1940 Ada Co, ID. North 8th St. Boise City, ID. Image 5, page 206

ALLSUP, Franklin Earlie (Earl) 48 m ID Own Business, Retail Grocery Store
Carrie T. 59 f ID Wife, Clerk, Retail Grocery Store

He was a son of Marion Franklin ALLSUP & Cora E. WILLIS.-see 1900-1920-1930 Ada Co, ID

1940 Ada Co, ID. Columbia St. Boise City, ID. Image 27, page 96

ALSUP, George B.ernard 29 m OR Divorced, Lodger, Pool Racker, Pool Hall

Living In Columbia Hotel

He was a son of Abraham Lincoln ALSUP & Martha DUGGER, see 1930 Sherman Co, OR

1940 Ada Co, ID. Fair Grounds Prect. Image 8, page 35

ALSOP, Grace 68 f IA Widowed, No Occupation, nee CLARK
Clark Richard 25 m ID Son, Single, No Occupation

Grace CLARK, widow of Ernest Benbow ALSOP. See 1920-1930 Ada Co, ID

1940 Bannock Co, ID, Grace Village, ID. Image 15, page 408

ALLSOP, Albert 39 m ID Auto Dealer, Garage Business
E.mily Rae 41 f UT Wife, nee CORBETT
Harry Corbett 14 m ID Son, md Dorothy Ann GRIMES
Monte 9 m ID son
Lionel 6 m ID son
Ermona 1 f ID dau

Albert was a son of John Ira ALSOP & Mary Elizabeth TANNER-see 1930 Bannock Co, ID

1940 Bannock Co, ID. Grace Village, ID. Image 17, page 409

ALLSOP George Tanner 55 m ID Truck Driver, Building Construction (1862-1952)
Eliza 55 f UT Wife, nee CHRISTENSEN (1884-1957)
1920-1993 Don Forest 20 m ID Son, single, md Mildred Artell BURTON

He was a son of John Ira ALLSOP & Mary Elizabeth TANNER-see 1920-1930 Bannock Co, ID

1940 Bannock Co, ID. Grace Village, ID. Image 15, page 408

ALLSOP, Mary Elizabeth 78 f UT Widowed, nee TANNER (1862-1952)
Charles Alma 49 m ID Son, married, Barber, Own Shop

Mary Elizabeth TANNER, widow of John Ira ALLSOP (1855-1922), see 1920-1930 Bannock Co, ID

1940 Bear Lake Co, ID. Wardboro, ID. Image 1-2, page 101

PARKER, George Henry 50 m ID Farmer, Farming (1889-1980)
Jemima 47 f ID Wife, nee ALSOP (1892-1982)
Frederick L. 25 m ID son
George E. 23 m ID son
Chester 12 m ID son
Shirley Lou 10 f ID dau
Gilbert 7 m ID son
ALSOP, Matilda 84 England Mother, Widowed (BRADBURY)

Matilda BRADBURY (1855-1941), widow of Frederick C. ALSOP. (see find-a-grave) 1920-1920 Bear Lake Co, ID

1940 Canyon Co, ID. Homestead Prect. Image 11, page 71

VOGT, Herman 41 m NE Farmer, Farm
Leona A. 35 f WI wife
Alton 12 m ID son
Jay 10 m ID son
Harold 7 m ID son
Aileen 4 f ID dau
ALSUP, Bobby 18 f MO Single, hired girl, Housework, private family

I believe this is Lillian Bird ALSUP, daughter of Moses Locke ALSUP & Ludy Bird UPSHAW. See 1930 Canyon Co, ID. Lillian Bird ALSUP md Arnold SHELL, 1946

1940 Canyon Co, ID. Dearborn St. Ward 3, Caldwell, ID. Image 10, page 127

ALSUP, John W. “Jack” 27 m MT Shipping Clerk, Printing Plant
Myrtle 19 f ID Wife, book Binder, Printing Plant

John was a son of Wesley Smith ALSUP & Edna Lucy CARPENTER, John married Myrtle HOWTON, (1920-2005) John died 1998-See 1920 Fergus Co, MT-1930 Canyon Co, ID

1940 Canyon Co, ID. Laurel St. Caldwell, ID. Image 34, page 139

ALSUP, W.esley S.mith 62 m MO Single, No occupation, (He was widowed)
Phoebe 19 f MT Dau, Housekeeper
CONNER, Alice 21 f MT Dau, Housekeeper
Shirley 1 f ID grand-daughter
HARRIS, Ella 63 f ID Housekeeper

Wesley Smith ALSUP, (1878-1968) son of John Benton ALSUP & Julianna HICKS. He married (1) Edna “Lucy” CARPENTER, she died after 1920. Wesley married (2) Ella HARRIS, 1943, She died 1951. (3) Amelia Ethel MAXWELL, she died 1963.


1940 Idaho Co, ID. Country Road, Grangeville, ID. Image 2-3, page 93

NEILY, Leonard 59 m AR Farmer, farming
1887-1963 Foda 52 f KS Wife.
ARROWOOD, T. B. 30 m OH Lodger, Farm Hand, Farming
Charlotte 21 f IL Lodger’s wife
ALSUP, Claude 31 31 m WA Lodger, Single, Farm hand, farming

See 1920 Fergus Co, MT. Son of Wesley Smith ALSUP & Edna CARPENTER.

1940 Payette Co, ID. West Prect.. New Plymouth Village, Image 7, page 113

ALSOP, Murl George 29 m ID WPA, Laborer, Flood Control
Hattie 29 f ID Wife, md Hattie Alice SMITH, 1937
Jackie 1 f ID Dau, md Loren Paul GROUT, 1956

See 1920 Gem Co, ID. He was a son of George W. ALSOP & Augusta Ann BOYLE


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