1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 3rd ward, Braddock Borough, PA. page 195

ALLSOP, Margot 45 f PA widow, no occupation
George Robert 13 m PA son
Thora 11 f PA dau
Margaret 7 f PA dau

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA (George)

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Turtle Creek Borough, PA. page 11

PAGE, Albert R. 55 m OH clerk electric works
Levia 40 f ENG wife nee WEST
   HASELTINE, Elizabeth 28 f PA single, roomer
Levia 24 f PA single, roomer


Charles 18 m PA single, nephew, bench hand, electric works

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA (son of Harriet West Allsopp) Charles married Mildred SINCLAIR, 1936

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Versailles Twp. page 149

ALLSOPP, John R. 41 m England laborer, tin mill
Lillie Mae 35 f


James W. 19 m


son, laborer, outside md Martha E. SIMMS, 1940
Richard W. 13 m




Leroy Willard 11 m


son md Laverne Ann HINERMAN
Betty 5 f


dau md John P. PUSKAR, 1944

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. West Deer Twp. Unincorporated Bairdford, PA. page 220

ALLSOPP, Thomas F. 61 m England mine foreman, coal mine 1868-1960
1896-1930 Bessie 61 f England wife
1900-1978 William F. 30 m


son, laborer, coal mine
1906-1980 Isabell 24 f


dau, school teacher, public school
1911-1980 Charles W. 19 m


son md Elizabeth
John 17 m



see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Wilkinsburg Borough, PA. page 1992

ALSOP, George A. 32 m PA realtor, real estate
Susie B. 33 m PA wife
Doris I/J? 9 f PA dau
Marie E.lizabeth 4 7/12 f PA dau

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA

1930 Allegheny Co. PA. Dormont Borough, PA. page 165

ALLSUP, John P. 53 m TN mech. engr. steel mill
Florence 50 f KY wife RAINES

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 3rd ward, Wilkinsburg Borough, PA. page

ALLSUP, Kenneth 26 m KY brick layer, building trade
Eleanor 24 f PA wife

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA (John P.)

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Hampton Twp. page 31

STUMPF, George W. 22 m PA groomer, riding academy
Hazel L. 19 f PA wife
               ALLSUP, Ethridge A. 28 m TN single, lodger, groomer, riding academy

Indexed as George W. SENNEFF, incorrect

see 1920 Noxubee Co, MS s/o John A ALSUP & Bertha HARDISON

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. Mount Lebanon Twp. page 113

ALLSOP, Harold L. P. U. 36 m IL tax expert, steel co.
Mabel 33 f IL wife CHAMBERLAIN
Charles 10 m OH son

see 1900 Allegheny Co. PA-1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 3rd ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 46

THOMAS, William R. 34 m PA laborer, building
Mary 36 f PA wife


Gertrude 14 f PA step/dau


Bernard 29 m PA single, lodger, chauffeur, cab co.

see 1920 Allegheny Co, PA (William A. & Mary)

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 5th ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 174

ALSUP, Lula 55 f TN (black) widow, no occupation


James E. 39 m TN son, (black) single, clerk, post office


Lillian 36 f VA married, roomer, (black) laundress, private family

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 5th ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 27

ALSUP, William M. 36 m AL (black), repairman, auto garage
Fannie 34 f AL wife


Thurston 27 m NC boarder, shoemaker, shoe repair shop

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 15th ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 4  (Benton)

ALSUP, Frank 42 m KY blacksmith, electric co.
2nd wife Bessie T. 29 f PA wife Bessie SMITH (or MOORE?)
Florence B. 3 8/12 f PA dau md Bill BARNES
Bessie M. 2 4/12 f PA dau “twin”
Dessie L. 2 4/12 f PA dau “twin”
1929-2001 Francis H. ”Frank” 8/12 m PA son md Shirley HARGEST (1932-2007)


Florence 56 f PA widow, mother/law, maid, private family

s/o Claiborn Lewis ALSUP & Millicent T. DANIEL. see1920 Rock Island Co, IL.

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 16th ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 219

ALLSOP, Albert 42 m PA divorced, lodger, truck driver, trucking co.

