1940 DC. Image 33, Block 57, Oates St. Page 262  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Anna 52 f DC Widowed  GARVEY (1886-1954)
Lawrence 28 m DC Son, single, chauffeur, Cons’t Co.
Grace 22 f DC Dau, single, file clerk, NYA
Eugene E. 18 m DC Son, single, laborer, beverages
John E 20 m DC Son, married, laborer, beverages
Thomas 25 m DC Son, married, chauffeur, freight co.
Rita E. 17 f DC Dau, single
Louise 27 f DC Dau-in-law BERNHART,w/o Thos
Joseph 4 m DC Grandson
Joann 4 f DC Grandson
Timothy 2 m DC Grandson
Elizabeth A. 1 f DC Granddaughter

Annie GARVEY married Ernest Wesley Alsop abt 1909. See 1930 DC census

1940 DC. Image 21, Block 49-51, Dexter St. Page 187

ALSUP, Adele 21 f VA (Negro), servant, nurse, private home

Living in household of James J. WILLETT, 32 & Lucia 29 wife (white)


1940 DC. Image 16, Block 7, Nicholson St. Page 336  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Ashby 42 m VA Engineer. City Reservoir  (1896-1973)
Edith E. 38 f VA Wife, seamstress, clothing shop LEWIS (1901-1984)
Claude A. 16 m VA Son
Robert L. 13 m VA Son

son of Arthur Mossen Alsop & Susan HARRIS. See 1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 7, Block 50-51, Kennedy St. NW. page 434  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Benjamin 71 m VA No occupation given
Sophia 76 f DC Wife, nee HEIDER    (1864-1950)
Thomas 46 m DC Son, single, clerk, retail electrical supplies

son of Wm S. Alsop & Martha Belle LOWREY. See 1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 5, 8th St. SW, page 249   (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Benjamin B. 70 m VA No occupation given  (1865-1944)
Lillian W. 51 f NC Wife, (2nd)  nee WILLIAMS  (1888-1955)

son of Benjamin P. & Margaret Ann OFFORT. See 1930 DC

1940 DC, Image 28, Block 23, 10th St. SE. page 181  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Bernard W. 29 m DC Machinist, railroad terminal  (1910-1980)
Ethel 42 f MS Wife, truck driver, helper, retail dep’t nee MAY (1896-1960)

son of Ernest Wesley Alsop & Annie GARVEY. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 15, Block 38, 30th St. Page 117

ALSOP, Byron W. 38 m DC Mar. Engineer, maritime Commission (1901-1946)
Ada Lee 35 f VA Wife     nee DECKER, (1905-2000)
Byron L. 9 m VA Son
Edward S. 5 m VA Son  (1935-2005) md Helen Schmidt in 1978

son of Edward Alsop & Alice Auld.  (See 1930, Warwick Co, VA)

1940 DC. Image 13, Block 16, Luray Place NW, page 834  (SPOTS)

BORTMAN, Isaac M. 48 m PA General manager, AC company
Anna A. 48 f DC Wife, U. S. Revenue Dept. (ALSOP) (1885-1974)
ALSOP, Minnie 80 f DC Mother-in-law, widowed  nee HEIDER

widow of William L. ALSOP (See 1910-1920 DC)

1940 DC, Image 19, March St. Block 68-69, Page 233  (SPOTS)

ALSOP Louisa 75 f DC Widowed, no occupation given nee HILLER (1866-1951)
William L. 51 m DC Son, single, Baker, bakery  (1888-1975) unmarried
Harris 45 m DC Son, single, laborer, WPA  (1895-1964) unmarried
Bernard 39 m DC Son, single  (1900-1966) unmarried

widow of Jackson L. ALSOP. See 1920-1930 DC Census

1940 DC. Image 4-5, Block 206-207, Southern Ave. SW, page 192  (SPOTS)

SCHMEDT, William E. 47 m DC Mail carrier, U. S. Post Office 
Mary E.


f DC Wife, (md 1918, DC)  (1889-1971)
ALSOP, Cornelia 71 f DC Mother-in-law, widowed (nee McDONALD, widow of Charles R. ALSOP)

See 1920 DC Census

1940 DC. Image 29, Block 17, Sea St. NW, page 735

MOSS, James R. 69 m VA (Negro) messenger, gov’t bldg.
Anna 42 f PA (Negro), wife, maid, private family
ALSOP, Lucy 74 f VA (Negro) widowed, sister  widow of Armistead ALSOP

Armistead died in 1928, See 1930 DC census, 1920 Spotsylvania Co, VA

1940 DC. Image 24, Block 38, 28thSt. NW, page 69

VESSELS, Florence 67 f DC (Negro) widowed, no occupation given
FRENCH, William H. 48 m NC (Negro), boarder single, laborer
ALSOP, Susie 58 f GA (Negro), boarder, widowed, cook, private family (from Belmont, OH)  (1890-1948)

