1940 Alachua Co, FL. East Union St. Gainsville, FL. Image 14, page 237

ALLSOPP, E.thel Norma 35 f GA Divorced, Dancing Teacher, In Homes
Phyllis 14 f FL Dau
Mariam 9 f FL Dau

See 1930 Duval Co, FL. She was first wife of Joseph R. ALLSOPP.

1940 Broward Co, FL. Prect 4, North 8th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Image 45, page 132

ALSUP, Martin 27 m IL Painter, Building Trade
Lilly 22 f MA Wife, nee BOURN
David 5 m ~~ Son
VOSS, Roberta 20 f FL Lodger
Lillian 3 f FL Lodger’s daughter

W. ALSOP married Lilly Pearl BOURN, 1934, Martin Co, FL-Lilly BOURN ALSOP married Alton B. GORHING, 1947, Broward Co, FL. Martin Christopher William Alsop parents were both ALSOP’.His father was Christopher Pierpont Brooks ALSOP. His mother was Annie Cecelia ALSOP. Annie was from a different Alsop line. (Christopher Alsop & Cecelia Scharlert)
For Martin Alsop, I have three wives. The other wives were: Nell Hart 29 Sep 1941, Palm Beach Co, FL. (This was short lived) and Mabel Spacey Sharp (no marriage date, but they had two sons, Martin Jr, and Michael, both born in the late 40′s.

1940 Dade Co, FL. Lennox Ave. Miami Beach, FL. Image 4, page 236

ALSOP, Joseph A.lexander 31 m VA Waiter, Cafe (October 7, 1987)
May M. 26 f PA Wife, May Margaret Kirsch. (1913-2003)
HICKEY, Harry 32 m PA Lodger, Waiter, Cafe

See Ancestry.com. Calls him Joseph Alexander ALSOP, son of Joseph Alexander ALSOP & Ada Myrtle YOUNG, and grandson of Waverly ALSOP & Alfarnia DORMAN.

1940 Dade Co, FL. Southwest 8th St. Miami Beach, FL. Image 42, page 76

ALSIP, Charlie M. 60 m MD Merchant, Retail Grocery
2nd wife Elenor 35 f MD Wife
Nora 9 f MD dau

He was from Washington Co, MD, son of Franklin Pierce ALSIP & Annie I. ROBINSON, and husband of Sadie MONEGAN.

1940 Duval Co, FL. Ward 9, Jacksonville, FL. Image 27, page 14

ALSOP, Glen R. 37 m GA Salesman, Wholesale Laundry Supplies
Ansil S. 35 f GA Wife

See, Can’t connect

1940 Duval Co, FL. McDuff Ave. Ward 15, Jacksonville, FL. Image 16, page 237

ALSOP, John T. 65 m VA Public Relations, Private Practice
Ella G. 65 f NY Wife, nee GRIFFIN

See 1910-1930 Duval Co, FL. He was a son of John T. ALSOP & Annie Margaret BELL

1940 Duval Co, FL. W. Church St. Ward 7, Jacksonville, FL. Image 12, page 122

ALLSOPP, Joe R. 42 m FL Clerk, U.S. Internal Revenue
2nd wife Thelma 34 f LA Wife

See 1910 Marion Co, FL-1930 Duval Co, FL. Son of William Snow Smith ALLSOPP & Mary C. FAVOR. His 1st wife was Ethel.

1940 Duval Co, FL. Ingleside St. Ward 7, Jacksonville, FL. Image 32, page 35

ALLSOPP, William V. 44 m FL Salesman, Specialties (1895-1971)
Clarice Marguerite 39 f FL Wife. TOBY

Son of William Snow Smith ALLSOPP & Mary Clair FAVOR-See 1900-1910 Marion Co, FL-1920-1930 Duval Co, FL

1940 Escambia Co, FL. Prect. 48, Image 42, page 1036

ALSIP, Guy L. 65 m IL Machinist, Cotton Oil Co. (1872-1949)
1890-1974 Pearl 49 f TN Wife, Public School Teacher, nee HERMAN

Son of Thomas McCauberry & Almira CUPPS, see 1920-1930 Escambia Co. FL

1940 Escambia Co, FL. Mellville Twp. Bellview, FL. Image 22, page 119

BREWTON, William 61 m AL No Occupation
Mosell 49 f FL Wife, (Nellie Mozelle HARPER)
ALSIP, Jewel 17 f FL Dau
BREWTON, Bobby 8 m FL Son

Jewel was a daughter of Ray Thomas ALSIP & Nellie Mozelle HARPER. See 1920-1930 Escambia Co, FL. Jewel died the year she graduated from High School.