Living in household of Mary DILNORTH? 50 f widow, Czechoslovakia, boarding house keeper

1930 Allegheny Co, PA. 19th ward, Pittsburgh, PA. page 97

ALSAP, Richard 32 m PA salesman, wholesale house
Opal 31 f PA wife

see 1920 Allegheny Co. PA

1930 Beaver Co, PA. East Vale Borough, PA. page 86  (Goochland)

ALSIP, Bertie G.ertrude 47 f IN widow, no occupation, being helper HARRIS
Opal L. 17 f IN dau, housekeeper, private family
Beverly Jean 8 f IN dau

(2) w/o William Henry Harrison, s/o John Archer & Sarah Catherine WHITE, see 1920 Clay Co. IN (William)

1930 Bedford Co, PA. Bedford Borough, PA. page 7  (Vol 2 Chpt 9)

ALSIP, Rena 60 f PA single, no occupation

Living alone

d/o Espy & Mary E. HAFER, see 1920 Bedford Co. PA

1930 Bedford Co. PA. Bedford Borough, East Ward, page 17
LITTLE, Alvin L. 66 m PA attorney, general practice
Gussie A. 58 f PA wife nee ALSIP
         ALSIP, Delilah A. 83 f PA mother-in-law, widowed (died 1936)
 JOHNSON, James 56 m PA negro, servant, cook, private family

see 1920 Bedford Co, PA

1930 Cambria Co, PA. Barnesboro Twp. page 99

DAINTY, William 63 m ENG miner, coal mine
Anna Jane 58 f


Salina 16 f




Daniel George 58 m Wales single, boarder, mechanic, coal mine

s/o Daniel & Jane ALSOP, see 1880 Lycoming Co. PA-1900-1910-1920 Cambria Co. PA

1930 Cambria Co, PA. Croyle Twp. page 79

ALLSOP, Henry 45 m


farmer, general farming
Anna 40 f ENG wife
Edith Mary 18 f


Lester David 13 m PA son

see 1920 Cambria Co. PA

1930 Clearfield Co, PA. Ramey Borough, PA. page 177

CROYLE, James H.enry 68 m PA mail messenger, U. S. mail
Laura E.lizabeth 57 f PA wife nee BEYER


James H. 37 m PA son/law, married, mine foreman, coal mine
Virginia Marguerite 32 f PA dau, married CROYLE, md Jul 1920
1922-1972 James H. 7 m PA grandson md Dorothy ROBINSON, 1942
Margaretta Louise 4 1/12 f PA granddau md Roy VAN SCOYOC, 1946
1929-2007 Alfred A. 5/12 m PA grandson md Louise THOMPSON

s/o Daniel & Jane, see 1920 Clearfield Co. PA

1930 Dauphin Co, PA. 10th ward, Harrisburg, PA. page 217

WILLIAMS, Thomas H. 67 m PA (black) widower, janitor, market house
Jacob H. 19 m PA son laborer, conductor


Clara M. 26 f PA (black) dau
Clarence 4 m PA (black) grand/son


Jeanette C. 2 f PA (black) grand/dau

1930 Dauphin Co, PA. 5th ward, Steelton Borough, PA. page 270

ALLSUP, Carl Richard


m PA (black) married, son/law, laborer, mill 1904-1999
            1908-1988 Eva


f PA wife nee BEATTY
Henrietta 1 4/12 f PA dau md Mr. WINFIELD

Living in household of Morris (52) & Carrie E. (42) BEATTY + 4 ch’n

1930 Delaware Co, PA. 1st ward, East Lansdowne Borough, PA. page 230

ALSOP, Joseph 37 m PA salesman, milk
Mary 39 f PA wife
Delores 14 f PA dau
Eleanor 6 f PA dau

see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Elk Co, PA. 5th ward, Ridgeway Borough, PA. page 252  (Vol 2 Chap 3)

ALSOP, William K.ite 57 m PA chemist, lather co.
Jane K. 50 f NJ wife RANSOM
William Kite, Jr. 23 m CT son
Elizabeth Billings Betty 25 f NY dau, secretary, lather co.


