1920 Bronx Co. NY. Bronx, NY. page 265

ALSOP, Alice 84 f KY widow, inmate

Living in home for Invalids

1920 Bronx Co. NY. 118 Ginton St. Bronx, NY. page 194

VON HOFFMAN, Caroline 50 f


widow + 3 ch’n


Irene 20 f West Indies (black) single,alien, mig 1917,servant

1920 Cortland Co. NY. 146 Tompkins St. Cortland, NY. page 79

ALLSOPP, Charles 57 m ENG mig. 1888, nat. 1904, engineer
Therza 55 f



See 1900-1930 Cortland Co. NY.

1920 Kings Co. NY. 525 Warren St. Brooklyn, NY. page 26

ALLSOP, Cuthbert 28 m West Indies (black) alien, (mig.1911), blacksmith shop
Glendlenn 27 f West Indies (black) wife
Myrtle Martail 3 f


(black) dau
Cuthbert 2 m


(black) son


Etta 22 f West Indies sister single

Cuthbert Ewart, born 7 Mar 1892, Barbadoes, West Indies- see 1930 Kings Co., NY

1920 Kings Co. 254 Dean St. NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 54

ALLSOP, Herbert Fitz 42 m Barbados (black) mig. 1905 alien, blacksmith shop
Vera 39 f


(black) wife
Eileen 12 f


(black) dau
Elise 6 f


(black) dau
Gladstone 3/4 m


(black) son

see 1930 Kings Co., NY (Herbert)

1920 Kings Co. 84 Ocean Parkway, NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 105

ALLSOP, James A. 55 m ENG mig 1900, manager, automobile
Violet 45 f NY wife
Arthur J.ohn 20 m NY son
Edgar 16 m NY son
Violet E. 13 f NY dau


Emma A. 68 f ENG mother/law, widow, (mig 1865)

see 1930 Kings Co., NY

1920 Kings Co. 678 Manhattan Ave. NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 200

ALSOP, John 29 m NY elevator room?, copper works
Lillian 23 f


John 3 m


Mamie 2 3/12 f



John Joseph ALLSOP, born 31 Jul 1889-see 1930 Kings Co., NY

1920 Kings. 575 Warren St. NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 26

ALLSOP, Lawrence 30 m West Indies (black) alien, mig.1908, cooper, factory
Eldeka 29 f

West Indies

(black) wife
Silvia 2 f


(black) dau
Grace 4/12 f


(black) dau

see 1930 Kings Co., NY

1920 Kings Co. NY. Mescrole Ave. Brooklyn, NY. page 265

ALSOP, Martin 29 m NY chauffeur
Sadie 25 f NY wife
Edward 4 2/12 m NY son
Dorothy 1 7/12 f NY dau

1930 Kings Co. NY

1920 Kings Co. NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 237

ALSOP, Percy 36 m ENG (mig. 1894) minister, church
Marion 40 f NY wife
Elizabeth 14 f NY dau


Elizabeth 73 f NY mother, widow

This film was too dim to read, so I can’t be sure

1920 King Co. NY. Brooklyn, NY. Assembly Dist. 1, page 158

ALSOP, Reece F. 80 m IN minister Reece Fell ALSOP, died 17 Oct 1922
died 9 Feb 1930 Florence R. 61 f NJ wife 2nd wife Florence RIGHTER

+ 2 servants in household

see 1900-1910 King Co, NY

1920 Kings Co. NY. 1794 Dean St. NY. Brooklyn, NY. page 186

ALLSOPP, Robert Martin 24 m Barbados (black) mig. 1916, alien, tailor, tailor shop
Juliet 24 f


(black) wife
Lloyd 10/12 m


(black) son

Robert Martin, born 7 Feb 1897, Barbadoes, British West Indies-see 1930 Kings Co., NY

1920 Kings Co., NY. 535 W. 151st. St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 31 

ADLER, Henry A. 24 m NY instrument maker
Beatrice 21 f NY wife


Thomas T. B. 25 m NY roomer, single, electrician

I think he is s/o Thomas ALSOP & Irene. See 1900 Manhattan, NY.

1920 Monroe Co. NY. 19 Madison Park St. Rochester, NY. page 71

MARSTON, Joe L. 45 m ENG mig 1878, nat 1891 mason
Sarah A. 45 f ENG wife, mig 1878, nat 1891 + 4 ch’n


AlFred 36 m ENG boarder, married mig 1908, repair shop, store
Sopha Tillie 26 f


boarder, married, candy factory

see 1930 Monroe Co., NY

1920 Monroe Co, NY. 19 Madison Park St. Rochester, NY. page

ALSOP, Frank G. 45 m NY single

living in household of Lovina ?? 73 f widow

1920 Nassau Co. NY. 79 Brompton Road, Garden City, NY. page 206

THAYER, Henry 59 m NY (white) general manager, supply co.
Emma 45 f PA wife (white)


Mamie 24 f VA (black) divorced, servant private home

1920 New York 535 W. 151st St. New York City, NY. page 5

BRUMBERG, Colin 50 m Russia boarding house keeper


No name listed ? ?



