1940 Fairfield Co, CT. Central Ave. Bridgeport, CT. Image 12, page 502

119-ALLSUP, Martha 58 f West Indies (black) Housekeeper, Home
1910-2009 Joseph 30 m CT (black) Painter, Houses (find-a-grave)
1911-1981 Marcus 28 m CT (black) Gardner, Private Estate
1915-1993 Jacob 23 m CT (black) Painter, Houses

See 1910-1930 Fairfield Co, CT. Marcus md Dorothy Gertrude McCOY (1917-2005) see find-a-grave) Martha’s husband was James Alonzo ALLSUP.

1940 Fairfield Co, CT. Bell St. Stamford, CT. Image 6, page 74

87-CONNORS, Annie 67 f CT No Occupation
Robert 29 m CT Son, Orderly, Hospital
MULVIHILL, Nellie 67 f NC Lodger, single, No Occupation
RORANN, Susanne 48 f Hungary Lodger, widowed, No Occupation
ALLSOP, Nellie 57 f England Lodger, Single, Cook, Private Estate

See 1930 Fairfield Co, CT

1940 Fairfield Co, CT. Beardsley St. Ward 12, Bridgeport, CT. Image 6, page 521

53-ALLSOP, Samuel 35 m CT (black) Painter & Interior Decorator & Painting
Harthorne 32 f CT (black) wife, Caring for Children, State Welfare
McDONALD, Lucy 12 f CT (black) Lodger
PACK, Frank 9 m CT (black) Lodger
RICHARDSON, Katherine 5 f CT (black) Lodger
SOUTHERLAND, Edward 4 m CT (black) Lodger

See 1930 Fairfield Co, CT, Martha ALLSUP

1940 Hartford Co, CT. Clifford St. Ward 8, Hartford, CT. Image 17, page 1357

211-ALSOP, Frederick V.ictor 54 m England Printer Commercial, Printing Co.
Clair L. 26 f CT Dau, single, Copy Holder, Printing Co.

See 1910-1920-1930 Hartford Co, CT. Wife was Mabel Emily ABBOTT (mig 1903)

1940 Hartford Co, CA. Saunders St. East Hartford, CT. Image 36, page 447

391-ALSOP, John 28 m CT Printer, Insurance Co. (1912-1989)
Aldora  Alma 25 f CT wife nee BAXTER (1915-2001)

He was a son of Frederick V. ALSOP.

1940 Hartford Co, CT. Avon Twp. Semsbury Rd. Avon, CT. Image 6, page 3

65-ALSOP, Joseph W.right 63 m CT Utilities Commissioner (1876-1953)
Corrine R.oosevelt 53 f NJ Wife, ROBINSON (1886-1971)
GUTHRIE, Agnes 49 f Scotland Single, Servant
ROWLEY, Caroline 24 f CT Single, Servant
TOGNE, Irma 19 f CT Single, Servant

See 1920-1930 Hartford Co, CT. He was a son of Joseph Wright ALSOP & Elizabeth WINTHROP

1940 Middlesex Co, CT. Portland Twp. Portland, CT. Image 36, page 208

216-ALSOP, Jessie Margaret 64 f NY Single, Research Worker, Municipal Bldg.

Living alone

See 1900 Clay Co, MN-1920 Middlesex Co, CR. Jessie (1875-1951), was daughter of Henry White ALSOP & Elizabeth Elliman BENBOW.

1940 New Haven Co, CT. Ward 18, New Haven, CT. Image 37, page 1341

426-JACKSON, Lionel S. 35 m CT Advertizing Mgr. Daily Paper Co.
Patricia W. 32 f GA Wife
Suzanne 1 f CT Dau
ALSOPP, Gertrude 54 f England Single, Nurse, Private Family

Gertrude said she lived NewYork City, NY, 1935


1940 New Haven Co, CT. Hill Crest Terrace, Meriden, CT. Image 5, page 104

51-ALSOP, Samuel 45 m PA President, Liquid Handling Machinery
2nd wife Jane 37 f MD Wife
Edmund 4 m NY Son
Carter 8 mo m CT Son

He was a son of Edmund Canby ALSOP & Bertha S. SINQUETTE-See 1900 Phil, PA-1920-1930 Manhattan, NY.


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