Edward A. 81 m NJ widower, father-in-law

s/o Samuel R., Jr. & Esther KITE, see 1900 NY, City-1910-1920 Elk Co. PA

1930 Franklin Co, PA. Antrim Twp. page 175  (Vol 2 Chpt 7)


Joseph R.agan 38 m MD carpenter
md 12 May 1913 Nora E.mily 39 f MD wife BIDLE
Ruth E.lizabeth 16 f MD dau md Mr. SOUTH
died Nov 2, 1973 Joseph E. Daniel 14 m MD son md Mrs. Mable UTTERBECK
John E.dward 13 m MD son


Silas R.aymond 11 m MD son
Florence J. 8 f MD dau md Mr. SPRANKLE
Nora L.ouise 6 f MD dau md Mr. TRACEY
Lawrence N.athan 5 m MD son

s/o John Henry & Sarah E. REYNOLDS, see 1920 Washington Co, MD

1930 Indiana Co, PA. Center Twp. Unincorporated Coral Village, PA. page 126

ALSOP, David 54 m England miner, coal mine
Myrtle Jane 47 f


wife MACK
Ruth 18 f


dau injured in train accident with sister
Kenneth Daniel 16 m


Esther 13 f


dau died March 15, 1935, hit by train
1925-1997 David Jr. 5 m


son md Marilla ????

see 1920 Indiana Co. PA

1930 Indiana Co, PA. Clymertown Twp. Clymer Borough, PA. page 193

ALLSOPP, Edward 55 m PA miner, coal mine (died 1948)


Mrs Effie 53 f PA wife HETRICK (died 1934)
Clifford 17 m PA son
Effie 16 f PA dau
Ethel 12 f PA dau


Gerald 19 m PA son/law, coal miner
Mary 19 f PA dau, married

see 1920 Indiana Co. PA

1930 Jefferson Co, PA. 3rd ward, Punxsutawney Borough, PA. page 231

ALLSIP, Albert 51 m PA dairyman, dairy 1874-1954
1879-1953 Frances May 50 f PA wife
1907-1988 Ruth 23 f PA dau, single, saleslady, dairy

see 1920 Jefferson Co. PA

1930 Jefferson Co, PA. 3rd ward, Punxsutawney Borough, PA. page 218

ALLSIP, John W.illiam 32 m PA dairyman, milk depot 1897-1969
1897-1970 Margaret G. 32 f PA wife Margaret SUTTER
John W. 6 m PA son
Mary M. 3/12 f PA dau

s/o Albert & Frances above

1930 Jefferson Co, PA. 3rd ward, Punxsutawney Borough, PA. page 220

ALLSIP, Francis 57 m PA glass blower, glass plant
Sarah E. 52 f MO wife
Mary G. 22 f PA dau, single, teacher, public school

see 1920 Jefferson Co. PA

1930 Lackawanna Co, PA. 2nd ward, Olyphant, PA. page 34

DAVIS, Margaret 72 f PA widow, no occupation


*William 51 m PA son, single, laborer, coal mine


*Anna 45 f PA dau, divorced

*child of Thomas J., see 1880-1900-1920 Lackawanna Co. PA

1930 Lawrence Co, PA. 2nd ward, New Castle, PA. page 118

ALLSOPP, William John 27 m PA laborer, tin mill 1902-1961

md 1923

Jane Ann 25 f PA wife McMICHAEL 1904-1968
Norma J.ane 4 f PA dau md William G. FALLS, 1944
           1927-2001 Thomas C.arl 2 m PA son md Genevieve Louise McMICHAEL

see 1920 Lawrence Co. PA (another son Robert John, born Sep 5, 1932 and died May 9, 1997, San Bernardino Co, CA 

1930 Lawrence Co, PA. 5th ward, New Castle, PA. page 130

ALLSOP, William S. 42 m England (mig 1900), roller, tin mill
Florence N. 38 f


wife nee SCHMIDT
William 16 m


Elizabeth 14 f


Rilla M. 12 f


Florence 10 f


Frances 6 f


John 3 11/12 m



see 1920 Lawrence Co. PA

1930 Lehigh Co, PA. 7th ward, Allentown, PA. page 161

ABBOTT, William 56 m PA chauffeur
Bertha 51 f PA wife nee HEFEL


Irene 26 f PA dau. div. beauty parlor


David 12 m PA grandson 1918-2006. md Elsie M. SCHREI
Dorothy 9 f PA grand-dau

Children of David J. ALLSOP & Ethelinda ABBOTT-see 1920 Lehigh Co. PA

1930 Lehigh Co, PA. 11th ward, Allentown, PA. page 217

ALLSOP, Archie Archibold 37 m PA lineman, power & light
Rhoda R.osetta 35 f PA wife JONES
George N. 12 m PA son
Elizabeth 10 f PA dau
Thelma G. 8 f PA dau

s/o William & Annie, see 1920 Lehigh Co. PA

1930 Lehigh Co, PA. Whitehall Twp. 5th ward, Unincorporated Cunerton, PA. page 163

ALLSOP, George H. 34 m PA welder, foundry 1895-1972
1896-1988 Annie I. 33 f PA wife nee MILLER


