1930 Belmont Co, OH. Pultney Twp. 4th ward, Bellaire, OH. page 247

ALSUP, Willis 54 m VA (black) widower, plasterer, contractor

Living alone

see 1920 Belmont Co. OH

1930 Crawford Co, OH. Auburn Twp. page 281  (Goochland)

ALSEPT, Walter 36 m KY farmer, farm work 1894-1967

md 11 Jun 1924

Minta Ellen Minty 30 f KY wife (2) DAVIS 1901-1989
Irene 5 f KY dau md Morgan Thomas DAY
Price 4 m KY son


Mildred 2 f KY dau md Arvin Bydge PATRICK
Ruth 1 f OH dau md Marlen HAYNES

s/o Sublett & Lucinda WHITLEY, see 1920 Magoffin Co. KY

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. Prect. P. 15th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 6 (Vol 2 Chpt 3)

ALLSOPP, William E. 43 m ENG pottery maker, electrical equipment 1887-1958

md 9 Jul 1919

Catherine J.ONES 37 f


wife, public school teacher 1893-1966
William E.dgar 9 m


son md Martha SININGER
Margaret 4 1/12 f


Elizabeth Jane 3 f OH dau md George William GRISSINGER

s/o George & Elizabeth SPENCER, see 1920 Cuyahoga Co., OH

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 16th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 137  (Benton)


Troy Watts 39 m TN laborer, building trade 1892-1952

md 5 Jul 1917

Bertrice Berniece 29 f TN wife (2) RAINWATERS 1900-1965
Mamie 10 f TN dau


Ridge 60 m TN married, boarder, laborer, steel co.
WHEATLEY, Carl 25 m TN boarder, married, shader & mixer, paint co.
Pauline 21 f TN boarder, married, factory worker

s/o Daniel Thomas & Cora Bell HOLLAND, see 1920 Benton Co. TN

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 19th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 162

ALSOP, Joseph 21 m VA (black), waiter, club
Naomi 18 f DC wife
Ruth Virginia 2/12 f OH dau

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH, 24th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 158

ALSUP, John 29 m IN machinist, auto plant (1901-1963)
Helen L. 28 f OH wife nee KRAFT (1902-1981)
Lois 1/12 f OH dau md Mr. LUNDY

see 1920 Cuyahoga Co, OH. Charles

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 18th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 93

ALLSOPP, Thomas P.ercival 39 m


floorman, rubber factory
Adeline B. 26 f Scotland wife

s/o Elizabeth below, see 1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 22nd ward, Cleveland, OH. page 109

ALLSOP, Frank H. 48 m England salesman, automobile
Marion 49 f England wife

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 3rd ward, East Cleveland, OH. page 108

ALSUP, Charles 52 m IN conductor, electric rails
              2nd wife Anna 42 f IN wife nee HELLER, md 1 Oct 1916

 md (1) Daisy SMITH-see 1910 Scott Co, IN-1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 3rd ward, East Cleveland, OH. page 254

DUDLEY, Thomas E. 31 m


draftsman, elevator co.
Caroline M.abel 31 f England wife


Elizabeth 72 f England widow, mother/law, no occupation died 1939

see 1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH (Elizabeth widow of George ALLSOPP)

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 4th ward, East Cleveland, OH. page 92

ALLSOPP, Harry Henry 44 m ENG manager, grocery store 1883-1951
1887-1952 Eliza 40 f


wife Elizabeth Ada FISHER
1912-1956 Ernest W.illiam 17 m ENG son md Marion WILLOW, 1938
1921- Joyce G.lennna 8 f ENG dau md (1) Norman SOUTHWICK, 1941

son of George ALLSOPP & Elizabeth SPENCER

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. Euclid Twp. Euclid Village, OH. page 197

ALLSOPP, Frank 41 m ENG contractor, building
1894-1969 Edith M. 36 f ENG wife md Edith MILLER

s/o Elizabeth above, see 1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH

1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH. Miles Heights Village, OH. page 42

