1920 Belmont Co. OH. 4th St. Bellaire, OH. page 206


Louis 47 m KY (black) janitor

working in Belleaire City Hospital.

1920 Belmont Co. OH. 4595 Franklin St. Bellaire, OH. page 202

ALSUP, Willis 44 m VA (black) contractor(William Willis Samuel Lewis)
Annie 58 f OH wife (black)Mary Annie WREN

s/o Willis ALSOP & Amanda A., see 1880 Spotsylvania Co. VA, 1930 Belmont Co., OH.

1920 Clark Co. OH. 517 Ludlow St. Springfield, OH. page 165

HORN, Charles 35 m OH keeper, soft drinks
Ida 34 f OH wife


Jess 44 m OH lodger, div/wid? laborer, motor truck co.

Jesse died April 1, 1930, Clark Co. OH

1920 Clark Co. OH. page 58

ALSOP, Samuel 84 m MS (mulatto) farm laborerdied Dec 3, 1930 Brown Co, OH
Mary K. 76 f OH (mulatto) wife

s/o Mary ALSOP from VA. & MS. See 1880 1860 Clearmont Co. OH. 1880 Brown Co. OH. 1900 Madison Co. OH.

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. 1728 Amhurst St. East Cleveland, OH. page 134

ALSUP, Charles D.aniel 41 m IN conductor, street carmd 1 Oct 1916
2nd wife Anna 43 f


wifeAnna HELLER
Johnny 18 m


sonmd Helen KRAFT
Berton 17 m



Charles Daniel s/o John ALSUP & Ruth Ann LYNCH, 1880-1900-1910 Scott Co, IN. see 1930 Cuyahoga Co, OH.

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. 2207 21st St. Cleveland, OH. page 5 

WINEGARDNER, John 30 m Hungary mig 1906, nat 1917 bartender, saloon
Jessie M. 32 f




Edward H. 32 m


roomer, married, printer, printing co
Violet 21 f


roomer, married

see 1910 Johnson Co. WY

1920 Cuyahoga Co, OH. Ward 24, Cleveland, OH. Image 42, page 112






Salesman. Hardware Co. Mig 1910 PA





Wife, migrated 1910, LA KEATS

Name ALLSOP- See 1930-1940 Cuyahoga Co, OH

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. 14414 Potomac St. East Cleveland, OH. page 116

ALLSOPP, FrankHarold 30 m ENG citizenship in PA, carpenter, house(1888-1945)
died 1964 in FL Thomas P.ercival 28 m


brother, single, mig 1915, carpenter, house
Elizabeth 62 f


mother, widow, mig 1919, none
1894-1984 Caroline M.abel 22 f


sister, single, mig 1919md Thomas E. DUDLEY

Elizabeth SPENCER, widow of George ALLSOP, born 1855-died 1939, E. Cleveland, OH.

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. Lakewood Twp. Rockport, OH. page 165

ALLSOPP, Harold L. 27 m IL accountant, tire co.
 1896-1949 Mabel 23 f IL wifenee CHAMBERLAIN
1919-2011 Charles A.lfred 6/12 m OH son md Betty Jane KNOX, 1951

See 1900 Livingston Co. IL

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. 24th ward, Cleveland, OH. page 111

ALLSOPP, Septima 54 f ENG widow, mig 1909, no occupation

Living alone

See 1940 Cuyahoga Co, OH

1920 Cuyahoga Co. OH. 4138 100th St. Cleveland, OH. page 135 (Vol 2, Chap 3)

ALSOPP, William 32 m ENG mig 1910, nat 1915, pattern maker, electric co.1887-1958

md 9 Jul 1919

Catherine 26 f OH wifeJONES 1893-1966

s/o George & Elizabeth SPENCER. See 1930-1940 Cuyahoga Co., OH

1920 Defiance Co. OH. Mark Twp. page 193 (Vol 2, Chap 12)


WilliamMonroe 42 m IL farmer, general farm work

md 26 Nov 1896

Cordelia CordieA. 41 f


EarlWilliam 22 m


sonmd Agnes HARPER, 1923

s/o John & Kate KLEINMAN, see 1900 Madison Co. IL, 1910 Douglas Co, IL. Earl also found 1920 Allen Co, IN.