Susie HOWARD, 4th wife of Willis Alsop  (See 1930, Belmont, OH for Willis)

1940 DC. Image 25, Block 22, Wisconsin Ave. page 310  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, John J. 57 m VA Caretaker, Cemetery  (1881-1957)
Lessie B. 52 f VA Wife  nee SIMS
Alvin A. 27


VA Son, single, laborer, dairy farm  (1912-1980)
Catherine 12 f VA Dau   md Mr. Rose



MI Son/law, stock clerk, paper mill



VA Dau
Erwin 6


DC Grandson

son of Arthur Mossen Alsop & Susan Harris   See 1920-1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 16, Block 16-19, Lamont St. NW, page 35   (SPOTS)

154-ALSOP, Carl E. 53 m DC Carpenter, building repairs
Annie R. 54 f DC Wife,  nee BARNETT
Robert B. 22 m DC Son, single, mechanic, AC Co.  (1917-1986) md Edith POWELL
Carl E. 21 m DC Son, single, bookkeeper  (1920-1982)
CLARKE, Georgia 32 f VA Cousin, practical nurse, private practice

son of Wm Lowrey Alsop & Minnie Heider.  See1920-1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 34, Block 50, Veazey St. NW, page 423  (SPOTS)

LUCKETT, Lottie 61 f DC Single, no occupation given
CARLIN, Sadie 54 f DC Widowed, sister, clerk,US Bureau Empl.
ALSOP, Macgill 52 f DC Widowed, sister, clerk, U. S. Public Health nee LUCKETT
Lawrence 19 m DC Nephew,  (1920-2007) md 1st, Bernice SMITH
MORGAN, Helen 48 f DC Sister, widowed, Saleswoman, retail clothing
MANLEY, Edith 44 f DC Sister, widowed, saleswoman, Dept. store

Margaretta LUCKETT, wife of James Vernard Alsop. See 1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 16 Block 1-18, Plymouth St. SW, page 135  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, David H. 48 m DC Plumbing Con’t. Plumbing & Heating Co. (1892-1966)
Edith S. 49 f MD Wife (nee BOWES)  (1889-1955)

son of Thaddeus Alsop & Catherine FRANK. See 1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 41, Block 1-5, Page 546

ALSOP, Robert 44 m VA (Negro), Janitor, Procurement Div.
Josephine 39 f MD (Negro), servant, private home (nee MARSHALL)

son of Moses & Eunice Robinson  See 1930, DC

1930 DC. Image 24, Block 76, Monroe St NE. page 156

ALSOP, Edward H. 43 m DC Engineer, lithographer, Navy Dept.  (1896-1946)
Lucy N. 39 f NY Wife,  (MNU, 1900-1976)
Margaret 7 f DC Dau
Bernice 2 f DC Dau

son of Edward Alsop & Alice Auld. See 1930 DC

1940 DC Image 11, Block 253, Ft. Davis St. SE. page 253  (SPOTS)

EDWARDS, Roland 63 m MD Elevator operator, Hotel
Ella 57 f DC Wife (nee ALSOP) (1882-1957)
Catherine 32 f DC Dau, single, Stenographer, Line Ins. Co.
ALSOP, William 43 m DC Brother/law, single, Plumber, Building Const. (1893-1970)

Ella & William were children of Thaddeus Alsop & Catherine Frank. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 28, Block 23, 10th St. SE, page 181  (SPOTS)

POWER, James H. 69 m VA No occupation given
Eva 56 f DC Wife, clerk, Gov’t Bureau of Public Service
ALSOP, Philip 41 m DC Cousin, married, Rote clerk, Gov’t. Was Dept. (1897-1946)
Claire L. 30 f LA Cousin, born New Orleans  CLAUSING, w/o Philip

son of Benjamin B. & Evelina McWhirt. See 1930, DC (Benjamin)

1940 DC. Image 19, Block 17, Swann St. page 535

INGLE, Lillian 32 f VA (Negro), maid, private house
HOWARD, George 22 m VA (Negro) Nephew, car wash, garage
BAKER, Eva 17 f VA (Negro), Niece, maid, private home
ALSOP, Elizabeth 40 f VA (Negro), Cousin, widowed, maid, private home