ALSUP, Charles 42 m TN (black), laborer, foundry
Zora 33 f AL wife


William 36 m GA widower, boarder, laborer, nuts and bolts

1930 Delaware Co, OH. Concord Twp. page 53  (Vol 2 Chpt 7)

ALSIP, Mary C. 16 f OH single, Inmate

Girls Industrial School

d/o John William & Sadie, 1920 Wayne Co, OH

1930 Franklin Co, OH. 6th ward, Columbus, OH. page 173

WILLIAMS, Nannie 57 f OH (black) widow, no occupation


Hattie 31 f OH (black) widow, niece, manicurist, beauty shop

1930 Franklin Co, OH. 6th ward, Columbus, OH. page 163


Otway 57 m VA (black), laborer, city engineer dept.
Emma 40 f OH wife

1920-1974  ALSUP,

Wetone 10 f OH (black) niece (Index said 40) name at death DAWKINS
STRAUGHTER, Forrest 6 m OH nephew

Listed on Index, Not found

1930 Franklin Co, OH. 6th ward. page 224

ALSUP, Theresa 45 f WV (black), housework, private family
1913-1988 Zelotes 16 m OH son
Ruth 14 f OH dau

see 1920 Franklin Co. OH

1930 Franklin Co, OH. 4th ward, Columbus, OH. page 101 (Spots)

ALSUP, Jessie 37 m OH married (black), laborer, odd jobs nee SEWARD
Thursia 9 f OH dau
Norman 6 m OH son


Lillian 35 f OH sister, single, laundress, private family

Widow of Norman ALSUP Jr (1898-1926)

1930 Gallia Co, OH. Gallipolis, OH. page 268  (Vol 2 Chpt 7)

ALSIP, John W.illiam 39 m IN married, patient died May 31, 1930

Ohio State Hospital for Epileptics

s/o James H. & Anna C. MARSHALL, md Mary Sadie JARVIS, 1920 Wayne Co, OH, Wayne Co. below

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Cincinnati, OH. page 155  (Goochland)

ALSIP, Dock Blane 42 m KY machinist, machine milling 1887-1971
Theodocia Josie B. 39 f KY wife CLARK 1893-1963
Arlis 20 m KY son
Susan 18 f KY dau
Albert 15 m KY son
Dora M. 13 f KY dau
Delbert G. 10 m KY son
1922-2005 Virgil 8 m KY son md Delores BLOOMHUFF
Herman 7/12 m OH son

s/o David Franklin & Susan Samantha ROGERS, see 1920 Laurel Co. KY

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. 3rd ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 40 (Spots)

 ALSOP, Albert 52 m OH (black), crane operator, foundry
Rosetta 43 f OH wife
Leo 44 m OH brother, chauffeur, private family


William 42 m KY single, roomer


Sherman 38 m OH single, roomer

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Prect. D. 7th ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 160

ALSIP, Clarence 62 m KY looks like music?
Nora 54 f KY wife, shirt finisher, laundry
Lelia 24 f KY dau, sub sorter, laundry

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Prect. D. 13th ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 181 (Goochland)

DORTCH, Bonnie 28 f KY single, lodging, house keeper


Richard Madison 22 m KY single, lodger, worker, shoes 1907-1980

s/o Wm. Herndon & Esther A. CUMMINS, md Dora MOORE

1930 Hamilton Co, KY. Prect. M. 15th ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 168

ALLSUP, Ellis 43 m TN (black), pipe layer, plumbing co.
Daisy 34 f TN wife

Ellis died Dec. 29, 1938

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Prect. O. 18th ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 90

ALSOP, Bulah 41 f KY (black), maid, theater nee ROGERS
1906-1949 Jesse 24 m KY son, single, porter
1909-1976 Roger 22 m KY son, married, elevator boy

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. 20th ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 235  (Goochland)

ALSIP, Allie Francis 28 m KY drill press, handler 1901-1978
Susan Grace 27 f KY wife, billing clerk, Who novelty shop MULLINS

s/o John Bell & Fannie Jane SEXTON

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. 22nd ward, Cincinnati, OH. page 127  (Goochland)

ALSIP, Earl 18 m TN single, inmate

Cincinnati Work House

s/o Joseph Spencer & Nancy Ann TEAGUE

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Summers Twp. Loveland Village, OH. page 75

ALSOP, James R. 34 m OH (black), sand blaster, foundry 1894-1934
Myrtle 30 f OH wife nee HARRIS
Elizabeth 12 f OH dau
James 11 m OH son
Mary K. 9 f OH dau
Bernadine 7 f OH dau
1925-1999 David William 5 m OH son
Leroy 3 m OH son
1928-2000 Robert Matthew 1 11/12 m OH son