1920 Franklin Co. OH. 173 Oakley Ave. Columbus, OH. page 224

UPCHURCH, Samuel 41 m KY (black) laborer, working out
Odessa 37 f OH wife (black) cook in restaurant
Mildred 4 f OH dau (black)


Hattie 21 f OH (colored) roomer, married, no occupation

1920 Franklin Co. OH. 207 Burt St. Columbus, OH. page 170

ALSUP, Theresa 40 f WV (mulatto) no occupation nee CAPLETON
Norman J.Jr. 21 m OH (mulatto) son
Edwenia 13 f


(mulatto) dau
Zelolis 7 f


(mulatto) dau
Ruth 5 f


(mulatto) dau

Wife of Norman ALSUP 1857-1919- See 1900-1930 Franklin Co. OH.

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. 5311 Alamo Ave. Cincinnati, OH. page 293 (Spots)


Charity 66 f AR (black) widow, laundress, at home THOMPSON
SamuelAlbert 42 m OH (black) son, crane driver, foundrymd (1) Geni
Eva 14 f


(black) grand/dau
Eula 12 f


(black) grand/dau


Thomas 35 m NC (black) roomer, single, crane diver, foundry

wife of Francis Lucien. See 1800-1900 Brown Co. OH, 1930 Hamilton Co., OH, (Albert with (2) Rosetta.) Charity died Aug 21, 1924

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. 5011 Calvert St. Cincinnati, OH. page 293 (Spots)

ALSOP, DanielWillis 39 m OH (black) janitor, apartment housedied Nov. 1, 1933
Hattie 38 f GA (black) wife

s/o Francis Lucien & Charity THOMPSON

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. 620 W. 4th St. Cincinnati, OH. page 96

ALSOP, Irene 31 f OH (black) living alone, laundress, private family

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. Elm St. Loveland, OH. page 281

ALSOP, James 23 m KY (black) laborer, railroad died Jun 16, 1934
Myrtle 20 f OH wife (black)
Elizabeth 2 f


dau (black)
James 11/12 m


son (black)

see 1930 Hamilton Co. OH

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. 3004 Alms Place. Cincinnati, OH. page 14 (Spots)

HUNTER, John 42 m TN (mulatto) waiter, railroad car
Cornelia 33 f VA (mulatto) wife


Leo 34 m OH (mulatto) lodger, single chauffeur, private familymd Violet

s/o Francis Lucien & Charity THOMPSON, see 1930 Hamilton Co., OH (Albert)

1920 Hamilton Co. OH. 2100 Payne Ave. Cincinnati, OH. page 200 (Spots)

 ALSOP, Walter 41 m OH (black) Living alone, single, worker, brickdied Dec 15, 1925

s/o Francis Lucien & Charity THOMPSON

1920 Highland Co. OH. 133 W. Main St. Hillsboro, OH. page 135

MENSLEY, David M. 46 m OH hotel keeper
Emma L. 41 f OH wife + 3 ch’n


Nettie 19 f OH maid, maid in hotel

1920 Highland Co. OH. Liberty Twp. page 98


William A. 54 m OH (mulatto) laborer, farm laborer


Mildred 44 f


(mulatto) wifeBENNETT


Miles 14 m


(mulatto) step/son
Hazel 11 f


(mulatto) step/dau
Elmo 8 m


(mulatto) step/son
Mildred 6 f


(mulatto) step/dau

s/o Ned ALSOP & Nancy from Wilson Co. TN. Mrs. Mildred BENNETT was not his 1st wife. See 1900 Highland Co. OH. On 1900 census his wife was Nannie.

1920 Jefferson Co. OH. Clark St. Toronto, OH. page 99

ALLSOPP, Sidney 59 m ENG mig 1864, nat 1884, laborer, clay works
Elizabeth 56 f SCOT wife mig 1869, nat 1884

see 1900-1910 Cambria Co, PA-1930 Trumbull Co, OH

1920 Lorain Co. OH. E. Main St. Amhurst, OH. page 82

ALLSOP, Annie 41 f ENG widowed, mig 1881 no occupationFLOWERS
1903-1948 Hazel M. 16 f OH Dau md Nelson BECHTEL
1906-1959-to CA Ralph R.obert 13 m OH Son md Martha Kathleen CLIFFORD
1913-1964 Russell G.eorge 6 m OH Son md Helen Doris BARTLOME, 1939

see 1900-1910-1930 Lorain Co, OH.