1940 Gulf Co, FL. Hunter’s Circle, Port St. Joe, FL. Image 27-28, page 39

ALSIP, W.illiam G.eorge 30 m FL Superintendent, Stevedorisy Co.
Clara M. 25 f FL Wife, nee PATE, Clerk Stevedorisy Co
Thomas 8 m AL Son
MORGAN, Nell 20 f FL Lodger, single

William G., Jr. was the son of William George & his 1st wife Margaret PATE. See 1920 Escambia Co, FL-1930 Mobile Co, AL

1940 Hillsboro Co, FL. Prect 11, Morgan St. Tampa, FL. Image 2, page 81

ALSUP, Ransom 30 m TN Floor? Cleaner, Steam Railroad
Evalina 24 f TN Wife, md Evalene BRADLEY, 1935

He said he lived Rural Dickson Co, TN. 1935

see 1920-1930 Dickson Co, TN

1940 Hillsboro Co, FL. Prect. 24, Ridgewood Dr. Tampa, FL. Image 1, page 18

HENDERSON, Walter 51 m GA Manager, Retail Bakery
Mellie E. 49 f FL Wife
Walter Jr. 22 m MS Son
Drucilla 18 f FL Dau
ALSIP, Kea 51 f FL Sister/law, married, Trained Nurse, Private Home

John Elwood ALSIP, son of Elwood ALSIP, from Bedford Co, PA & Minnie E. FARQUHAR. John married Kea PEOPLES, 1923. See 1900 Hamilton Co, TN-1910 Pulaski Co, AR-1920 Jefferson Co, AL-1930 Tuscaloosa Co, AL-Kea found 1930 Hillsboro Co, FL.

1940 Hillsboro Co, FL. Prect 60, East Broadway, Garytown, FL. Image 18, page 862

ALSOP, James 54 m KY Proprietor, Filling Station (1885-1959)
1913-1968) Vernon Keith 27 m KY Son, single, Seaman, Freight Steam Ship

His wife was Bashie ZIMMERMAN (18-1936)-He was a son of William Scott ALSIP & Elizabeth KENNEDY. See 1920 Jefferson Co, KY.

1940 Jackson Co, FL. Malone, FL. Image 11, page 233

GARRETT, Willie 67 m FL (black) Carpenter, Building
Cora 55 f FL (black), wife
ALSOP, Alma 17 f FL (black), granddaughter, married

Cannot Connect

1940 Manatee Co, FL. Ward 1, Bradenton, FL. Image 16, page 145

ALSOP, A.lfred C.harles 61 m KS No Occupation
Annie 61 f KS Wife, nee FAIRMAN
Marion L. 15 f KS Dau
FAIRMAN, Marion 61 f IL Cousin, single, No Occupation
Louisa 67 f IL Cousin, single, No Occupation

Lived Manhattan Co, KS 1935

He was a son of Richard ALSOP & Sarah Ellen BROWN-see 1920 Pima Co, AZ-1930 Manhattan Co, KS

1940 Marion Co, FL. 8th St. Ocala, FL. Image 8, page 45

ALSOP, William T.aylor 32 m FL Superintendent, Lime Plant (1908-1993)
Ethel P. Fair 29 f FL Wife, nee PILLANS
Katherine F.air 0 mo f FL Dau

Son of William T. ALSOP & Jessie PALMER, see 1910 Rapides Parrish, LA-1920 Pineallas Co, FL (see find-a-grave)

1940 Orange Co, FL. Anderson St. Ward 1, Orlando, FL. Image 31, page 47

ALSUP, Charles B.uford 64 m MS Watch Repairing, On Accounts
2nd wife Sydney 49 f MS Wife, McCLOUD
Dorothy 15 f TN Granddaughter

Dorothy was listed on 1930 census as an adopted daughter. Dorothy md Albert Moore HICKEY, Jr. 1942-see 1910 Walker Co, AL1920-1930 Montgomery Co, AL. He was a son of Lycurgus ALSUP & Mary Elizabeth WHITWORTH. His 1st wife was Susie EDGEWORTH, died 1913.