Son of William Alsop and Nannie Mae Green

1930 Hamilton Co, OH. Summers Twp. Loveland Village, OH. page 75

ALSOP, Dewey 32 m OH (black), chipper, milling machine 1894-1995
1897-1992 Alma 32 f OH wife nee ADAMS
Gladys 9 f OH dau md (1) Earl A. HAMILTON
Blanch 7 f OH dau
Mildred 3 10/12 f OH dau
Dewey was son of William ALSOP & Nannie Mae GREEN

1930 Hancock Co, OH. 1st ward, Findley, OH. page 25  (Goochland)

ALSEPT, Taylor 23 (32) m KY married, inmate, farm laborer 1898-1966

Hancock County Jail 1-17. Orville E. WILLIFORD, Sheriff

s/o Daniel B. & Elizabeth RISNER, md (1) Elva KILGORE, see 1920 Magoffin Co. KY

1930 Highland Co, OH. Hillsboro, OH. page 92

ALSOP, William 65 m OH (black), married, no occupation


Tracy 19 f OH (black) single, roomer
Bertha 7 f OH roomer

1930 Lorain Co, OH. Amherst Twp. South Amherst Village, OH. page 171

ALLSOP, Robert 35 m OH train foreman, stone quarry 1894-1977
1897-1974 Hazel 32 f OH wife nee LEONARD
1915-1941 Ruth 15 f OH dau md Mr. GAUMAN
1918-2006 Lee William 11 m OH son md Annette M. BONCZEK
1924-2003 Gloria Mae 5 f OH dau md Frank R.DAVIDSON
Earl L. 20 m OH single, brother/law, mill worker, stone quarry

see 1920 Lorain Co. OH

1930 Lorain Co, OH. Amherst Twp. South Amherst Village, OH. page 172

ALLSOP, William 63 m England laborer, stone quarry 1867-1940
1867-1937 Mary 63 f England wife
1905-1985 James 23 m England son, single, timekeeper, stone quarry

William Allsop born 2 Dec 1867, Derbyshire, ENG, son of Robert ALLSOP-see 1920 Lorain Co. OH

1930 Lorain Co, OH. Amherst Twp. South Amherst Village, OH. page 172

ALLSOP, Harold 28 m England yard foreman, stone quarry 1902-1970
1905-1979 Sophia 25 f


Harold 3 11/12 m



s/o William above, see 1920 Lorain Co. OH

1930 Lorain Co, OH. Amherst Twp. South Amherst Village, OH. page 178

ALLSOP, Annie 51 f ENG widow, no occupation (widow of George)
             1913-1964 Russell G.eorge 17 m


son md Helen Doris BARTLOME, 1939

1910-1920 Lorain Co, OH

1930 Lorain Co. OH Elyria Twp. 2nd ward, Elyria, OH. page 99

ALLSOPP, Frank C. 28 m ENG (mig 1923) tool & die maker, bicycle factory
Beatrice 26 f ENG wife (mig 1924) Beatrice BIRCH
Beatrice 3 4/12 f


dau md Mr. GLEASON


Russell W. 25 m


single, brother, section hand, steam railroad
Clayton 27 m


single, brother

                                                Two other sons, Bernard C. Allsop 9 Feb 1931-21 Oct 1998, and Leonard F. Allsop 28 May 1935-26 Apr 2007

1930 Lucas Co, OH. 7th ward, Toledo, OH. page 241

ALSOP, Nettie 30 f OH (black) single, housekeeper, private family

Living in household of Thomas ALEXANDER, 46 m IN married, merchant, soft drink parlor

1930 Mahoning Co, OH. Boardman Twp. page 217

ALLSOP, William H. 36 m PA surgeon, general practice 1893-1967
           1897-1963 Clara C. 34 f OH wife
Mary E. 3 f OH dau


