1940 Coconino Co, AZ.P.O. Box 348, Dist. 2. Image 1, page 207

ALLSUP, Oliver Lee 36 m TX Maintenance Worker, County Hwy.
2nd wife Ruth 23 f PA wife

Ruth said she lived Mahoney, Schuylkill Co, PA, 1935

Oliver married (1) Bernice TERRY, 1926-son of Lee Robert ALLSUP & Sarah-see 1920-1930 Coconino Co, AZ

1940 Coconino Co, AZ. W. Phoenix St. Flagstaff, AZ. Image 11, page 48

ALLSUP, Lee Robert 61 m TX No occupation (1878-1940)
Sarah 63 f TX Wife WOOTAN

See 1910 Yavapai Co, AZ-1920-1920 Coconino Co, AZ-He was a son of Thomas ALLSUP & Matilda SHOCKLEY.

1940 Gila Co, AZ. Town of Miami, AZ. Image 5, page 238

ALLSUP, Leonard 22 m OK Miner, Mining Co.
md 1939 Effie 21 f OK Wife, Effie Lorene CORBIN

Lived Henrietta, Okmulgee Co, OK 1935

He was a son of Robert Young ALLSUP & Nettie Mae DAVIS, see 1930 McIntosh Co, OK.

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. Apache Trail, Image 8, page 1140

ALLSUP, Carlos Hardin 31 m OK Operator, Power House Co. 1901-1972
1st wife Bernice 25 f Canada Wife, nee ANDERS

Lived Weed, Siskiyou Co, CA. 1935

see 1920 Green Co, OK, son of Don Carlos ALLSUP & Lula Ann CLARK

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. E. Fillmore St. Phoenix, AZ. Image 3-4, page 506

ALLSUP, Forrest G.eorge 44 m KS U. S. Mail Carrier, USA
H.attie Blanch 42 f KS Wife, nee LESLIE
B.lanch Lucille 22 f MO Dau, Waitress, Drive-in, Eating place
F.orrestine Gertrude 16 f KS dau
Evelyn E. 14 f MO dau
Forrest G.eorge 11 m AZ son

See 1920 Wyondotte Co, KS-1930 Maricopa Co, AZ.-He was a son of George ALLSUP & Emma E. WOOD.

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. West Washington St. Phoenix, AZ. Image 19, page 822

ALLSUP, George 65 m MO No Occupation
Emma 65 f KY Wife, nee WOOD

See 1900 Jackson Co, MO-1910-1920 Wyondotte Co, KS-He was a son of William Townsend ALLSUP & Elizabeth Ellen McDOWELL

1940 Maricopa Co AZ. 12th St. Phoenix, AZ. Image 29, page 1860

ALLSUP, George F.ell 43 m WY Mechanic, Car Repair Shop
2nd wife Celeste C. 46 f ME Wife, died 1982, age 89 yr
AKEN, Ronald 17 m AZ step-son
Minnie 15 f AZ step-daughter

He was a son of John ALLSUP & Mary FELL-see 1900 Lin Co, OR-1920 Sherman Co, OR-1930 Maricopa Co, AZ.

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. Twp CSD-3, Image 53, page 2401

MERRITT, Lee W. 24 m TX Single, Laborer, farm
ALSUP, Robert 19 m TX Single, Laborer, farm

Robert said he lived Deming, NM 1935

Robert was a son of James Newberne ALSUP & Nellie Marie ROBINSON. He died in WW 2, 27 Feb 1943. See 1930 Socorro Co, NM

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. E. Madison St. Phoenix, AZ. Image 13, page 40

ALLSUP, Willis 39 m OK Divorced, Lodger, Laborer, Building Construction

Lived Green Co, OK, 1935

He was William Aubrey, a son of Don Carlos ALLSUP & Lula Ann CLARK. He was married to India Mae CROWLEY. See 1920-1930 Greer Co, OK

1940 Maricopa Co, AZ. US Highway 85 & Gila Bend, Image 1, page 2682

ALSOP, Wilbur R.ogers 54 m ID Proprietor, Wholesale Bakery 1886-1966
1894-1991 Mollie L. 45 f AL Wife, DISNEY, Saleslady, bakery
Wilbur Jr. 18 m CA Son, Attendant, gasoline service station
M. Jean 14 f CA dau
Jack 13 m CA son
BROWN, Wilma 24 f CA Dau, divorced, Cashier, Cafe

He was a son of William ALSOP & Katherine “Katie” FRANKLIN. See 1900 Posey Co, IN-1920 Riverside Co, CA-1930 Maricopa Co, AZ.


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