1920 New York 123 E. 123 E. 118th St. Manhattan, NY. page 253

ALLSOPP, Anne 56 f IRE married, mig. 1880 to PA, no occupation


Augusta 35 f NY dau married, stenographer, office
Frank 41 m NY son/law married, bookkeeper, railroad


Florence 23 f


dau single
William 21 m


son single
Virginia 16 f


dau single

Anne was the wife of William ALLSOPP. See 1900 New York City, NY.

1920 New York 500 W. 173rd St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 198

ALSOP, Charles 50 m ENG mig.1875 nat. (no date given) , artist, commercial
Alice W. 43 f PA wife
Anna N. 21 f PA dau , artist, commercial
Catherine 15 f NJ dau
Nordica 12 f NJ dau

1920 New York 144 W. 16th St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 254

HARRINGTON, Henry 59 m NY arthitect, office
Ethel 38 f NY wife


Clara E. 50 f NV roomer, single, stenographer, office

French Branch Young Women’s Christian Association

1920 New York 247 West 72nd. St. Manhattan, NY. page 190

ALSOP, Effie 25 f GA married, actress, stage

Living alone.

1920 New York 132 E. 19th St. NY. Manhattan, NY. (Vol 2, Chap 3)

ALSOP, Galielina Gulielma F.ell 39 f PA Physician, college

Living alone

d/o Reese Fell ALSOP & Mary Lee SPRING, She was a medical missionary to China 1908-1917, died unmarried. She was a sister to Mary O’Hara ALSOP. See 1900 Kings Co. NY.

1920 New York 312 E. 54th St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 59

ALLSOP, Henry 40 m ENG mig. 1915 to PA. valet, hotel
Margaret 36 f


wife, clerk, dept. store

Arthur Henry ALLSOP, born 8 Jun 1879, Bakewell, England

1920 New York 118 Ginton St. NY. Bronx, NY. page 194

ALLSOP, Irene 20 f West Indies (Negro) migrated 1917, Alien servant

Living in household of Caroline VON HOFFMAN, 50 widowed.

1920 New York 16 E. 132nd St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 61

WRIGHT, Mary E. 62 f NC widow (black) laundress, own home


John Henry 42 m VA lodger (black) single, longshore, dock

s/o Moses ALSOP & Eunice. See 1900 Caroline Co. VA.

1920 New York 52 E. 132nd St. NY. Manhattan, NY. page 257

ALLSOP, Joseph 25 m BWI (black) alien, mig.1913 porter, railroad
Irene 25 f


(black) wife
Clarence 4 m NY (black) son
Vivian 3 f


(black) dau
Jasama 1 f


(black) dau


Catherine 22 f BWI lodger, single, laborer, pocketbook factory

BWI = British West Indies

1920 New York 142 W. 85th St. New York City, NY. page 265

BECKSTARLIN, Louis 48 m Germany single (mig.1882. nat .1919)


Martin L. 55 m


lodger, married, (mig.1882. nat .1919)
Hazel 38 f


lodger, married

1920 New York 240 Riverside Drive, New York City, NY. page 156 (Vol 2, Chap 3)

ALSOP, Samuel 24 m PA manager, machine? co.
Clara Ruth 23 f NY wife DAVIS, div 1928
Beatrice 18 f PA sister


Samuel, Jr. 8/12 m NY son md Kathleen Ruth WHITE, 24 Jun 1942

s/o Edmond Canby & Bertha S. SINQUETTE, md (2) Mildred Jean STOUFFER, ca 1932. See 1900 Philadelphia, PA, 1930 New York Co., (Samuel, Jr.).

1920 New York 318 W. 138th St. New York City, NY. page 161

MANNING, Louis 61 m DC (black) doorman, club
Belle 50 f VA wife (black)


Stephen 60 m KY roomer, (black) single, porter, railroad

See 1900 Bronx, NY.

1920 Onondaga Co. NY. 410 McCool Ave. East Syracuse, NY. page 159

ALSOP, Arthur 62 m NY carpenter, railroad
Alice 53 f




George 35 m


son/law, clerk railroad office
Florence 30 f



s/o George & Elizabeth SHIELDS. See 1860-1900 Onondaga Co. NY, 1930 Onandaga Co., NY (Alice).

1920 Onondaga Co. NY. 118 E. Kennedy St. Syracuse, NY. page 166 (Vol 1, Chap 12)

PARSONS, Aimee Armstead 42 f MN divorced, no occupation ALSOP 1876-1934
Margaret Elizabeth 16 f NY dau


Elizabeth Gould 76 f CT mother BEERS 1844-1924

wife of Charles Henry ALSOP. See 1900 Onondaga Co. NY. Aimee md William Cryer PARSONS, 1901

1920 Onondaga Co. NY. 8th ward, 618-620 W. Genesee, Syracuse, NY. page 15

COONLEY, Howard 42 m


investigator, county
Mabel 38 f NY wife


Ernest Jack 33 m ENG married, lodger, mig 1912. nat 1919, cashier, hotel

1920 Onondaga Co. NY. 112 Delaware St. Syracuse, NY. page 66 (Vol 1, Chap 12)


Francis O.liver 66 m CT agent, paper? supplies 1853-1929
md 1 Oct 1879 Sarah B. Ranger 64 f NY wife BAINBRIDGE 1855-1936
Lucy C.hauncy 36 f


dau single

s/o Charles Richard ALSOP & Margaret Eleanora ARMSTRONG. See 1900 Onondaga Co. NY, 1930 Sarah, widowed.