See 1930, DC, she was listed as married but living alone

1940 DC. Image 6, Block 207-209, 45th Place SE, page 192  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Harold G. 35 m MD Shipping clerk, Bell cast Company (1905-1987)
Julia 40 f DE Wife  nee SULLIVAN, md 1924
Harold G. 13 m DC Son  (1926-2004) md  Magdeline FLAHERTY abt 1950

son of Charles Rosser Alsop & Cornelia McDonald. See 1930 DC

1940 DC. Image 27, Block 13, Bates St. NW. page 88  (SPOTS)

SMITH, Amadeus H. 46 m DC Salesman, shoe store
Ida B. 44 f DC Wife  nee ALSOP
Gloria V. 18 f DC Dau
Richard A. 7 m DC Son
ALSOP, Grace J. 39 f DC Sister/law, single, Supervisor, Telephone Co. (1900-1977)

daughters of Lawrence Alsop & Caroline McDonald. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 34, Block 19-24, 30th St. NW, page 17

ALSOP, Joseph 33 m DC (Negro), Janitor, Apartment Bldg.
Susie 32 f DC (Negro, wife, house maid, private family

See 1930, Cleveland, OH, Susie may be 2nd wife

1940 DC. Image 46 Block 21, E St. page 485

ALSOP, Naomi 30 f DC (Negro), bend office, Post Office
Doris 9 f DC (Negro) Dau
Ruth 10 f OH (Negro) Dau (Cleveland, OH)
JONES, Samuel B. 25 m TX (Negro) Lodger, Skilled Helper

See 1930, Cleveland, OH, divorced from Joseph?

1940 DC. Image 22. Block 38, Dumbarton Ave. page 68  (Vol 1 Chpt 12)

ALSOP Joseph W. 29 m CT Writer, newspaper  (1910-1989) md Susan Patton in 1961
REYES, Nicholas 42 m PI Butler, Private home (Philippians Island)

son of Joseph Wright IV & Corrine ROBINSON. See 1930, Hartford Co, CT

1940 DC. Image 19, Block 36, Maryland Ave. NE, page 449  (Benton)

ALSOP, Cecil 28 m TX Lodger, single, lawyer, Private Practice (1913-1955)

Living in household of Charles E. (36) & Delnia (30) WOOD,

son of Joseph Dick Alsup & Alice Alfreda GRAVES. See 1930, Denton, TX

1940 DC. Image–, Block 1-12 Florida Ave. NE, page 234  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Joseph, Jr. A. 24 m DC Carpenter, retail lumber co.  (1915-1941, Newfoundland)
Jane E. 20 f MD Wife  nee BURNELL, md in 1935

son of Ernest Wesley & Annie GARVEY. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 5, Block 7, 9th St. NE. page 768  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Grace 45 f VA Widowed  nee SPICER
Helen 23 f MD Dau, single  md Martin Blaisdell in 1940
Mae 20 f MD Dau, single, chambermaid, hotel
Russell 16 m DC Son  (1924-1991)
Doris 13 f DC Dau  md Mr. Barrack
SPICER, Alfred 30 m MD Brother, single, lodger, grave digger. Cemetery
Eugene 35 m MD Brother, single, lodger, Electrical Machinist. Electric Co.

widow of Clarence Bernard Alsop. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 36, Block 1-4, 11th St. page 811

ALSOP, Blanche 36 f VA (Negro), widowed, maid, private family
Ellan A. 17 f VA (Negro), Dau, waitress. Club House
Gladys P. 15 f VA (Negro), Dau


1940 DC. Image 6, Block 1, 17th St. NW, page 528

ALSOP, Lena 16 f VA (Negro), single, lodger

Living in household of D. (45) VA & Sallie H. JONES, (38) VA. Negro,


1940 DC. Image 1. Block14, 2200 California St. & 1878 Philips Place NW, page 504  (SPOTS)

ALSOP, Rita Ella 16 f DC Single, student, Technical School  md Mr. Villa

Living in household of Sister Mary WALSH, Head Super. 59, Brooklyn, NY,

dau of Ernest Wesley & Annie GARVEY. See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 33, Block 7, Page 283

SIMMS, Cecil 38 m SC (Negro), married, Cook, private home
ALLSOP, Janett 26 f VA (Negro), lodger, divorced, housework, private home
NICKPES, Josephine 7 f DC Lodger, Dau


1940 DC. Image 10, Tilden Gardens, page 380        (Francis Alsip)

ALLSIP, Sara 43 f PA Single, Linotype operator, Printer Office (1904-1958) Unmarried

Living alone, dau of Francis Allsip & Sarah E. MNU, See 1930, DC

1940 DC. Image 13, Block 34, 12th St. NW, page 96

ALSUP, Raymond 52 m NC Laborer, house construction.

Living in household of Stephen (52) and wife Catherine (56) SCHIEK

maybe son of George Llewellen Alsop & Mary Covington. See 1930, Boyle Co, KY. He was buried at Arlington Cemetery in 1956.