Mary A. 63 f PA widow, mother/law

see 1920 Lehigh Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 2nd ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 204

ALSOP, Ethel 16 f PA (black) sister, single

Living in household of Ida HARRISON 29 f NY, married, + 3 roomers

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 4th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 220

ALSOP, Abe 51 m VA (black), laborer, construction
May 50 f DE wife, chamber maid, private family

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 15th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 147

BETTINGER, Henry C. 68 m PA engineer, hoist
Sarah E. 58 f PA wife WATTS ALSOP


Helen 30 f PA step/dau, single

see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 22nd ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 38

ALLSOP, Thomas 63 m England manufacturer, drying machine
Fannie Louise 60 f




Laura A. 89 f


widow, mother/law


Eleanor W. 67 f    MA widow, sister/law

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 24th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 104

ALSUP, James 70 m MD (black) widower, lodger, laborer, building construction

Living in household of William POLK, 60 m MD widower

see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 27th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 43

ALSUP, William J. 45 m MD (black), janitor, factory
Anna M. 48 f DC wife


Clara 58 f DC single, sister/law

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 28th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 101

ALLSOPP, Ralph S. 22 m PA auditor, banking
Emma 22 f PA wife


Lawrence 19 m PA single, roomer, chemist

s/o Frederick G. & Iva M., see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 30th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 73

ALSOP, Elizabeth 50 f USA single, lodger, no occupation given

Living in household of Charles M. (65) & Elizabeth M. (64) JONES

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 34th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 71  (Spots)

ALSOP, Robert B. 30 m PA civil engineer, telephone co.
Katherine 25 f PA wife FLYNN  md 1925
Mary Ellen 2 4/12 f PA dau

s/o Robert Lee & Susan below

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 35th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 75  (Spots)

BUETTLER, John 41 m NY

md 1900

Florence 41 f PA wife ALSOP


Susan 62 f PA widow, mother/law THOMPSON

see 1900-1910-1920 Philadelphia Co. PA (Robert & Susan)

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 36th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 12

JACQUELL, John 70 m ENG dryer, cotton mill
Anna 58 f ENG wife


Oscar 70 m


single, lodger, paper hanger

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 40th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 211  (Benton)

ALSUP, Homer B.ert 36 m LA steward, oil mfg. co. 1894-1970

md 9 Jun 1919

Stella B.irtie 28 f LA wife WROTEN 1901-1987
George Wroten 10 m LA son md Joann BUTLER


Ariel Dunham 6 m IL son md Virginia Elouise MARSDON
Rhoda Thane 4 f LA dau md Jack MOFFET
Valerie Faye Valera 2 f PA dau md James Henry TINDEL

s/o George Washington & Rosa BADEN, see 1920 Avoyelles Parish, LA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 41st ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 5

ALSOP, Raymond W. 32 m PA clerk mail order co.
Caroline 33 f WV wife


Albert H. 3 11/12 m PA nephew

s/o John & Sarah WATTS, see 1900-1910-1920 Philadelphia Co., PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 43rd ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 19

ALLSOPP, Frederick G. 54 m Austria (mig 1899), proprietor, barber shop
Ida M. 43 f




Benjamin F. 59



widower, brother/law, packer, United States Custon House

see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 43rd ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 282

RIENICKE, Gustine F. 57 m


manager, express co.
Jennie 56 f




Emma 82 f England widow, roomer, no occupation

see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 44th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 155

ALLSOP, William B. 40 m England driver, carpet mill
Mabel I. 36 f


Dorothy 18 f


dau, saleslady, drygoods store
William B., Jr. 17 m


son bale rugs, carpet mill
Robert H. 10 m


George 6 m



see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 44th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 122

ALSOP, Martin 40 m VA (black) single, lodger, servant, private home

Living in household of Judy JORDSON? 49 f VA (black) widow, dress maker

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 46th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 63 

ALLSOPP, Roy R. 24 m PA insurance agent
Mary E. 22 f TN wife
Roy R., Jr. 8/12 m PA son


Daisy 21 f KY single, sister/law, bookkeeper, insurance co.

s/o Frederick G. & Iva M., see 1920 Philadelphia Co. PA (Frederick G.)

