1920 Alameda Co, CA. 2210 Chapel St. Berkley, CA. page 50 (Benton)

ALSUP, Allen J. 52 m TN mechanic & engineer, construction


Rose L. 50 f IL wife
Philura/Philena Filena I. 9 f CA dau 1912-1989

s/o Allen W. & Levada McAULEY, in Folsom Prison in 1900. md (1) Rena LUNING, 1891, md (2) Mrs. Emma WESCOTT, 1906. Rose isn’t the mother of the child Filena, as her mother was born KY 

1920 Alameda Co. CA. 2310 Bowditch St. Berkley, CA. page 208 (Vol 2, Chap 6)


Florence M.ae 29 f KS roomer, single, school teacher

living in household of Christean Y. (69) & Lura D. (64) ROOP

Florence (1890-1969) died unmarried, she was the daughter of James Henry & Effie Mae DUNN. See 1900 Clay Co. KS.

1920 Fresno Co. CA. 1460 “J” St. Fresno, CA. page 82


James J. 40 m NY clerk, state empl. office
Dessie 37 f CA wife


Rebecca DUNN 59 f CA mother/law

Widow of David ALSUP from IL. See 1900-1910 Madera Co. CA.

1920 Fresno Co. CA. page 186 (Vol 2, Chap 12)

ALSOP, Willis J. Roscoe 38 m KS
Maude M. 37 f CA wife

s/o William & Mary JONES

1920 Imperial Co. CA. Mesquite Lake, CA. page 243 (Douglas)

ALLSUP, Charles S.purgeon 30 m TX laborer, farmer b. 1889 Llano Co, TX


Effie 26 f


wife LOWE


Uriah Vernon 8 m


son md Nellie BURDICK 1907-1943


Lloyd Robinson 6 m




Judson Bailey 3 2/12 m




William H. 11/12 m CA son

s/o Henry Pulliam & Syrilda Jane HINES See 1900 Chickasaw Nation, OK. Two more children born after 1920 census, John Virgil,1922, md Lela CARPENTER and Clifford Clanton, 1924. see 1930 Beckham Co, OK

1920 Imperial Co. CA. 506 N. “H” St. Imperial, CA. page 284 (Goochland)

ALSIP, Henry T.homas 34 m KY clerk, grocery
Samantha 32 f


Celand 11 m TN son md Sarah H. THOMAS, 1936
Leland 9 m CA son
James M.artin 48 m KY brother, widower, clerk, grocery

Henry T. & James M. were sons of Robert Elijah & Juda BUCHANAN of Whitley Co. KY. James M. married Maggie BROWN, 1893. She died in1904, James md (2) Mrs. Ida Bell SEARS TYE, 1923, See 1880-1900-1910 Whitley Co. KY.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 127 52nd St. Los Angeles, CA. page 120 (Spots)


Allie 37 f KS dau, div., buyer, dept. store MEDERIA
Richard F. 14 m CO grand/son

living in household of Alice MEDERIA, 68 f IN widow, no occupation.

Eustis Frank (s/o George Rust & Nancy Jane McCLELLEN) md Allie MEDERIA, 7 Feb 1904, Denver, CO. See 1900 Knox Co. IN.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 1326 Maryland Ave. Los Angeles, CA. page 77


Alvina 38 f NY widow, no occupation    1881-1954
Artemie Arphelenis 13 f


dau md Max WINTER, Jr. 1930

Alvina was the widow of Martin ALSOP, See 1910 San Francisco Co. CA. Alvina md (2) James A. McMICKEN, 3 Mar 1922.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 1108 American Ave. Long Beach, CA. page 240

GIEGER, Albert 43 m PA clerk, hotel
Anna? 39 f ENG , wife


Caroline 76 f ENG mother/law

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 921 Washington Place, Long Beach, CApage 235


Charles D.ana 32 m KY Sup’t. welding, ship yards md 20 Sep 1911
Mabel C.larissa 32 f KS wife BOYCE
Walter James 4 10/12 m UT son
Virginia 2 4/12 f


DARNELL, Ruel 28 m IA lodger, married, welder, ship yards
Callie 28 f MO

lodger, married

s/o Othaniel ALSOP & wife Clara E. WILSON. see 1900 Escambia Co. AL-1930 Washington Co. UT

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 129 E. 3rd St. Long Beach, CA. page 136

ALSOP, Frank R. 36 m IN lodger, divorced, painter, house

living in household of Henry H. (44) & Gertrude (42) BROWN house painter

s/o William W. ALSOP & Mary A. CUMMINS from Sullivan Co. IN, md Louise REBENNECK, 1914. See 1900 Sullivan Co. IN. Frank md (2) Freda ZORN, 17 Nov 1926.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 1208 S. Marengo Ave. Pasadena, CA. page 238

