1930 Cowlitz Co, WA. Wallace Twp. Kelso, WA. page 208

ALLSUP, Marion F.rancis 78 m IL divorced, no occupation

Living alone

s/o William ALLSUP & Elizabeth TILLMAN- see 1900 Ada Co, ID-1920 Cowlitz Co. WA

1930 King Co. WA Carnatron Twp. Tolt, WA. page 176

ENTWISTLE, David 50 m WA farmer
Gladys L. 36 f MI wife Gladys Lucille SHARP
Ann 7 f WA dau
Robert G. 5 m WA son


Roy V.ernon 7 m ID adopted son (stepson) md (1) Lucinda Ruby CRAIGEN, 1942
Arthur P.ercy 4 5/12 m ID stepson md Helen YOUNG, 1949

Percy Vernon born in Derbyshire ENG, Aug 15, 1883. Came to USA on Aug 20, 1904 on Ship SS Lucania. He died Jul 29, 1925, and his wife Gladys remarried Robert ENTWISTLE

1930 King Co, WA Earlington Prect. page 269

ALLSOPP, Harry J. 42 m England president, United Mine Workers 1887-1963
Henrietta 42 f


Eloise 17 f Canada dau
                   James Leroy 11 m Canada son md Margaret BUXEL, 1946
           1920-2007 Robert Loren 9 m


son md Hazel DOROUGHTY, 1954


James 66 m Scotland father-in-law
Olive 58 f



See1920 Whatcom Co, WA

1930 King Co, WA. Seattle Twp. Seattle, WA. page 11

ALLSOPP, Alfred G. 40 m England single, installer, telephone co.

Living in household of Mary MANN, 73, widow

1930 King Co, WA. Seattle, WA. page 168  (St. Marys)

ALSOP, June R. 25 f OK lodger, divorced, Telephone operator

Living in household of Harry K. CHESLEY, hotel keeper

Mrs. Egbert, see 1920 King Co. WA (Egbert)

1930 King Co, WA. Dist 180, 1731 30th Ave. So. Seattle WA. page123

FROZA, Joseph P. 23 Austria, garderner, landscape (he was 45)
Leila M. 53 wife                          
Alice M. 9 WA dau                           
Frank J. 34 m Austria, brother, mechanic, automobile
             Janet B. 21 ENG dau (this is Janet B. ALLSOPP)                      
see 1920 King Co, WA  

1930 Kitsap Co, WA. Prect 5 & 6, Bremerton, WA. page 58  (Vol 2 Chpt 20)

ALSOP, Samuel R.alph 38 m CA meat cutter, butcher shop  1892-1961
Salina M. 38 f CA wife nee SCRIBNER
Kathryn 17 f WA dau md Victor SINKUNAS, 1931
Stanley 12 m WA son

s/o Joseph Harvey & Ada SEXTON, see 1920 Whatcom Co. WA

1930 Pierce Co, WA. 5th ward, Tacoma, WA. page 96  (Spots)

ALSIP, John FranklinWilliam 49 m IL widower, chief train dispatcher, N.P. railway
William Richard 17 m WA son md Josephine Anne JOHNSON


Maggie 70 f IA widowed, housekeeper

s/o William W. & Middie Luttice PHELPS,  Wife Nellie Allie DWYER died 1929, see 1920 Pierce Co. WA

1930 Spokane Co. WA. Espanola Twp. page 250

ALSUP, Edna 46 f ID married, Inmate

Eastern State Hospital

1930 Walla Walla Co, WA. Lewis Prect. Walla Walla, WA. page 70  (Spots)

 ALSIP, John F.ranklin, Jr. 19 m WA single, college student

Living alone

s/o John Franklin & Nellie Allie DWYER, md Priscilla Eleanor MAGILL, see 1920 Pierce Co. WA

1930 Whatcom Co, WA. Bellingham Twp. 4th ward, Bellingham, WA. page 259  (Vol 2 Chpt 20)

ALSOP, Joseph H.arvey 67 m England roomer, can’t read occuptaion
Ada 58 f


roomer SEXTON

Living in household of Raben Y. PORAVER? Hotel

s/o Samuel & Ann CLARKE, see 1920 Whatcom Co. WA

1930 Whatcom Co, WA. Bellingham Twp. 5th ward, Bellingham, WA. page 153 (Vol 2 Chpt 20)

ALSOP, Joseph 82 m England widower, no occupation
Rose Ellen Nellie 50 f


niece, single

s/o Joseph & Ellen HADFIELD, Rose Ellen d/o Samuel Alsop & Ann CLARKE, see 1920 Whatcom Co. WA

1930 Whatcom Co, WA. Bellingham Twp. 2nd ward, Bellingham, WA. page 129 (Vol 2 Chpt 20)

ALSOP, Samuel Nance 54 m CA plumber, own shop 1876-1966
Lulu Agnes 50 f MI wife RICE, md 10 Dec 1898


N.ancy Beulah 18 f WA dau, single md Mr. McKEE

s/o Samuel & Ann CLARKE, see 1920 Whatcom Co. WA

1930 Whitman Co, WA. Seats Twp. Prect. 11. page 34  (Douglas)

ALSUP, James Thomas 42 m MO farm manager 1887-1943


Lavern 33 f OR wife (2) NELSON
James 1 m WA son


Edward C. 58 m IL widower, lodger, farm laborer
Jason 14 m WA son

s/o James Shelton & Phoebe OUSLEY

1930 Yakima Co, WA. Yakima Twp. Prect. 14, Yakima, WA. page 153

 ALSUP, Martha 50 f MO widow, servant, keeping house, private home

Living in household of C. Stewart (29) COLE, divorced, with 2 sons

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