1940 Orange Co, FL. Highland Ave. Winter Park, FL. Image 14, page 63

ALLSOPP, Henry 79 m England No Occupation
Elizabeth 81 f England Wife, nee ARMFIELD

Henry was son of George and Bertha ALLSOPP from England, see 1900-1910-1920 Essex Co, NJ

1940 Orange Co, FL. Prect. 38, Gotha, FL. Image 5, page 385

ALLSOPP, Henry G. 51 m NJ No Occupation
Mabel 50 f NJ Wife
COBLE, Mildred 43 f FL Housekeeper, Divorced

See 1920 Essex Co, NJ-1930 Orange Co, FL. Son of Henry ALLSOPP and Elizabeth ARMFIELD.

1940 Orange Co, FL. 3rd Rd. House, Prect 43,Clover St. Conway, FL. Image 10, page 431

ALLSOPP, Joneh? 87 m MO Single, No Occupation

On the 1935 Orange Co. State Census he was listed as 32 years old. Who was he? Florida Death Index:

ALSOPP, Jonah died 1943, Orange Co, FL. White/Married (married Rosalie THOMPSON, 1935, Orange CO, FL)

1940 Palm Beach Co, FL. N. 4th St. Lake Worth, FL. Image 17, page 621

ALSOP, Christopher P.ierpont 58 m NY Electrician, Electrical Contractor
Annie 63 f IL Wife, nee ALSOP

Christopher Pierpont Brooks ALSOP, son of William ALSOP and Elizabeth FISCHER, married 14 Sep 1904, Milwaukee, WI, Annie ALSOP, daughter of Christopher ALSOP and Eda Cecelia SCARLET. See 1910 Cook Co, IL-1920 Philadelphia, PA-1930 Palm Beach Co, FL

1940 Palm Beach Co, FL. Prect. 16, Kanuga Dr. West Palm Beach, FL. Image 4, page 403

ALSOPE, Walter 26 m MA Roomer, Waiter, Night Club
Mildred 19 f FL Roomer’s Wife, Singer, Night Club

Living in household of Woodrow W. (27) Bartender, Bar Room & Lillian M. (22) HAWSE. Walter & Mildred found 1945, FL. State Census, and he said born Canada

1940 Pinellas Co, FL.3rd St. St. Petersburg, FL. Image 8, page 380

ALLSUP, Edward 53 m KS Ice Man (1886-1955)
1890-1955 Effie Julia 49 f MO Wife, House Keeper, md Effie Julia KEATON, 1939

(see find-a-grave)- Edward William ALLSUP, born 19 Nov 1886, son of Thomas R. ALLSUP & Carrie Lee DANLEY. Died 4 Aug 1955. He was a Descendant of John ALSOP & Elenor WREN. His first wife was Violet STANLEY. Edward had no issue..

1940 Pinellas Co, FL. Haines Rd. 20th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL. Image 3, page 322

ALSOP, Tressica 53 f WI Widowed, No Occupation
Alfred 20 m IL Son, single, Dog Trainer, Private Business
Elizabeth 15 f FL Dau
Charles 14 m FL Son

Nellie Theresa SWANSON, (1887-1965), Widow of Oscar P. ALSOP, see 1910-1920 Cook Co, IL-1930 Pineallas Co, FL, Elizabeth married Winthrop H. STANDISH, 1945.

1940 Polk Co, FL. Lake Martin Drive, Winter Park, FL. Image 47, page 117

ALLSOP, J.ames Edward 41 m AR Civil Engineer, State Highway Dept.
Lillian 36 f FL Wife, nee HENDERSON
Edward 11 m AR Son
Frederick W. 6 m FL Son

Son of Frederick W. & Mary F. CHAPPLE, see 1900-1910-1920 Pulaski Co. AR (Frederick W.) 1930 Lake Co, IL

1940 Sarasota Co, FL. Pineapple St. Ward 3, Sarasota, FL. Image 5, page 62

ELLER, Gideon 48 m TN No Occupation
Grace 51 f TN Wife, ALLSUP
HAYWARD, Leo Mia 28 f TN Dau, married, Art Teacher, High School
ALLSUP, Emma 74 f TN Mother/law, Widowed

Lived Knoxville, TN, 1935

See 1900 Grainger Co, TN-1920 Knox Co, TN.