1940 Berkshire Co, MA. Cole Ave. Williamstown, MA. Image 24, page 1695

MASON, Ralph 42 m MA Proprietor, Coal & Fuel Co.
Mabel 44 f MA Wife, House keeper
Raymond 14 m MA Son
Ralph 12 m MA Son
HERRICK, Harriete 77 f MA Aunt, widowed
ALSOP, Edna 53 f NH Lodger, single, Housekeeper, Private Family

Edna ALSOP (1887-1968), daughter of Henry William ALSOP & Mary Jane HERSHAW. See 1900 Berkshire Co, MA.

1940 Berkshire Co, MA. Linden St. Williamstown, MA. Image 3, page 1669

ALLSOP, Raymond K.ershaw 65 m CT Engineer, Railroad
md Dec 1915 Dora B. 55 f NH Wife, nee BLAKE

See 1930 Berkshire Co, MA. He was a son of Henry William ALLSOP & Mary Jane KERSHAW

1940 Berkshire Co, MA. Linden St. Williamstown, MA. Image 4, page 1663

ALLSOP, Harry J.ames 59 m CT Merchant, Package Store (1881-1955)
Harriet H. 42 f MA Wife, nee HASKINS, died 1993, age 95 yr.
Elizabeth J. 13 f MA Dau

See 1930 Berkshire Co, MA. He was a son of Henry William ALLSOP & Mary Jane KERSHAW.

1940 Berkshire Co, MA. Stratton Road, Williamstown, MA. Image 10, page 1720

ALLSOP, Herman E. 55 m CT No Occupation
Amy B. 40 f Canada Wife, Nurse, Hospital
Herman E. 7 m MA Son

Son of Harry William ALLSOP & Mary Jane KERSHAW. See 1900 Berkshire Co, MA

1940 Bristol Co, MA. King St. Ward 2, Fall River, MA. Image 13, page 485

ALLSOP, Arthur 33 m MA Draftsman, Police & Fire Commission Survey
Mary 33 f MA Wife
Barbara 6 mo f MA Dau

See 1930 Bristol Co, MA. David and Annie ALLSOP.

1940 Bristol Co, MA. Ward 7, Fall River, MA. Image 39-40, page 1139

The Colonel Hotel

ALLSOP, William 58 m MA Single, Lodger, Helper in Hotel

Living in Household of Wilfred (44) Hotel Manager & Alice (44) GAGNE, wife

See 1920-1930 Bristol Co, MA. He was brother of David ALLSOP

1940 Bristol Co, MA. 2nd St. Ward 4, Fall River, MA. Image 2-3, page 660

ALLSOP, Anne 62 f Ireland Widowed, No Occupation, nee KILBY, md 1906
Lillian 29 f MA Dau, single, Clerical, Invoice, Cotton Mill
David 23 m MA Son, single, Shipping Clerk, Wholesale Paper Co.
James J. 20 m MA Son, single, New Worker

See 1920-1930 Bristol Co, MA. David & Annie ALLSOP

1940 Bristol Co, MA. Cedar Grove St. Ward 2, New Bedford, MA. Image 17, page 536

CAMPOS, Ernest 40 m MA Shearer, Cotton Mill
Gladys 29 f MA Wife, Cloth Inspector, Cotton Mill
Ernest Jr. 4 m MA Son
ALLSOPP, Percy 53 m England Father/law, Painter, Painting Firm
Grace 42 f England Mother/law, Housekeeping, Private Home

See 1930 Bristol Co, MA.

1940 Essex Co, MA. Amesbury, MA. Image 19, page 80

ALLSOPP, Robert 47 m England Tool & Die Maker, Metal Shop
Patricia D.orothy 13 f MI Dau
LOEMAN, Leah 48 f England Widowed, Housekeeper, Private Family

See 1930 Essex Co, MA, wife was Edith

1940 Essex Co, MA. Andover St. Ward 6, Lawrence, MA. Image 1-2, page 3327

ANDREW, Charles 63 m England Watchman, Mill
Annie 60 f Ireland Wife
Gladys M. 28 f MA Dau, Mill Operative, Woolen Mill
ALLSOP, John 84 m England Lodger, married, No Occupation