ALLSOP, George 68 m ENG married, carpenter, house
Joanna 53 f NOR wife

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 1178 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA. page 152

ALLSOPP, Gretta 27 f CAN widow, waitress, cafe
Darrell 9 m


son 1911-1994 (md Edith Irene MOLITOR, 1940)

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 127 Ocean St. Long Beach, CA. page 107

ALSOP, Harry J.oshua 43 m IN salesman, traveling
Mrs. Agnes 42 f



s/o William W. ALSOP & Mary A. CUMMINS from Sullivan Co. IN. See 1900 Sullivan Co. IN.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 435 Newport Ave. Long Beach, CA. page 3

ALLSOPP, James L. 57 m


no occupation
Christina 50 f SCOT wife
Ruth 10 f



1920 Los Angeles Co, CA. Compton Twp. page 48

ALSIP, Joseph E.llsworth 55 m MD laborer, truck farm 1864-1937
               1869-1941 Lilly Mae 50 f IA wife nee WILSON
1930 Orange Co, CA Robert J.oseph 16 m OK son md Clara Christine JONES


Mary 78 f IL mother/law, widow

s/o John ALSIP & Julianna WHITE-see 1870-1880 Ogle Co, IL-1900 Pawnee Co, OK-1910 Chaves Co. NM.

1920 Los Angles Co, CA. Los Angeles, CA. page 114

ALLSOPP, Laura R. 61 f CAN widow, mig 1894 no occupation
           born 1880 Jessica L. 37 f CAN dau, single, single, millinary store
           born 1882 Estella M. 26 f CAN dau, single, single, millinary store

1900 Hillsboro Co, NH-1910-1930 Los Angeles Co, CA. Laura RUITER, widow of Robert Morris ALLSOPP.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 6305 Eagle Rock Ave. Los Angles, CA. page 264


Mary MARTIN 59 f IN  widow, no occupation
George Harry 32 m IL son, no occupation md Clara HEINTZ


Opal 22 f


grand/dau, occupation dim

Mary was the widow of James H., md about 1875, Effingham Co. IL. Opal d/o Nelly Grace & George E. DUHAMEL. See 1880-1900 Effingham Co. IL.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 7304 Roseberry Ave. Florence, CA. page 49 (Vol 2, Chap 13)

ALSOP, Elna Mary 33 f KS dau, single, stenographer, retail

living in household of Augusta LEARNED 60 f IL widow nee SCOTT

d/o Andrew Jackson & Emma Augusta SCOTT, from Bourbon Co. KS. See 1900 Labette Co. KS.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 114 W. 5th St. Long Beach, CA. page 96

ALSOP, Thomas C. 66 m IN no occupation
Susan M. 61 f



s/o William (not William W.) and his 1st wife, of Sullivan Co. IN. see 1860 Sullivan Co. IN.

1920 Los Angeles Co. CA. 737 Westlake Ave.Los Angles, CA.page 79 (Vol 2, Chap11)

ALSIP, William Pitt, III 60 m WI married, manager, building co
Margarette 25 f ND dau, single, actress, motion pictures by (2) Isabella SHEPHERD

s/o William Pitt, Jr. & Harriet Augusta CRAIG. See 1880 Allamakee Co. IA. 1900 Grand Forks Co. ND, William Pitt md (1) Mary SHEPHERD, 1 girl Lottie H. md (3) Mrs. Eva STANLEY CAMPBELL

1920 Monterey Co. CA. 340 Riker St. Salinas, CA. page 61 (Vol 2, Chap 20)


Lester Wright 27 m CA driller, well 1892-1982


Pauline Rosalee 25 f


wife CARNAHAN, 1915
James Lester 3 m


son md Vardel MORRIS
Dustin Lowell 2/12 m




Charlotte 68 f IA mother/law, widow

s/o Wright & O. C. SEXTON. See 1900-1910 Monterey Co. CA. See Vol. 2 “Alsop’s Tables”

1920 Monterey Co. CA. 620 S. Main St. Salinas, CA. page 72 (Vol 2, Chap 20)

ALSOP, Wright 51 m ENG driller, well 1868-1929

md 1890

O.cie C. 50 f CA wife SEXTON 1869-1937


Roy Victor 21 m


son md Florence Ruth HAEBERLIN


Raymond John 11 m


son  md (1) Margaret K. CLARK


Robert Clark 8 m


son md Nancy HUGHES

s/o Samuel & Annie CLARK. Wright died 1929 and Ocie died 1937. See 1870-188-1900-1910 Monterey Co. CA.

1920 Orange Co. CA. Ocean St. Garden Grove, CA. page 235

ALLSOP, Henry 62 m ENG single, mig 1882 nat 1890, laborer, farm

living alone.

See 1900-1910-1930 Orange Co. CA.