1920 Onondaga Co. NY. 432 Main St. East Syracuse, NY. page 157

 ALSOP, Susanna Grace 51 f NY single, no occupation
William 64 m


brother, single, shopman, railroad
Samuel 56 m


brother, single, shopman, railroad

Children of George & Elizabeth SHIELDS. See 1900-1930 Onondaga Co. NY.

1920 Ontario Co. NY. 36 Center St. Geneva, NY.

ALSOP, Georgiana 50 f PA servant

Living in household of Edward PARRISH

1920 Ontario Co. NY. 67 Herbert St. Geneva, NY. page 144 (St. Marys)

ALSOP, Irving 62 m NY no occupation
Mary S. 59 f


Irving T.homas 37 m


son, single, machinist, radiator shop

s/o Thomas & Laura A. BAKER. See 1900-1930 Ontario Co. NY.

1920 Ontario Co. NY. 21 Elmwood Ave. Geneva, NY. page 31 (St. Marys)

VAIL, Viola E. 53 f NY widow, no occupation ALSOP
Pauline 31 f NY single, teacher, public school


Thomas, Jr. 64 m NY brother, single, freight handler, steam railroad

Viola & Thomas were children of Thomas & Laura BAKER. See 1900 Ontario Co. NY.

1920 Queens Co. NY. 154 25th St. New York, NY. page 154 (Vol 2, Chap 3)


Edmund C.anby 50 m PA secretary, corporation

died May 1921 (2)

Elizabeth S. 40 f IL wife Mrs. SLAVIN


John M. 16 m NY step/son
Jessie B. 14 f



s/o Samuel & Esther KITE, md (1) Bertha S. SINQUETTE. See 1900 Philadelphia, PA. 1910 Tulare Co. CA.

1920 Queens Co. NY. 112 William St. New York, NY. page 53

HOTALING, Leland 27 m NY mechanical engineer
Mary 29 f PA wife
Mildred 2 f NY dau


Thomas 55 m ENG boarder, married, mig 1880, nat 1888, engineer
Helen 52 f NY boarder, married

1930 Queens Co. NY

1920 Rockland Co. NY. Dist 4, Ramapo, NY. page 107 (Vol 1, Chap 12)


Robert B.ainbridge 32 m NY superintendent, The foundation Co.

md 19 Jan 1911 (1)

Susan Merle 32 f MI wife GLEASON, d. 1927
Robert Bainbridge, Jr. 8 m IL son
Sarah Pernice Bereniece 3 7/12 f WV dau

s/o Francis Oliver & Sarah R. BAINBRIDGE, md (2) Lavaun KIMBALLsee 1900 Ontario Co. NY.

1920 Schenectady Co. NY. 231 Seward Place, Schenectady, NY. page 293


Samuel C.harles 45 m    NY toolmaker, electric mfg. co,
Sadie 50 f




DeWitt S. 21 m


lodger, single, elecrical eng.


Charles N. 21 m


lodger, single, agent, electric


Richard H. 26 m


lodger, single, electrical eng. testing


Marcus C. 25 m Greece lodger, single

See 1900-1930 Schenectady Co. NY.

1920 Seneca Co. NY. Waterloo, NY. page 222 (Vol 2, Chap 3)


George Willard 83 m ENG mig. 1847, nat.1898, farmer, own farm

md 29 Dec 1865

Adelia R. 73 f


William D.aniel 42 m


son single, laborer, home farm
Edward P.hilip 35 m


son single, laborer, home farm

s/o Daniel & Hannah Honor JEFFRIES. See 1880-1900-1930 Seneca Co. NY.

1920 Westchester Co. NY. 309 N. 7th St. Mt. Vernon, NY. page 287


Elizabeth 45 f NY widow, nurse, private family

Living alone.

1920 Westchester Co. NY. Bedford Town, Inc. Mt. Kisco Village, page 57

ALSOP, Reese D.enny 36 m PA married, lawyer, general practice
                1st wife Julia C. 32 f MA married, wife, no occupation (nee CHAPIN)
          1913-2006 Reese F.ell 7 m NY son md Elise COATES
Adele A. B. 5 f NY dau md Henry Anthony Camillo HOWARD
Anne S. 1 6/12 f NY dau
          CRAVEN, Annie J. 29 f IRE single, servant (mig 1909)
        DEMPSEY, Lucie 23 f MA single, servant
        RABBITT, Lillian 22 f SCOT single, nurse, (mig 1903)

See 1930 New York, NY, with 2nd wife- Julia found 1930 Norfolk Co, MA

1920 Westchester Co. NY. 1 Stephens Ave. Pleasantville, NY. page 142

KLEIN, John 52 m NY Supt’ Jewish Protectory & Aid Society
Helen H. 52 f NY
ALLSOP, Helen E. 24 f NY servant, married, private family

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