1940 Essex Co, MA. Union St. Lynn, MA. Image 2, page 616

ALLSOPP, Earl E. 44 m MA Married, Delivery Man, Milk Industry

Living Alone

See 1920-1930 Essex Co, MA

1940 Hamden Co, MA. Plumtree Rd. Ward 7, Springfield, MA. Image 26, page 1915

ALLSOP, Robert 32 m England Painter & Decorator, Painting Contractor
Elsie I.sabella 25 f MA Wife, nee FLECHSIG (1914-1980)
Joan B. 5 f MA Dau
Phyllis A. 4 f MA Dau

SeeHamden Co, MA for Joseph & Margaret ALLSOP (Robert had three more sons born after 1940)

1940 Middlesex Co, MA. Ivy St. Ward 10, Cambridge, MA. Image 29, page 1363

ALLSOP, Alexander M. 38 m British West Indies (black), Porter, College Dorm
Mae 33 f MA (black) Wife, maid Private Family
Curtis 11 m MA (black) Son
Gloria 9 f MA (black) Dau
GOODRICH, Walter 31 m MA (black) single, Bro/law, Janitor

See1930 Middlesex Co, MA. Marilyn (Allen) Allsopp, 64, of New Bedford died Wednesday, July 28, 2004, at St. Luke’s Hospital after a long illness. She was the widow of Curtis Allsopp.

1940 Middlesex Co, MA. Wedgemore St. Winchester, MA. Image 12, page 3763

ALLSOPP, Ernest S. 38 m NJ Manager, Insurance Co.
Frances 34 f NJ Wife
John 11 m FL Son
Ann 8 f FL Dau
MARTON, Ida 21 f MA Single, Maid, Private Family

Lived Lakeland, FL, 1935

See 1920 Essex Co, NJ-1930 Polk Co, FL

1940 Middlesex Co, MA. Summer St. Acton, MA. Image 14, page 23

ALLSOPP, Ernest Edward 47 m MA Farmer, Farm
Margaret 51 f MA Wife
MacDONALD, Daniel F. 50 m MA bro/law, single, Agent, Transportation Co.

See 1930 Middlesex Co, MA

1940 Norfolk Co, MA. Commercial St. Baintree, MA. Image 4, page 228

ALLSOPP, Arthur E. 26 m MA Laborer, Water Works (1913-1982)
Barbara H. 21 f MA Wife, died 1976
Barbara S. 1 f MA Dau

See 1930 Norfolk Co, MA, Arthur E. & Susie S. ALLSOPP

1940 Norfolk Co, MA. Brooks Rd. Ward 3, Quincy, MA. Image 12, page 23668

ALLSOPP, Earl C. 26 m MA Auto Mechanic, Garage
Jean 27 f ME Wife
Barbara 4 f MA Dau
Earl 1 m MA Son

See 1930 Norfolk Co, MA. Arthur E. & Susie E. ALLSOPP.

1940 Norfolk Co, MA. East Jackson St. Canton, MA. Image 19, page 1053

ALSOP, Frederick W.illiam 64 m MA Foreman, Leather Co. (1876-1965)
Henrietta K. 63 f CT Wife, nee HAAS (1875-1947)
Madeline M. 38 f MA Dau, single, Teacher, Grammar School
Florence B. 28 f MA Dau, single, Teacher, Grammar School

See 1920-1930 Norfolk Co, MA. Son of William & Ann ALSOP

1940 Norfolk Co, MA. Ends Van Buren St., Canton, MA. Image 13, page 1950

ALSOP, William F.rederick 37 m MA Dressus? Mixer, Textile Mill
Mary L.ouise 33 f MA Wife, nee SEVIGNY
William F. Jr. 12 m MA Son
Lucille 11 f MA Dau
Norma L. 9 f MA Dau
Dorothy L. 5 f MA Dau
ALSOP, Alexander 68 m MA Father, widowed, No Occupation

See 1920-1930 Norfolk Co, MA. William Frederick was son of Alexander & Catherine ALSOP