Elizabeth 28 f PA single, servant, private family

see 1920 Mahoning Co. OH

1930 Mahoning Co, OH. 4th ward, Youngstown, OH. page 146

ALLSIP, Francis 25 m PA clerk, steam railroad
Armanda 25 f PA wife

1920 Montgomery Co, OH. 6th ward, Dayton, OH. page 143  (Spots)

DAVIS, Mills E. 40 m OH carpenter
Fern O. 36 f OH wife + 4 ch’n


John W. 26 m KY single, boarder, machine operator, elec. refrigeration

s/o Samuel Elgin & Margaret D. COVINGTON, see 1920 Scott Co. KY

1930 Montgomery Co, OH. 7th ward, Dayton, OH. page 92  (Spots)

ALSOP, Roscoe 20 m KY roomer, wood washer, elec. refrigeration 1909-1981
Hazel 19 f OH roomer 1911-2006

Living in household of Levy L. (58) & Daisy O. (56) HARLEMAN

brother to John above, see 1920 Scott Co. KY

1930 Montgomery Co, OH. 10th ward, Dayton, OH. page 226

ALLSUP, Frederick J. 64 m ENG piano repairman, odd jobs, mig 1880 (1865-1948)
1880-1967 Laura 56 f


1913-1977 Robert J. 17 m


son md Ellen Louise CHANCE
Dorothy F. 13 f



see 1920 Montgomery Co. OH

1930 Montgomery Co, OH. 10th ward, Dayton, OH. page 19

ALLSUP, Walter E. 62 m ENG engraver, studio mig 1880
Mary A. 57 f


Myrtle C. 33 f


dau, married
Margaret V. 31 f


dau, married
Walter E. 10 m



see 1920 Montgomery Co. OH

1930 Seneca Co, OH. Clinton Twp. 3rd ward, Tiffin, OH. page 136

ALSIP, Mary Charlotte B.ECK 30 f OH widow, laborer, creamery (1898-1957)
Marian L. 7 f OH dau md Ralph A. FRANKART
Russell R.eamer, Jr. 6 m OH son 1923-1935
Meredith Blair 4 11/12 m OH son

widow of Russell Reamer ALSIP, Sr. 1887-1928

1930 Summit Co, OH. 2nd ward, Akron, OH. page 257  (Vol 2 Chpt 9)

ALSIP, Albert W.illiam 38 m MD mechanic, railroad
Julia 27 f PA wife

s/o Reamer & Catherine M. LOTTIG

1930 Trumbull Co, OH. Ward B, Hubbard Village, OH. page 217

ALLSOP, George 35 m PA chemist, steel plant 1894-1946
            1895-1969 Sadie 35 f OH wife md Sarah EVANS

son of George B. ALLSOPP & Sue ROWLAND-see 1900 Somerset Co, Pa-1920 Trumbull Co. OH

1930 Trumbull Co, OH. Hubbard Village, OH. page 239

ALSOP, Sidney 70 m


Elizabeth 66 f SCOT wife

see 1900 Cambria Co. PA

1930 Trumbull Co, OH. 2nd ward, Warren, OH. page 56

ALLSOPP, Stephen 26 m PA coil roller, steel mill 1904-1975
1902-1990 Goldie 27 f OH wife REEL
 1925-1989 Beverly 5 f OH dau md Armando Gregory MORALES 1922-2006
Ruth 2 5/12 f OH dau Ruth added , marked out & put end of other family

son of William H. & Catherine (MORGAN) ALLSOPP

See Line 51-56 for rest of the family

1930 Trumbull Co, OH. 2nd ward, Warren, OH. page 57

This should follow line 51-56 The rest of the Family

ALLSOPP, William H. 60 m Wales father, no occupation mig 1898 (died 24 May 1930)
Catherine 50 f Wales mother MORGAN
James 23 m


brother, single, repairman, gas station
William 28 m


single, brother, steel mill md Jane Ann McMICHAEL, 1923
1910-1964 Martha 21 f


single, sister, bookkeeper, dry goods died unmarried
Ruth 2 5/12 f


dau dau of Stephen and Goldie ALLSOPP

household listed on separate pages, with notes by enumerator

see 1920 Lawrence Co. PA

1930 Wayne Co, OH. Green Twp. Orrville, OH. page 150  (Vol 2 Chpt 7)

ALSIP, Sadie May 38 f OH married, housekeeping home work JARVIS
Vivian 15 f OH dau md Mr. EMLONG
George 13 m OH son
Helen 11 f OH dau md Benjamin HOFSTETTER, 1939
                  1926-2005 Leo 5 m OH son


Mary 71 f OH widow, mother, no occupation

husband John William in Gallia Co., see 1920 Wayne Co. OH

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