1920 Lorain Co. OH. Leonard St. S. Amhurst, OH. page 86 (Douglas)

ALLSOP, Robert W. 25 m OH brakeman, stone quarry 1894-1977
1897-1974 Hazel 22 f


Wife md Ruth LEONARD
1915-1941 Ruth 4 10/12 f


Dau md Mr. GAUMAN
1918-2006 Lee William 1 2/12 m


Son md Annette M. BONCZEK

s/o Jefferson Davis & Martha Annette WISE, See 1900 Butler Co. OH. 1910 Hamilton Co. TN, 1930 Lorain Co, OH.

1920 Lorain Co. OH. Maple St. S. Amhurst, OH. page 85

ALLSOP, William 53 m ENG mig 1891, helper, stone quarry1867-1940
1867-1937 Mary H. 53 f ENG wife mig 1891
1902-1970 Harold 17 m


son, timekeeper, stone quarrymd Sophia
James 14 m



see 1910-1930 Lorain Co., OH.

1920 Lucas Co. OH. 1549 Michigan Ave. Toledo, OH. page 130 (Vol 2, Chap 9)

ALSIP, Russell Reamer 33 m MD printer, newspaper 1887-1928


MaryCharlotte 21 f OH Wife BECK

s/o Reamer Herts ALSIP & Catherine Madalyn LOTTIG, md (1) Rozella Edith CALDWELL, 1910. See 1900 Allegheny Co. PA, 1930 Seneca Co. OH..

1920 Mahoning Co. OH. 10132 Lakewood Ave. Youngstown, OH. page 162

ALLSOP, WilliamH. 28 m PA physician, medical
Clara C. 24 f OH wife

see 1900-1910 Cambria Co. PA, Sidney-1930 Mahoning Co., OH

1920 Montgomery Co. OH. 19 Illinois Ave. Dayton, OH. page 93

ALLSUP, Frederick S. 54 m ENG mig 1880, piano tuner, Baldwin co1865-1948
Laura 46 f


wifeca 1880-1967
Gertrude 23 f


1912-1977 Robert J. 3 m


sonmd Ellen Louise CHANCE

see 1880 Kenton Co, KY-1910-1930 Montgomery Co., OH

1920 Montgomery Co. OH. 1209 W. 1st St. Dayton, OH. page 235

ALLSUP, Walter E. 51 m ENG mig 1880, nat 1892 engraver, paper manufacturer
Mary A. 47 f



See 1880 Kenton Co, KY-1900 Hamilton Co. OH,1930 Montgomery Co, OH.

1920 Summit Co. OH. 495 Elmwood Court, Akron, OH. page 140

LEVEGATE, William 49 m OH salesman, real estate
Winnie 47 f OH wife + 3 ch


Hilda 22 f OH lodger, single

1920 Summit Co. OH. 403 Talbot Ave. Akron, OH. page 229

BENNETT, Wess M. 29 m TN rubber worker, rubber works
Mollie L. 24 f TN wife
Wess Jr. 6 m TN son


Richard 22 m TN single, roomer, rubber worker, rubber works

1920 Trumball Co. OH. Maskey St. Hubbard, OH. page 181

JAMES, Susie E. 52 f PA widow, no occupation


Eva M. 27 f PA widow, sales girl, dept store
ALSOP, George B. 25 m PA son, single, chemist, steel mill

s/o Susie from Somerset Co. PA. Susie md (2) George JAMES. See 1900 Somerset Co. PA, 1930 Trumball Co., OH.

1920 Wayne Co. OH. 119 Ella St. Orville, OH. page 206 (Vol 2, Chap 7)

ALSIP, John W.illiam 30 m IN call boy railroad
Sadie May 26 f OH wifeJARVIS
Mary 6 f


Dau md Mr. CHURCH
Vivian 5 f


Dau md Mr.EMLONG

George 3 m




Helen 1 f


Dau md Benjamin HOFSTETTER

s/o James ALSIP & Anna MARSHALL. See 1900 Clay Co. IN-1910 Wayne Co. OH-Sadie 1930 Wayne Co. OH-John in Gallia Co. OH in hospital. John died May 31, 1930


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