSUP). Elizabeth was a daughter of Henry Franklin CAMPBELL & Barbara Minerva ALSUP. Elizabeth married (1) 1895 William H. PATTERSON, He died before 1900.

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Powers Rd. Dearborn, MI. Image 19, page 1692)

ALSUP, Roy Gussie 39 m TN Stock Checker, Automotive Parts
Mary 35 f MI Wife, md Mary LANG, 1925
Hugh 9 m MI Son

See 1910-1920 Wilson Co, TN-1930 Wayne Co, MI. He was a son of William Wesley ALSUP & Armintie D. PATTON.

1940 Wayne Co, MI. West Grand Blvd. Ward 10, Detroit, MI. Image 7, page 690

ALLSOPP, John Jack 47 m England Caretaker, Apt. Building
Elizabeth 41 f Scotland Wife, Caretaker, Apt. Building
1918-2008 William “Bill” 21 f Scotland Son, single, Packing Clerk, Edison Co, Office

John “Jack” ALLSOPP md Elizabeth Shaw HUNTER- Son William “Bill” md Geraldine McCAMMON.

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Alfred St. Ward 1, Detroit, MI. Image 39, page 135

ALSUP, Jack 42 m MS (black), Porter, Motor Car Service St.
Sadie 35 f OH (black), wife
WHITE, Arthur 42 m OH (black) bro/law, divorced, Laborer, Lumber Co.

See 1910-1920 Carroll Co, MS

1940 Wayne Co, MI. Grand Ave. Ward 14, Detroit, MI. Image 41, page 10925

RILEY, Samuel 55 m England Service Man, Automobile Factory
Ada 54 f England Wife,
Harry 23 m Canada Son, single, Page Public Library
ALLSOUP, Percy 50 m England Single, Lodger, Mechanic, Auto. Factory

See 1930 Wayne Co, MI

1849 Wayne Co, MO. Revere Ave. Ward 13, Detroit, MI. Image 21, page 9716

ALSUP, Steve 56 m TN (black) Laborer, Road Construction, WPA
Julia 42 f TN (black), wife
HARRISON, Howard 45 m TN (black), Lodger, Brick Mason Contractor
Mae 39 f TN (black), Lodger’s wife
CHRISTIAN, Will 44 m TN (black), Lodger, Chauffeur, Private Family
Rose 32 f TN (black), Lodger’s wife, Cook, Private Family
KNOX, Henry 27 m AL (black), Lodger, Laborer, Garage
Richie 25 f AL (black), Lodger’s wife

This may be the son of John T. & Johanna alsup, found 1910 Wilson Co, TN-1920 Rutherford Co, TN. Age is wrong?

1940 Wayne Co, MI Leicester St. Ward 1, Detroit, MI. Image 22, page 638

LETHEROW, Gordon Thomas 42 m IL Bus Driver, Street Railway Bus
Fay 35 f IL Wife, Beautician, Beauty Shop (1903-1986)
ALSUP, Hazel 42 f MI Lodger, Divorced, Sales Lady, Dept. Store

See Gordon LETHEROW, 1920 Hancock Co. IL-1930 Detroit. See Hazel ALSUP, 1930 Bexar Co, TX.