Mary and Daisy, d/o David L. & Idella HAM, 1920 Phil, PA.

1930 Philadelphia Co, PA. 47th ward, Philadelphia, PA. page 106

ALSOP, Rachaell 28 f VA (black) single, roomer, waitress, club

Living in household of Randolph (38) & Maggie (38) RICHARDSON + 4 ch’n

1930 Schuylkill Co, PA. East ward, Gilberton Borough, PA. page 12

ALSOP, Stephen Wasil 39 m PA laborer, coal mine
Maude Edna 43 f PA wife FELLOWS
William 15 m PA son
Margaret 8 f PA dau

s/o William ALSOP & Annie, from Wales, see 1920 Schuylkill Co. PA

1930 Schuylkill Co, PA. Tremont Borough, PA. page 166

ALSOP, Annie W. 76 f PA widow, no occupation

Living alone

see 1920 Schuylkill Co. PA

1930 Venango Co, PA, Oil City, PA. page 170

MYERS, Reuben 51 m PA laborer, public school
Elizabeth 40 f PA wife (widow of Joseph ALLSOP, died 1922)
           ALLSOPP, Helen 13 f PA dau (step-dau) md Donald MITCHAM
           ALLSOPP, Norval 22 m PA son (step-son) pipe cutter, refining co.
           ALLSOPP, Myrna 18 f PA dau-law (step-dau-law) nee HARTZELL
   BAHR, George 28 m PA treater, refining co.
Ruth 20 f PA wife ALLSOPP
Betty 2 8/12 f PA dau
Jeannine 5/12 f PA dau

 Norval, Ruth and Helen children of Joseph & Elizabeth ALLSOPP-see 1920 Allegheny Co, PA

1930 Washington Co. PA. Burgettstown Borough, PA. page 109

ALSOP, Rolf 32 m KY single, lodger, contractor, road building

Living in household of Willis (25) m CRAWFORD, single, truck driver

see 1900-1910 Scott Co. KY

1930 Washington Co, PA. Charleroi Borough, PA. page 48

ALLSOPP, Joseph 53 m England (mig 1900), foreman, glass house (1875-1957)
1875-1945 Elizabeth 52 f England wife RANDON
md Ernest CASTANGA Fay 23 f England dau, single, filing clerk, glass house
md William BROSANG Gladys 21 f England dau, single, teacher, public school
died 1968 Randon 18 m England son, single

see 1920 Washington Co. PA

1930 Washington Co, PA. Ellsworth Borough, PA. page 31

McNULTY, Anthony 40 m PA laborer, coal mine
Mary 40 f PA wife


Evelyn 20 f PA single, step/dau


Regis 13 m PA son
Marie 11 f PA dau
Luticia 8 f PA dau
Lawrence 1 8/12 m PA son

see 1920 Washington Co. PA

1930 Washington Co, PA. North Franklin Twp. page 138

ALLSOPP, Thomas 34 m England laborer, coal mine
Estella 33 f


Richard 12 m


John T. 9 m


Betty 4 f



see1920 Washington Co. PA

1930 Westmorland Co, PA. 4th Prect. New Kingston Borough, PA. page 147

ALLSOPP, John C. 44 m PA proprietor, barber shop
Mary 40 f PA wife md Mary LANEY, Feb 6, 1913
Eva 16 f PA dau


Henry 24 m PA single, boarder, machine operator, Gen. Elec co.


Robert N. 23 m PA single, boarder, salesman, Maytag washer co.

1930 Westmorland Co. PA. South Huntingdon Twp. page 78

LAWSON, Alexander D. 45 m SCOT laborer, coal mine
Elizabeth J. 44 f


Marion J. 16 f


James D. 11 m


Bruce A. 7 m


Elizabeth A. 2 f




Jane W. 80 f England widow, mother/law, no occupation
William 56 m England single, brother-in-law, no occupation given

1930 York Co, PA. 5th ward, Hanover Borough, PA. page 110

ZEPP, Ida J. 65 f PA widow, no occupation
Catherine 3 7/12 f PA grand/dau


John E. 62 m PA widowed, lodger, cigar maker, cigar factory

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