1940 Norfolk Co, MA. Nahatan St. Norwood, MA. Image 36, page 2311

O’BRIEN, Mary 78 f Ireland No Occupation
Edward 41 m MA Son, Letter Carrier, U.S. Mail
Mary 34 f MA Dau, Bookkeeper, Plumbing Co.
ALSOP, Sadie 58 f Ireland Dau, widowed, No Occupation


1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Hyde Park Ave. Ward 18, Boston, MA. Image 23, page 8844

PADDON, Edward 39 m MA Draftsman, BFS Co.
Catherine L. 37 f MA Wife
Edmond J. 5 m MA Son
Robert 1 mo m MA Son
ALSOP, Everett E. 22 m MA Cousin, Single, Electrical Motors, Electrical

See 1930 Norfolk Co, MA- Alexander & Norah ALSOP

1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Clare Ave. Ward 18, Boston, MA. Image 14, page 9591

ALLSOP, John 58 m RI Stationary Fireman, M.D.C. Co.
md 1910 Ethel M. 51 f MA Wife, nee EWELL
KNECHT, Jacob F. 66 m MA Widowed, Lodger, Barber, Own Barber Shop

See 1920-1930 Suffolk Co, MA. Ethel was step/daughter of Jacob KNECHT.

1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Bowdain St. Ward 15, Boston, MA. Image 1, page 7195

St. Mary Peter’s Convent

ALSOP, Florence Mary 59 f New Foundland Single, Sister, Religious Music Teacher

Lived Ladysmith, B.C. 1935


1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Myrtle St. Ward 5, Boston, MA. Image 31, page 2653

ALSOP, Francis J.ohnnot Oliver 58 m CT Widowed, partner, Cotton Buyers

Living alone

He was a son of Joseph Wright ALSOP & Elizabeth Winthrop BEACH. See 1930 Norfolk Co, MA

1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Forest Hills St. Ward 11, Boston, MA. Image 11, page 5293

ALLSOP, James 54 m MA Mechanic, Hydraulic Hoist Co.
Esther M. 40 f Canada Wife
Louis 15 m MA Son
Esther 14 f MA Dau
Robert 13 m MA Son
Barbara 4 f MA Dau

See 1920-1930 Suffolk Co, MA. James was the son of James ALLSOP & Margaret HAMMEL.

1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Penfield St. Ward 20, Boston, MA. Image 21, page 9524

ALLSOP, Louis W. 46 m MA Police Officer, City Government
May T. 52 f NY Wife
TURCK, Pauline 77 f NY Widowed, Mother/law

See 1930 Suffolk Co, MA.

1940 Suffolk Co, MA. Harrison St. Ward 8, Boston, MA. Image 17, page 3995

ALLSOPP, William Patrick 47 m MA Laborer, Sewer Construction
Ella 50 f MA Wife, nee SULLIVAN

William Patrick ALLSOPP was son of John ALLSOPP & Margaret McMARRON

1940 Worcester Co, MA. Prect. 2, Cottage St. Athol, MA. Image 17, page 9129

SHERMAN, Carrie 61 f NY Widowed, Lining Maker, Shoe Mfg. Co.
ALLSOPP, Hazel 38 f NY Dau, widowed, Top Stretcher, Show Mfg. Co.
Linda 13 f MA Grand/dau

See 1930 Worcester Co, MA.

1940 Worcester Co, MA. North Main St. Grafton, MA. Image 7, page 1750

ALSOP, Henry 40 m New Foundland Charge Attendant, Hospital
Georgiane 43 f VT Wife, House keeping (1897-1990)
Audrey 3 f MA Dau
Marleine 2 f MA Dau

Henry Valentine ALSOP married Georgia Odile REMILLARD, on 17 May 1932, St Albans, Franklin Co, VT. Henry was the son of Robert Carteret ALSOP & Anastatia MURPHY. (Henry also had a brother, John C. ALSOP. They are descendents of Robert Joseph ALSOP, the shipping magnate of Newfoundland.

1940 Worcester Co, MA. Franklin St. Worcester, MA. Image 25, page 812

CLELAND, William 71 m Canada No Occupation
BEAUEGARD, Ida 53 f MA Dau, Single
ALSOP, John 36 m Canada, Lodger, Single, Peddling Fruit, Peddler

Plus 8 Other Lodgers living in household