1920 Riverside Co. CA. 403 Ramona St. Corona, CA. page 125 (Spots)


Wilbur Rogers 34 m IN baker, own bakery shop 1886-1966
1894-1991 Mary L. 25 f AL wife DISNEY
1912-1930 Benjamin B.F. 7 m CA son
Katherine H. 6 f


Wilma 4 f




Clara 65 f OH mother/law

s/o William & Katherine “Katie” FRANKLIN of Posey Co. IN. See 1900 Posey Co. IN-1930 Maricopa Co. AZ.

1920 San Bernardino Co. CA. 768 Court St. San Bernardino, CA. page 210 (Goochland)


Ed “Eddie” 34 m KY Edward carpenter, car factory

md 19 Jun 1910 (2)

Myrtle J. 28 f


wife BUNCH


Jeraldine M. 7 f


dau md Mr. FARR
Irene L. 5 f



Pauline M. 1 11/12 f



s/o Benjamin Franklin & Martha E. WHITMAN of Whitley Co. KY. See 1900-1910 Whitley Co. KY, 1930 San Bernardino Co, CA. .

1920 San Diego Co. CA. 3757 Cabrillo Ave. East San Diego, CApage 109

ALSOP, C. Henry 72 m NY widower, living alone, teamster, own team

s/o John & wife Mary A. who came to U.S.A. from ENG. 1848 and settled in Otsego Co. NY., born 4 Dec 1846. died 12 Oct 1925, San Diego, CA. Married Phoebe J. LAMBERT, born 9 Aug 1862, Shelby  Co, OH, died 13 Jun 1908, Benton Co. OR. 3 sons.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 2476 1/2 Post St. San Francisco, CA. page 138


Alex W. 44 m CA guide, city
Margaret 28 f NV wife DELEHANT
Gertrude 6 f dau dau
Ruth 8/12 f



s/o John & Mary ALSOP from IRE. See 1880 San Francisco Co. CA.

1920 San Francisco Co, CA. Prect 36. Assembly 21, San Francisco, CA. page 191

ALLSOPP, Alfred 40 f ENG lodger, widower, mig 1906, shipping clerk, coal co.

Living in household of William C. (37) & Doritela (38) PALLEY

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 3983 19th St. San Francisco, CA. page 168

WINTELER, George 67 m SWIT proprietor, paper co. mig 1880
Hermine 65 f SWIT wife
E. George 43 m


clerical, tire co.


Alvina 38 f


dau, divorced saleslady, tire co
Arphelenis 13 f



Alvina was counted twice on 1920 census. See 1920 Los Angles Co. CA.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 613 Buchanan St. San Francisco, CA. page 167

ALSUP, Charles 74 m SCOT widower, contractor, building (mig date not stated)
Charles F. 15 m


son, grove worker

On the 1910 census he was listed as age 48 yrs, from Mississippi. See 1910 San Francisco Co. CA. wife was Mrs. Mabel L. NICHOLS.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 332 Hilington St. San Francisco, CA. page 8

ALSUP, Earl E.dwin 40 m


conductor, railroad 1876-1964
1893-1982 Edythe J. 26 f CAN wife Edith Theresa RENNISON, 1916
Ethel V. 2 6/12 f




Earl D. 30 m


brother/law, married, mechanic, auto co.
Flora 22 f CAN sister/law, married, Flora RENNISON

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 16500 Calif. Ave. San Francisco, CA. page 247

ALSAP, Genevieve 33 f AZ roomer, single, bookkeeper, loan co.

living in household of Horton (37) & Gladis (20) WEAVER

d/o John Tabor ALSAP & Anna D. MURRAY. See 1900 Maricopa Co. AZ.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 3434 19th St. San Francisco, CA.

ALLSOPP, Laura R. 61 f CAN
Jessica L. 37 f


Estelle M. 26 f



1st wife of Joseph from ENG. See 1900 Hillsboro Co. NH.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 717 “A” St. San Francisco, CA. page 136

ALSOP, Thomas 41 m CA mailer, newspaper
Babette Marie 38 f


wife , clerk, household goods co.

brother of Alex and the son of John & Mary from IRE. See 1880 San Francisco Co. CA.

1920 San Francisco Co. CA. 51 Reddy St. San Francisco, CA. page 233

ALLSOP, Thomas 58 m ENG mig 1896 salesman, wholesale butcher


Agnes S.eaton 58 f SCOT wife McLENNAN

See 1900-1910 San Francisco Co. CA.

1920 San Mateo Co. CA. 82 San Joaquin St. Daly City, CA. page 71


Rob 34 m


merchant, soft drinks
Sarah 32 f CA wife


Emma 56 f ENG mother/law, widow, mig 1888

widow of Robert from ENG. See 1900 San Francisco Co. CA.

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